Games Billionaires Play

Games Billionaires Play

By:  Bellawealth  Ongoing
Language: English
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Dad was poor and couldn't afford the kind of lifestyle mum wanted, we had leaking roofs and broken furnitures. Mum got worse when she met her former high school friend who got married to the CEO of a popular company in the city. Few weeks later my mum started keeping late nights, dad would ask why and she would yell at him. How can I forget that beautiful Christmas eve? it was supposed to be a beautiful dinner in our small living room when mum ruined it by announcing that she was getting a divorce. After mum left, dad became a drunk and never looked at my face, he said it reminded him of mum. My mother destroyed our family, my childhood and the little happiness I had as a child, She had another daughter for the billionaire she left dad for and forgot I exist, I became even more heartbroken, after dad died of cancer, I wanted revenge! My name is Sophia Barlowe and this is my story…

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17 Chapters
Messy Interview
I got slapped by my boss’s girlfriend the day I came for an interview, she called me a harlot and thought I was having an affair with her boyfriend who was the CEO so I decided to seduce him right in her very presence just to spite her.That morning I had gotten up earlier than usual, I didn’t want to be late, I had my shower, dressed up really nice and packed my hair into a pretty pony tail while hurrying out of the house wearing an orange colored heel and a nice hand bag to match, I really needed this job.Meanwhile, in other to be able to have the revenge I seek, first I needed to learn and understand the games billionaires play, so I decided to start by becoming part of the Caddel group of companies.I was sitting right there waiting for my turn to be interviewed, there were about six of us who wanted the same job, who wouldn’t want to work in a company like this? I was getting both impatient and nervous, but I knew what I wanted, I needed to be patient no matter what, then she wal
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I got the job
I was burning with rage and wanted to retaliate but something in me whispered that I should keep my cool, this was totally unlike me, growing up without the love or attention of both parents thought me to always stand up and fight for myself. I glared intensely at young lady who was dressed in a skimpy blue skirt, a white blouse while her dark hair hanged down her shoulder, she dressed really expensive but that wasn’t enough for her to hit me the way she did.Finn kept calling her Rita, honey, baby, a whole lot of sweet names for just one woman and I almost got jealous. She kept yelling and I couldn’t stand it anymore. Her name was Rita Wilbur, Finn’s spoilt brat of a girl friend. With the stories I have heard about her, I still couldn’t understand why Finn still had to put up with her.I rolled my eyes in discomfort, my cheeks were puce, I could equally feel a burning sensation on it.I noticed Finn trying to make me calm down by giving me signals, I looked away folding my arms acro
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Playing Willow Duke’s game
Grace burst into a loud roar of laughter with her right hand placed comfortably on her chest, this all sounded funny to her, she couldn’t believe her ears “what did you just say Willow?”“You heard me…” she quickly opened her handbag and got her smartphone out, quickly she dialed Riley’s number and asked her to come straight to the boardroom, she turned to Grace “you know very well that this company is at the verge of bankruptcy and would collapse totally if people like me withdraw their shares, I expect you to welcome this idea.”Grace was stunned, she hit her hand on the desk and stood up “how dare you try to threaten me? Have you forgotten I am one of the reasons why you became a billionaire in the first place? I introduced you to Riley’s father.”Willow shrugged “what about that? You did what you had to do, your son would marry my daughter, I want them to get engaged on his birthday which is obviously few days away.”Grace's eyes widened, she looked super shocked, she couldn’t bel
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Spying on my mother
The limousine parked in front of a fancy restaurant while the cab I was in stopped few meters away from them, I didn’t want my mother or Riley to notice me. I watched closely with a million thoughts running through my head. I watched my mother and Riley alight from the car and got into the restaurant.Quickly I opened my orange purse and handed the cab driver some money “thank you for the ride” I alighted from the taxi and watched him speed off, I took a deep breath wondering what I was going to do, I couldn’t afford not to go into that restaurant and see things for myself, my curiosity won’t let me, besides… if I must defeat my enemy, getting into her camp isn’t enough but knowing every move and step she makes might help me defeat her easily.I let down my hair as a disguise and borrowed a magazine from an old man sitting by the roadside and handed him a couple of dollar bills in exchange, he grinned and thanked me, I was in much of a hurry to respond.I got into the restaurant, my e
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The breakup
“I want you to do something very important for me, you would go to the club down town later in the evening, someone very important is waiting for you over there” she informed reaching for his hand, she held it and squeezed it softly.Finn looked surprised, why would his mother ask him to go to a club when she have been the one yelling in the past about his constant visits to clubs and how he would always come home stinking of both alcohol and cigarette “you hate it when I attend night parties or clubs, why are you asking me to meet someone there tonight? Can’t we meet somewhere else?”She shook her head wagging her finger across his face “no, you can’t, this person insists, it’s important that you go please, just this once.”“Fine, I would go..” he said reluctantly walking away.Grace stood there, she shook her head sadly folding her hands across her chest, I could feel her pain but then I noticed she was scared too, who was it that she wanted Finn to meet at the club down town? coul
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Despicable lies
His phone kept ringing while I drove, he didn’t pick it up- of course he was way too drunk to notice that, he was equally snoring pretty loud.I didn’t pick the call either, I had a feeling that Rita would be the one calling to apologize and tell more horrible lies, meanwhile while I drove my boss home, I pondered on a lot, I realized that Rita was actually the one Grace wanted him to meet at the club, she wanted him to catch her cheating but there was something I still didn’t understand, how come Grace knew Rita was cheating on her son all these while yet she kept quiet?I drove into his luxurious home, a few maids helped me take him to his room while I tiredly walked myself downstairs heading for the main door when Grace called out to me.She walked up to me and hugged me “you found him, I have been worried and calling nonstop, thank you for bringing him home.”I sighed realizing that she was actually the one calling Finn when I was driving not his ex girlfriend, I love the sound of
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Going on a date
I pushed her off me with every strength I had within me, Riley was pretty strong, I was already in pain, I looked down at my hand and realized that I had bruises on it already, I was furious “what is wrong with you?” I yelled.That was it, Riley lost her temper completely, for the first time I saw her react in the most dangerous way, she grabbed a figurine in the living room and threw it at me, good enough I missed it, my heart completely jumped into my stomach, she kept throwing things at me while I continued dodging them, the maids ran to my rescue, they tried to stop her but she got even more violent and tried to attack them, out of fear they ran to get more help.The whole place was covered in glass, pieces of art, clay, silver and bronze, Grace walked into the house and Riley fell on her knees crying out loud.I was confused, what the hell is going on here? I didn’t understand a single thing, I am the victim here, why is she suddenly crying?“What is it? What is going on here?” G
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Gun shots
“Finn, it’s really you” my mother smirked uncomfortably, I knew she didn’t expect to see both of us together, especially not like this, not when she wanted Finn to be with her precious Riley. “Hello Mrs Duke” he greeted with a grin and so did I even though I didn’t want to but did it for courtesy sake.She took one glance at me like I was the devil and turned back to him “I heard you weren’t feeling well, I am really surprised to see you looking so healthy and equally having lunch with this…” she stretched the last word then shook her head while wagging her forefinger at me “what should I even call her, your servant?”I had my head bowed, I was expecting worse, she is deeply shocked to see me with Finn, goodness I just brought myself into the spotlight, I should be expecting really strong bullets from both my mother, half sister and Mrs Grace who must be so mad at Finn for taking me on a date.“Whoever told you that I am sick must be a joker, besides why do you all keep saying I am s
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Hot romance
It was absolutely terrifying, robbers were invading businesses nearby and stealing from them, it wouldn’t take long for them to get into the restaurant and rob everyone there too that is if the police doesn’t get there on time, I guess someone must have called them or maybe they might be too scared to dial on their phones.I saw customers at the restaurant crawling under their tables shivering with fear when Finn dragged me into safety, I doubted if we were really safe.My eyes were clouded with tears, my hands shaking while I had them clenching each other, I prayed deep in my heart that nothing happens to us, I wasn’t ready to die, I was so scared of guns.Finn had locked us in one of the stalls in the restroom and in no time my anxiety kicked in, I was so scared of tiny spaces. Maybe I didn’t tell you but apart from the horrible things my mother did to me as a child, she equally abused me, I didn’t realize what she was doing to me then was wrong even though she would warn me never t
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Get a good ring
I woke up in his arms the next morning, I took one glance at his face and smiled cuddling him tighter, last night was mind blowing, I didn’t want it to end but it did end after we fell asleep, I took once glance at his handsome face and took a deep sigh, what does this mean? Does he have a crush on me too? This is amazing.I suddenly grew sad for a when I remembered that he was the CEO of Caddel group of companies, a billionaire, my boss and I am just some poor girl who wants revenge by all means on her mother, some girl who only got employed in the company not because I merited it but because I was… well I really don’t know why I got employed there but I was glad I did but instead of doing that which I had gotten the job for in the first place, I am busy falling helplessly in love with my boss.Few minutes later he equally woke up, I pretended to be fast asleep, he took a shower and kissed me before he left. My eyes flew open, as I sat up on my bed and thought about the night over an
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