He loves me, he loves me not

He loves me, he loves me not

By:  Adelaine Anthony  Ongoing
Language: English
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After 4 years of being in a relationship, Yngrid's boyfriend broke up with her through phone messages. She decided to go back to the Philippines to fix it. But her life turns upside down when she finds out that he only used her to get closer to his estranged father. But one night changes everything when she meets Orion again, her father's favorite assistant. She hated him to death special his arrogant attitude. But after the kisses they're shared, will it make any changes? Will, she let him fix her heart by letting him love her? Or Would she let go of the past and choose new love?

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He loves me not by Adeline Anthony is a romantic novel about moving on from a past love. Yngrid is in shock when Royce breaks up with her. She returns to her home country, the Philippines, and patches things up. Unfortunately, Royce only used her to get reunited with his father. Brokenhearted Yngrid finds herself associated with Orion. He works as her father's assistant. She hates his guts but cannot help getting attracted. After sharing a steamy kiss, Yngrid finds herself wanting Orion more. The question now is, are the feelings mutual?

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3 Chapters
Chapter one
It’s exactly Nine in the evening when I arrived at my best friend's bar in Poblacion Makati. Sitting in the end part of the bar, watching those people dancing in the center stage. The lighting and spotlight can cause eye damage. But my table is located in a dim area. A glass of alcohol wouldn't be enough to ease the pain I'm feeling. I was still in London when I received his text messages. His words still stuck in my head.           Yngrid. I'm sorry but I want to be honest with you about my feelings. It's hard to pretend that I love you when I'm not. Sorry if I spend so much of your time but please forgive me. I'm breaking up with you, I beg you please don't message me again.  After I received it I tried to contact,
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Chapter Two
Orion's POV               "Sir, Orion it’s getting late aren’t you going home?" Robert asked. He is the encoder in our office. "No, I need to finish my design.” I smile at him. We always go home together. “I will go home first. Keep working hard, Sir.” “Thank you! Take care,” I shouted. As I look upon my waist watch, It's already ten in the evening but my work hasn't finished yet. This week is the deadline for our project, and I need to show it first to Mr. De Leon, the design head. I almost finished my last slide in PowerPoint when I heard my phone rung. "Hey, genius! Still at the office?" Levi lively said in the opposite line. "Yes, why?" I replied. "Nixon is inviting us to hang out with them in his bar, are you In?" "Nixon Del Gado?" I asked in a wonderin
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Chapter Three
Yngrid's POV         As I drink another glass of alcohol, my head starts spinning. Royce's face is stuck in my head! Especially how good we're together, Oh God I want to see him! I was about to drink another glass of wine but it's empty, I want more! I need more alcohol! I caught Orion looking at me in an annoyed face, he looks like a Mannequin without emotions. Turning his head back acting as if he's busily talking to his friend Levi. For sure he is laughing at my situation now! Marcus walks towards our table with the bottle of wine and puts it in the middle. "Thanks, you Marcus! Your… future girlfriend is lucky to have you!” I said, kissing his cheek because he granted my wish to have more alcohol. Cassandra and I finished the entire bottle of alcohol like a flash. “This is not enough… we need more!” Marcus and Monique ha
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