Heed Your Death

Heed Your Death

By:  MissFauriou  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sava, A girl who can remember past of someone was destined to visit the drion masion along with her brat friends. Drion mansion is the house where the quint and old piano was hiden, with a full mystery. But they were happened to trap there.

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just proud
2021-07-18 17:41:55
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Update author. Your story is amazing to read
2021-07-09 13:50:13
10 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sava's POV:   "Neri, where are you?" I was laughing all the time while watching my friends being scared because the sky is getting darker. It's almost 6PM. "Drew! Did you bring my charger?" Lara shout at her older brother, carrying all of her things all alone. "What will you do if ever I forgot it?" Drew asked back as he smirked on her sister. "Guys! We're here!" Migs announced and everyone of us immediately climb at the tall field!  And there! My jaw almost drop as I saw how beautiful the mansion is! Old yet beautiful! The gate on the front was just thin and some of it's tools was already rotten. But even that, we can't still deny how beautiful this mansion is!   "G-guys, Can I just go home a-already?" Nadj suddenly clinged on my shoulder as she hugged it tightly.  I faced her and laughed at her face! "You crazy moron! I told you, we're not going to stay here forever. Just one ni
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Chapter 2
  Sava's POV:I looked at my phone to check my account but there's no signal there. I sighed in disbelief and check the time. It's already 12AM. But I don't feel like putting my eyes into sleep! I also can't sleep all along! Whenever I closed my eyes, I just don't feel comfortable I seems like someone's been watching me! And now, I ended up gazing the ceiling. Nah, I need to sleep.***I was in the middle of forest covering myself with blanket. I don't know exactly what am I doing there, but one thing that I know: I needed to find for something...I stopped for a bit when I felt the warm air trying to pull off my torch. I looked back and saw the mansion, I leaved my comrades there. I heavily sighed and continue walking in the amidst of forest.I can hear different sounds of birds and even how the tree followed th
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Chapter 3
     Sava's POV:We ran as fast as we could just to reach our comrades! But thankful, they are already there!We stopped running and pursue our breath as we reached them! "Guys! We saw Driana! I know this is hard for you to believe but I will direct you! Driana is dead! She's a ghost!" Nadj direct everyone! The silent goes there but I immediately turned to Kair when he started laughing and the three boys started laughing too. It's only Drew who was looking at me seriously."Guys, Believe us." I pleased. Lara and Neri was looking at us with both disappointment on their eyes! I just don't get this two!"Wake up! Lea just tried to killed Sava and we both witnessed that!" Nadj go on. "Yes. We saw that. But that is not enough to make you two involved Driana on the problem. Driana is a victim too! We still don't know Lea! She's o
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Chapter 4
Sava's POV: "We are really sorry." We all apologized on Deku's parent's as soon as we brought his body on their house. I can't stop myself from crying! Deku is one of my old friend! Why do this needed to happen? Why? He's so young! He has a lots of dreams that needs to be achieve!I remembered the time when he asked me of what I want if I turned into college."I want to be a Doctor." I smiled."Wow! That's nice! That way, you can also be a hero!" He playfully smiled back and pathed my shoulder."How about you?" I asked him."pilot! To reach for the sky! Ha-ha-ha!"My tears just got overflowed remembering all of the good and bad things he did for me! For us!We immediately run towards Deku's mother when she suddenly got collapsed!My friends bring her to hospital—I wanted to come too but didn't because we need to watch the house and Deku, his sister was already cleaning him b
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Chapter 5
 Sava's POV:I stretched my head before waking up and open the door from my room. I smile as soon as the city greet me with  live life.    "Good morning, World!" I felt the dizziness on my head and it seems that I forgot—argh! Here we go again!  I just shrugged it on my shoulder and jump at least twenty for my morning exercise.  I perform some bath to clean myself.   But the eager pain on my head suddenly crushed again but I still avoid it and instead continue bathing.   "Hoo! That Night over really seems so nice!" I murmured while hugging myself on the warm bath tub.   I was combing my hair in front of the mirror after taking a bath, But I suddenly glanced at my elbow when I saw a scar on it. &n
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Chapter 6
Thali POV:   "Is it there?" I asked Nethan, my two years and half boyfriend.  "O—y-yes. My little sister is there so you can spend the time talking to her. She's nice." Nethan smiled at me.  "Unlike you, huh?" I mocked.   "Unlike me." He laughed. I pinched his  stomach because of his cuteness whenever he laughs at all! How I really love this guy..  "But did you already told about your tita... what's about us?" I anxiously asked. We are not legal on my family side either but I don't think I can still introduce Nethan to them now. My parent's are strict and that sucked me!   "Don't worry."  I can feel the trembles on my hand when he already open the gate for us! I'm afraid. What if they can't accept me
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Chapter 7
Thali POVWhat the hell is happening? "I can still convince myself to believe you, but may I know who is this Driana?" My head was like a buzzling bump. I don't see any affect of a psycho or any seek on Nadjiana. I just don't get what she said! Of course, I believe in ghost, nun, phantom or any scary stuffs. But I don't think being dead was a big deal to Nadjiana. All of people will be gather to death.And so what if that Driana is dead? "Sava. Are you still okay?" I approached unto her and help her to get up.She's really innocent and I don't seems any trace of lied on herself. She don't know a thing. "Sava. Do you remember what happened?" Nadjiana gently approached and ask those question."Yes. I remember. What's wrong with it? How can you say that Driana is dead? S-she was with me recently, on Deku's funeral. Are you in seek—"
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Chapter 8
Thali POVMy senses went chagrinned, I immediately pull down my alarn clocm and wake up yawning.So that was a dream.But I still have a bad feeling for this. What was Nadjiana's doing on my dream? She even begged me to believe her, huh?But, why don't I give it a chance?No. She must be a psycho or has an any disorder that will lead her to act differently."Good morning beautiful." I smiled when my loving boyfriend got out the bath and kissed me directly on cheeks."Good morning, my hondsome." I replied getting the towel to take a bath."I'm gonna wait here until you're done. Sava was already making a meal for us." Nethan said."Okay. Just wait for me a while." I already locked the door and prepare myself to take a shower.I need to talk to Sava.Ugh! I pinched my head when Nadjiana's word on my nightmare distract me! But how am gonna believe that person? She looks psychopath for me!I fasten my wor
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Chapter 9
Thali POV"Are you sure about that?" I asked, Sava's obviously acting rarely weird right now. Her mind was hanging that she couldn't hear me anymore."Sava!""O—I'm sorry. Y-yes?" She replied. I sighed, what's gotten into her mind?"What's happening with you?""I... Just felt uncomfortable, I don't know. But I know there's really something wrong." She complained, biting her nails.We sudddenly hear a bell on the door. I came to open it first.Four humans, two girls and two boys. Probably, Sava's circle of friend."Hi? Sava's there?" The clumsy boy asked."Of course, here." I opened the gate widely and let them come inside. They thanks me after that. After the locking the gate again, I was about to enter the house when a familiar figure caught my attention. Wait!"Hey...?" I called."Mm?" To my surprise, it's Driana! B-but I didn't saw her entering the gate! Where did s
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Chapter 10
"Y-you can't be serious! H-how can you say?" Save couldn't believe of what she just heard. But are they really serious?"What are you waiting? Let's go and see him!" Driana Panicked!Everyone of them immediately left the room and run toward outside the house. But Sava was just moving slowly, she should hurry! It's her friend after all! But I guess, she's on her shock."Sava?" I called. "What are you doing?""Big sis, Wh-what time is it?" She asked gulping.I immediately look down on my wrist. "Exact 2PM at this afternoon, why? Is there something that important aside from your friend?" I asked in sarcasm."Let's hurry!" She grabbed my wrist and pulled me outside the house but I let her to ride at her friend's Van because I need to secure the house.I'm not one of them But I feel bad for that Kairavin. But don't you sense something? They are wierd!I heard on them that last week one of thier friend died, Nadjiana got frenzied and
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