Forecasting Love And Revenge

Forecasting Love And Revenge

By:  Maria C. Kristen  Ongoing
Language: English
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In her previous life, she died at the hands of the very last people she thought to be her enemy. # All her life, Leilani Seymour has always known pain and suffering. From getting lost and losing all memories of her family to being forced to live in an orphanage home and for that reason, she craved for the one thing she never had "Family" and soon it turned to her dream. But little did she know that her dream was going to be her nemesis, the death of her. Before she could see through the pretense smile of her beloved husband and her high-school best friend, it was already too late. She lost her life at the hands of the people she least expected to hurt her. Opening her eyes to find out that she has been given yet another chance by the diety, she swore never to make the wrong choices she made in her first life. She was going to protect her own with everything she had and would bring doom to all those who hurt and brought death to her in her previous life.

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14 Chapters
#1 My life
"It is called glioblastoma." Dr Chad paused as his eyes scanned the facial expression of the woman who seemed to be in her late thirties. Her face was whitish and pale and had no subsequent expression."You have a multifocal glioblastomas and they are the cause of your dizziness and vomiting, we will need to perform a biopsy to determine whether the tumor is malignant or benign and also to know the location" he explains further pointing at her brain chat from his computer.Leilani stared deeply at the computer for a while before looking up to look at the worried face of the doctor. "I see," she said coldly, causing a frown to appear on the doctor's face. He chuckles, wondering if she understood a word he said, he wasn't expecting such response from her."Do you have any family you can call?" Dr Chad asked. "Perhaps a husband?" He added, taking notice of the gold wedding band on her fingerLeilani flashed him a half smile and nodded her head. "Offcourse, I do have a husband, I have a v
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#2 Sugar also looks like Salt
"Richard?" Diane called, reaching for her cloth. Her voice was shaking, and her eyes fixed on the door. "Who is there?" She panicked, glancing at Vincent. Richard had traveled for a business trip and won't be back till Friday, which was why she had the guts to bring in Vincent to her home and not the usual hotel room."Richard?" Diane called again, just then the door swung open, revealing the face of the intruder."Sugar?" Diane gasped with her eyes and mouth wide open in shock. "How did you get here? What are you doing here?" Diane asked, shocked.Leilani stared at the both of them one after the other, not sure what to make of what she just heard and witnessed. "Are you cheating on me?" Leilani asked, staring deeply at Vincent, who just glanced at her and scoffed. "Why? Are you trailing me now?" He asked. He had no atom of rumor or pity in his tone."What? Trailing? Do you think that's the right response to my question?" Leilani asked, trying so hard to fight the tears clustered in
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#3 Again, my life
The alarm clock rang again, this time louder than the first time. Leilani Seymour frowned, murmuring some words as she stretched her hand to switch off the alarm clock. she paused for a while before shooting her eyes open, surveying the familiar room from her memories. "Where am I?" "No, why am I here?" She asked, correcting her initial question. Her mind flashed back to the accident scene, which in turn brought shock and goosebumps all over her body."Am I dead?" She asked, her eyes still scanning every corner of the room. She froze as her eyes found a picture hanging above the gigantic couples bed."Why is this here?" Leilani asked, staring deeply at her family portrait. She was particularly focused on her twins' smiles, which cause a tear to drop from her eyes as she remembered the last day she set her eyes on her kids.It was a bright Monday morning. The Russell family just finished having breakfast, which she had prepared, and all of a sudden, Vincent refused to take the twins
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#4 Against All Odds
A satisfactory smile spread across Leilani's almond shaped lips as she glanced at the reflection of herself from the standing mirror. She looked young and very healthy, of course she should be, she had met Vincent when she was eighteen, a year later they got married."Which would I prefer, when I was 39, useless, hurt, betrayed and on the verge of death or now that I am 24, healthy, strong and with every knowledge of the future, something I need to take full control of my life," She paused to stare at her ringing phone.'Sugar..... speaking of déjà vu' Diane Timmer, her suppose best friend, sugar, soul mate, and better half. She meant everything to her even more than what her own husband Vincent Russell meant to her, but yet, she betrayed and stabbed her in the back as if she meant nothing to her.Leilani shrugged, smiling even harder. "I prefer the later. It's more sophisticated and even more interesting," She grabbed her phone and scrolled to the contact list, and just like when s
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#5 The Suckyi Flower
Diane grabbed the spoon, forcing a smile. She didn't want anyone, most especially Leilani or Mrs Madeleine, to know she was upset about what had just happened. She was used to being the jovial and sweat one, the one loved and dotted on by Mrs Madeleine, and she can't just bear to be in the position of the pathetic and rejected one, that was Leilani's spot and it suited her perfectly well.Diane was good at pretenses. She was able to pull off the forced fake smile for quite some time as she served the stew for herself and Vincent but just as she was about covering the stew, Mrs Madeleine asked her to serve her as well since she was already doing it. Diane almost lost her cool with her, but she kicked right back in, smiling and nodding her head."Sure, mother," Diane smiled, reaching for the stew again, but just as she was about to serve Mrs. Madeleine, a portion accidentally poured on her right thumb, burning her. Diane groaned in pain, dropping the spoon forcefully and allowing it to
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#6 Play It Safe
"The burn was a second-degree burn, so it didn't cause much damage," Dr Tessa explained, looking from Vincent to Diane, who was behaving like a two years old baby."But she keeps complaining of pain," Vincent said. "Don't worry, your wife has a very fragile skin, I already administered pain killer to her, so she would be fine," the doctor said, amused by the two lovebirds. The way they had bashed into the hospital Emergency Room screaming that there was an emergency, altering every doctor, only for them to realize that it was just a minor burn."You must dot on your wife, Sir, to bring her to the hospital just because of this small injury. A home first aid box would have solved the problem," the doctor added verbally admiring them.Diane smiled, she knew how much Vincent loved her but she didn't think others would be able to see it as well, if only they had met sooner, she would have been the one with the title of 'Mrs Russell' "Oh my gosh, did we m
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#7 Playmate
Leilani scanned the entire room, looking for the perfect spot to place the suckyi flower. She had promised Mr George that she would take proper care of the flower even though the flower had the rare ability of thriving in all conditions. She still felt the need to be careful with it.Leilani frowned. The room was big, but there was no place suitable for the flower. Vincent had installed a small book shelf in the room, which occupied most of the space, plus her large dressing table, which took its own space. She would have dropped it close to their large bed, but Vincent wasn't a fan of flowers. He had a strange allergy for flowers, which he made sure Leilani was aware of just in case she kept questioning the reason why he had never gifted her any flowers since they met and got married."Why don't we go find you a new spot," Leilani said, leaving the room. She made her way to her kids' room. It was very spacious, and she wouldn't have to worry about Vincent liking it or
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#8 Amazing Leilani
Leilani walked into the Novena University Teaching Hospital in the company of Jason, holding firmly a bouquet of rose flowers and a fruit basket even though she didn't see the need for all those things. It was a small burn, so Diane had no reason to be at the hospital or even stay that long, but Leilani knew she had to pretend to take all those things along with her to the hospital. If there was anything she noticed about Diane and Mrs. Madeleine, it would be that those two were really close, and it won't be no shocker if Diane opened her big mouth to narrate how the hospital visitation went to Mrs Madeleine."Hi, Good evening, I'm here to see Mrs Diane Timmer," Leilani smiled at the receptionist. "Okay," she said. She glanced at her computer, and after a few seconds, she got Diane's room number. "She is at the vip ward, room 3. Here is your visitation ID card," the young girl said, handing her over a vip hospital visitation ID card."Thank you," Leilani said before ma
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#9 Friendship Bracelet
"Was Richard here?" Leilani asked, surprised. Her eyes fixed on her Diane, who just smiled awkwardly, thinking of a convincing lie that won't expose herLeilani was sure Richard went for a business trip. The guy is a totally freak obsessed with his updating his live location whenever he traveled out, and currently, his live location was South Africa. Besides, Diane mentioned something about Richard having a bad day at work and had to travel fitca for a quick business trip, which is why they didn't attend her wedding anniversary."Erm, no, Richard traveled," Diane said, stunning Dr Tessa. "Traveled, but he was just here moments ago. You both were cuddling and being all lovey dovey," Dr Tessa frowned, looking from her to Leilani.Leilani scoffed. She didn't need to be told whom Diane was being all lovey dovey with. It was her husband."Sugar you know Vincent is such a protective type, he was so scared that I got hurt so he was taking extra care of me, every
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#10 Disappointment
"Make sure you don't go about disgracing the Russell family or even Diane Timmer, unlike you who doesn't know how much effort it takes to build up a reputation. Some of us do actually do, and some went as far as contributing their effort to build the reputation," Mrs Madeleine said, breaking the dead silence in the dining table.Leilani glanced at her, knowing fully well that the speech was for her. Vincent had left for his emergency business trip to China and won't return till after one week which leaves her in charge of dropping off the kids at school against Mrs Madeleine wish, whom didn't want her to be the one present and the Teachers, Parents and Pupil first meeting."Leilani isn't a fool. She can handle the twins very well," Mr George said. Aside from him, no other person actually has the balls to talk to Mrs Madeleine, not even her sons, daughter, or daughter-in-law. They all worshipped her like a goddess scared to get into her bad books.Mrs Madeleine s
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