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Jacklyn Chisholm is successful young woman who works for the New York Police Department as a forensic photographer. When Jacky found out about the possibility of the people she calls her parents not being her parents, She, who'd spent her whole life investigating other people was forced to start an investigation on herself. The investigation that had her journey to the past and brought her a shocking revelation to who she really was. She surprisngly found herself in a whirlwind romance with two guys, One is Jake,a colleague from work and the other Tyrone, a guy who works for a Financial house. Jacky's happiness was short lived after her biological father, was found dead in his Work House, While everyone speculated suicide, It was left to her to prove to the world that her father hasn't killed him but was murdered. Would she be able to prove to the world he hadn't committed suicide when it would mean endangering her life? What happens when enemies from the past began to threaten her and sins of the past are unravelled? How far can Jacky go to bring justice to her late father and the people that has been hurt by these bad men? Crime and suspense filled. Would Jacky ever get justice for her father?

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16 Chapters
Chapter 1
          Like every other night, Jacklyn woke up from her nightmare.The same dream,The same strange people,The ones she'd seen for almost all her life.She got up from her bed and put on the table lamp.The florescence light evolved the room,"Another night, another nightmare." She sighed to herself as she got up and stumbled to get water.Her study table was still filled with unfinished works from last night,The cup of unfinished already cold coffee was still there.It was just four thirty am and she has like an hour extra before she goes for her morning jog.Instead of lying back on the bed,She took the glass of water and went to the table to probably finish up her work. Jacklyn Chisholm is a twenty three year old girl who works as a Forensics Photographer at the NYPD ( New York Police Department).Her parents wer
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Chapter 2
    Jacklyn drove in her baby blue Camaro into the large garage. Her parent had got her that car as an out of college gift. She came out from the car and walked briskly towards the main entrance of their family house, The house that she'd lived in from her childhood to her adult years till she moved out. Her parents and uncle and aunt hadn't liked the idea of her moving out, To them, The house was big enough to house more and she's moving out. But to her, it was more than that. For some reasons best known to her, she wanted some distance, peace and serenity. She wanted to go faraway from home and that's was the main reason she chose Brooklyn, She’d wanted to stay in Manhattan although but she knew best her mom would always want to visit her and spent time with her. So Brooklyn was the best option for her.   Her house, a two bedroom apartment close to the Upper Bay R
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Chapter 3
    Jaclyn nodded and let go of Max's hand, said hi to Jake who was still looking at her and then she walked towards Mr Howard's office.She knocked twice when she got to the door,"Come in." The man said from inside,She opened the door and walked in.Mr Howard wasn't alone in his office,The other man was inside the office,Tyrone Grayson. "Good morning sir." She greeted her boss, not minding the other man who had his eyes fixated on her,"Morning Jacky, how's your father?" Her boss asked her,"He's stable now,"She knew he was going to ask why she didn't stay her day off as he'd told her in the morning,"My uncle's watching over him." She replied the man to abate further probing question on her father,He nodded. "And those files?" He asked,"I'm done with them, just handed it to Max immediately I came in." She replied him,He nodded still
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Chapter 4
   Tyrone drove Jacklyn home that night,All through the drive,He was talking about something,Something Jacklyn wasn't paying attention to,Someone she wasn't listening toHer mind was elsewhere,Actually, it was nowhere in particular. Her mind was just roaming freely but she wasn't still paying attention to the handsome guy next to her."Jacklyn." Tyrone called when he noticed her absentmindedness,She turned to him,"What?"Tyler frowned,"You were not listening?" He asked sadly,Jacklyn made up a light smiling face,"I'm sorry Ty,My mind had to wander somewhere else." She explained."What were you saying?" She asked him with an apologetic smile.Tyrone sighed,This is the first time in ages someone had ignored him and surprisingly,He finds it funny. "Never mind." He said feigning a sad express
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Chapter 5
    Jaclyn was so devastated at what she had read last night. It was Saturday and she was suppose to be doing her weekend chores to make out lunch time with Jake but in the state she's in, She couldn't lift her finger. They hid the truth from her for almost twenty years and no one not even her father, The one she loves most could tell her about this fact Liars, They're all liars. She lazily pulled herself from the bed, the bed, she’d laid on for the past few hours crying. She stood up from the bed and staggered to her kitchen to make herself something hot and strong to drink. She poured some water into her kettle and turned on the electric cooker. Allowing the water to boil, she went to her kitchen cupboard and got herself her coffee tin. Brew herself some strong hot coffee with no milk and sugar then, she went back to her living room,. Turning on the TV, the Wildcat were playin
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Chapter 6
When Jaclyn got home,She was tensed waiting for the mysterious person to call her.Who's that been?She hadn't told anyone about her discovery and wasn't planning on telling anyone till she meet her father.Was it her parents (The Chisholm's)?Who was it?No one else's know about this.She'd continued to rack her brain to figure out who the mysterious person was and suddenly her phone buzzed.She picked up the phone from the head board, it was a text from the same private number."There's a black sedan outside your apartment.Go down and quietly get into it, the driver would bring you to me."She went immediately to her bedrooms window and looked down, there was it, a black sedan was parked across the street and there was a man outside it, he was wearing a black outfit all through.Another messaged popped in her phone screen,"Don't be scared.I'm not going to hurt you or do anything s
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Chapter 7
         It'd being a month since Jaclyn met her father and that one month had been the best of her entire life.She sat at the restaurant having a decaf coffee waiting for him to come as always.Recalling the night she'd told him her identity, she felt amused.Like the other night, she'd gone to the same restaurant to wait for him to come.And after waiting for closely thirty minutes, he came.Actually he came with a bodyguard.She got up from her seat and went towards his.She still wore an oversized hood sweater and a jean pants with sneakers,All black.When she got to where he was,She pulled out a seat and sat opposite him.The man frowned,"Hey Miss, someone owns that seat." He’d called out in a patient manner thinking she sat down there unintentionally.Rather she smiled,"That person can wait till I'm done with you." She said rather rudely,
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Chapter 8
       Unlike every other Saturdays,Jacklyn woke up earlier.She'd to go see her parents to know the supposed date she has and still has to go out with Jake.She did her laundry and other chores, then went grocery shopping.Coming back home,She met Jake at the door of her apartment."Jake." She called him,He turned to her,"Oh yeah,Thought you were in." He said scratching his head,She smiled and walked up to him,"I thought we scheduled out date for twelve,This is just eleven am." She said looking at her watch.Actually the watched Lionel had given to her."Actually a few minutes pass eleven." He corrected,"Just wanted to spend time with you before going out on the actual date." He said while she fumbled out her keys and opened the door,"Come in." She said to him,He took the groceries bag from her and went inside after her."Nice
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Chapter 9
Later that day,Jake left to his house while she drove to her parent's afterwards.It was a long drive since the major road was blocked and she had to take another routeBut nevertheless, she got there before lunch."Jacky!" Her brother called her,She walked up to him giving him the sign not to shout,"Shhh." She placed her index finger on her lips,He kept shut but couldn't help but giggle."Mom is furious,You didn't come home yesterday like she had told you." He whispered to her,"Yeah,I went out with someone and obviously lost track of time." She said and her brother gave her a naughty laugh,"A boy?" He asked closing his mouth to shut the laughter that was meant to override him.She poked him,"That shouldn't be your concern,Where's mom?" She asked the boy and he pointed to the kitchen,"She's in there with aunt Anhitta and dads in his study with Uncle Gabriel." He
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Jake and Jacklyn arrived at his family house on Wednesday night.Jake's older sister Vanessa was there too with her husband Ben and their two kids Byron and Brenna.His mom and his younger sister Corina.It was just like a Thanksgiving dinner as everyone was present."So how's work going Jacklyn?" Jakes mom Lorraine asked her while they were in the kitchen, whipping the last of the dinner into place.She looked at the older woman with a smiling face,"Work's good.Although each day comes with it’s own puzzle, be it murder or theft or drug, but we still manage to get through it all." She answered affluently and Lorraine smiled."That's good.How're your parents?" She asked again,Speaking of which parents, the Chisholm's will do."They're fine and also sent their regards." She replied,"So, does Jake still goes on with his findings?" She asked now in a more serious tone and Jacklyn was left confused."What findings?" She asked the older woman,"His findings on his father." She poi
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