Finding Prince Charming :The Baker &The Rogue

Finding Prince Charming :The Baker &The Rogue

By:  Anyamele Tinaivory  Ongoing
Language: English
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FINDING PRINCE CHARMING (THE BAKER AND THE ROGUE) Growing up Jaylyn was called a cursed child. She worked hard everyday to prove herself to a world that had already decided her fate and rejected her multiple times. Jaylyn had to put up with her drunk father who had gambled away all he owned. On his deathbed, her uncle promised to cater for her upkeep till she was married to a suitable suitor. Trusting the words of her uncle, a high born baron of Dutchmall, Jaylyn left everything behind to live with him. Only to find herself in a whole different scenario as her relatives turned her into their own slave. When her uncle's secret is being investigated by a royal commander under the order of the king. He tried covering his tracks as he made plans to marry her off to an old village drunk who was famous for his brutality that killed his previous wives. Jaylyn was tired of being locked up and forced to marry a man she detest, so she ran away to seek freedom. During her journey she encountered two men that changed her life forever and found love on the way. Will she ever find true love? Is there some dark secret she needs to unveil? Find out more to feed your curiosity...!

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15 Chapters
INTRO:   #Warning:   This is not a regular Cinderella story  *somewhere in my fictional world in 1708 *         The sweet aroma of fresh lemon bread, cookies, and cakes beams out from the baker's shop window.    It was mid morning and the sun was about to dazzle out in its full force, as Jaylyn finished her last delivery, placing the tray pan on the cake display.  "Oh Jaylyn dear, you.... such a darling, " Mrs Stale, her employer, praised her. It's been two years since Jaylyn started working for Mrs Stale, at this place she had learnt all
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Chapter 1: New Beginning
Chapter 1: New Beginnings         "Useless pigs " the voice exclaimed as he flipped through his daily sales and frowned at his lost profit.  Interrupted by the knock on his door.  "Come in, "he ordered  His Butler entered facing down dare not to look at his lord's face especially when his mood was aggravated.  "Speak, " "A letter arrived this morning. " he answered, he handed the letter over to his master.  "Get lost and make yourself useful!. " 
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Chapter 2: Years:
August , 1712       It's been three years, living in Dutchmall turned into a nightmare. Jaylyn was given a room in the servant quarters where she works tirelessly day and night with little or no food. Turning twenty in three months time made matters worse. Her uncle plans to sell her off to the highest bidder, once she reaches twenty. Once again, she plans on running away but this time, she has no money. Her sufferings are endless. She starts her day with daily torment and anguish. The blessed memories of her parents kept her moving everyday. She had learnt to treasure every little moment of peace she gets.    As she lay down in her small bed in the attic, she sang herself to sleep daily. Nothing was holding her back from finding her own happiness, she held on to her locket containing the pictures of her parents.       The mornings were the worst in the Bennett household, Lady Alfreda barks
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Chapter 3: The Bennett
      The Bennett generation are known throughout Witherhall, their ancestors settled in Dutchmall far back in the 1300 century. They became famous in the 1500 century because they were the best farmers of that time. They acquired lands and progressed into farm trade. Through yearly tributes and deep display of loyalty to the King as they grew in wealth and power. The King gave them a royal title as Baron and Baroness of Dutchmall.          In this present generation they have the best wheat plantation, their wheat flour is called golden flour best for pastries making because they make the best bread, cake anyone could ever taste. Jaylyn had learnt so much about the great history made by her ancestors and she gets happy whenever she cultivates wheat. Her uncle had grown their business bigger than his previous ancestors. Recognizing her crazy love f
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Chapter 4: The Letter
September, 1712 Bridgebrock       The Grand Duke of Bridgebrock arrived from his five years voyage with his wife, Lady Morgan from India. All the servants expressed their gladness as they welcomed their master and mistress back home in ecstasy. Their son Lord Bryan prepared a grand feast to celebrate their return.  His mother hugged him so tightly, he could hardly breathe.  "Mom, you are going to strangle me to death." he teased her.  " Hash, you brat!," his mother playfully beats him on the back. " My baby is now a man. " she said with joyf
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Chapter 5: Scheme
        Jaylyn ran home in a haste not realizing  her appearance was so unkempt. She was saddened that she hadn't properly thanked her savior knowing the state of things at home. She tried remembering his face, he has a bright or rather dazzling face. His eyes stared deep into her as it shines like a blue sea twinkling at night. This was the first time she had seen anyone as astonishing and handsome, she felt red sparks around her cheek bones.... She hurried through the thorny bushes for it was the easier path home.      From across the stable as Lord Bennett mounted down from his horse he watched Jaylyn running into the Manor looking roughly inappropriate.Her hair covered with bush leaves down to her gown ripped off from the side revealing excessive part of her skin. He beckoned his footman to send for her before she made her way into the hou
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Chapter 6: Purely Evil I
        Lying down on the cold hardened  ground made of black wrought stone, it sent chills that ran through her body making her weaker and fatal, Jaylyn had already resigned to her undoubted fate as she stares deeply into the dark brick wall with a distraint quality in her eyes as if the bleak wall was speaking to her . The little light that reflects from the punctured roof helps shade her from impending doom and aids her in order to notice rodents that share the dungeon.       As days count, the more her sense pricks at every sound she it the dripping sounds of water, crackles made by mice or scratches made on the walls. Jaylyn became aware of them, consumed by fear whenever she closed her eyes to see the image of the lifeless body she found when she was thrown inside. Fear tickled down her spine, as she wa
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Chapter 7: Purely Evil II
       The guard dragged Lilian as instructed toward  the courtyard. Standing near the door was the Butler who stood there motionless with his eyes fixed directly ahead.        Lady Alfreda sat on the sofa that centered around an oak wooden table with a silver tea set in front of her. The guard gripped her elbow tightly as he pushed her down on bended knees to the floor. Tension rises as terror ran through her mind, swam with tears,  she cried for mercy.     " I have realized my mistakes my Lady, I should have not kept the pregnancy, I should have never come back to Dutchmall..."   When no response came forth, she pled again this time by rolling herself on the floor  
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Episode 8: Purely Evil III
           The Baron paced around his chambers  pondering over the plan his wife had mapped out for him. His face crawled out with a slight smile, Lady Alfreda was excellent in her scheming ways. His business has been placed under the microscope of the Royal knight with its current problems , there are so many mouths that need more money to keep them shut.      "Sir Victor came at the right time.." He muttered. Even if the sick bastard was a fool that can't fix his drinking problem, he was the right match. All the Baron needed was his money. If only James was docile and brilliant as expected,  He was sure his wheat farm business would still be progressive. He mentally
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Episode 9: The Escape Plan
               Mrs Camila was saddened by what had happened  at the Manor so she sought ways to save Jaylyn from her impending marriage. The visit of Lord Bryan had stirred trouble for Jaylyn but he was the only one that could save her since his father was friends with her father.        The wedding was almost at hand, the urgency of her safety was ultimate. Mrs Camila paced around the kitchen thinking of clues to rescue her.    "This time they have gone too far, l will never let this child suffer again!,"  she said with full confidence         Judging by their reaction to Lord Bryan arrive,
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