As onlookers rushed to the scene, calling for emergency services, Mr. Madison's driver cradled Waylen in his arms, his heart racing with fear and anxiety. Looking down at the child, he knew that he had to stay strong for him, to protect him from the chaos and confusion that surrounded them.

The emergency services arrived on the scene within a matter of minutes, their vehicles screeching to a halt as they rushed to assess the situation. As they quickly surveyed the wreckage, their experienced eyes taking in the extent of the damage, they were met with a sight that filled them with a deep sense of sorrow and regret.

Clara, who had been driving the car when it was struck with such force, was found to be unresponsive by the paramedics who had arrived on the scene. Despite their best efforts to revive her, they were forced to conclude that she had passed away as a result of the accident. With heavy hearts, they covered her lifeless body and carefully placed her in the emergency vehicle, th
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Really enjoyed this book .. great story . Look forward to your next book. Well done
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marthie le roux
I really enjoyed this book! Thank you , may there be more written by you
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Tracy Clark Oniel
Great book. I hope she puts in Alex and Ashley story.

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