His Unwanted Love

His Unwanted Love

By:  Kathy Jones  Ongoing
Language: English
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Falling in love is not as hard as people make it sound but finding the right one is hard. She was a victim of a man’s betrayal. She had trusted him with everything that she had, he was her everything. What she didn’t know that the one year he spent in her town he was only there to get over his breakup. But when he finally gets back with his girlfriend and he goes back without telling her, she is confused with her own feelings. She finds out on the news that he is a rich man who just recently married his long-time girlfriend in New York. She vows to make him pay even if it is the last thing that she does in life. She seduces Sebastian the brother of the man who ran away just to get her revenge. One day an opportunity comes and she grabs it with both her hands, but what she doesn’t know is that everything has its consequences. What happens when Sebastian falls for her and she doesn't want his love?

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Lindsay Johnson
love it update more please
2022-01-09 04:45:41
57 Chapters
Chapter Two
Isabella’s Point of view
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Chapter Three
Isabella’s point of view“So, I will see you again?” Lucas questioned me as he was dropping me off at home, I wanted to see him again after last night but I was a bit skeptical about it.“Yes, you will see me again,” I said to him as he smiled vividly at me.“Great! Then why do not you go inside, get some rest then we can talk about when we can meet,” He suggested, I gave him an affirmative nod before I opened the door to the car.“See you” He shouted after me after I closed the door to his car.“See you around” I flirtingly said to him with a smile on my face as he rolled up the window to his car. I made my way to the building going into the elevator that took me to my apartment. As I approached the door to my apartment, the aromatic smell of bacon and coffee hit my nostrils.I knew Yvonne was up already making breakfast for me; I opened the door and wi
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Chapter Four
Isabella’s Point of view Two weeks later I woke up as early as I could to clean the house; I had a date later with Lucas, so I wanted to make sure that I did all my chores before I could go out in case that I have to spend the night out. I hummed to perfect by Ed Sheeran as I picked the shoes and clothes Yvonne usually leaves things laying on the floor anywhere. She doesn’t care about anything. The only thing she concerns herself with is eating. “You seem excited! What’s happening?” She questioned me as I grinned from ear to ear. Shaking my head as I continued cleaning. “Is it that guy? What's happening?” She questioned me as I smiled vividly as she came checking my face, but I was moving away from her. “oh, come on! You really can’t just leave me hanging, yeah?” She shouted as I turned on the vacuum
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Chapter Five
Three months later “Babe? Are you in here?” I questioned looking for Lucas in his apartment. I didn’t know if he was home or not, but I needed to see if he was home, I missed him. “Lucas?” I shouted when I found him sleeping on the couch. I smiled at myself before going to the couch before kneeling and kissing his lips. “Hey,” he says with a low groan as he turns to look at me.“I missed you” I whispered to him kissing his lips softly as he chuckles pulling my face and kissing me “I missed you too” he replies as I smile vividly admiring his handsome face. “I thought you had gone out” I mention to him as I try to stand up but he pulls me back “no, I was hoping you would pop by” he replies continuing to kiss me while I keep smiling like a fool. Well, I am a fool in love. Before I know it, my clothes are being thrown to the floor and next thing, I am making passionate love with Lucas on the couch.
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Chapter Six
Isabella's Point of ViewOne year later.I rushed going up the stairs as my life depended on it, I could not believe the call I just received. I opened the door to our apartment and went searching the room.“Lucas! Lucas?” I panicked as I checked every room, I looked into our bedroom and found his clothes were not there.I rushed to the closet, checking maybe I was dreaming. “Oh, my god!” I said to myself as tears fell from my eyes, I could not believe Lucas had left me.“No! this can’t be” I cried taking out my phone, I tried to call Lucas but his phone went unanswered. I tried again but went unanswered; I kept on trying, but this fourth time it finally went off.I gasped as I held on to my chest, crying.It was so unbelievable for me, the man I have been with the past year left with my savings.I could not believe what bad luck
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Chapter Seven
Viewer discretion advised. The chapter contains a few scenes about self-harm and suicide Yvonne’s Point of View I stood there looking at Isabella who was sleeping on her bed holding onto Lucas’s sweater, she kept whimpering in her sleep. I couldn’t believe that eh Isabella that I knew would ever fall in love with a man. I left her room and went to the living room, I needed to start packing her clothes or else there was no way she could move on from all this if she does leave this place. “What are you doing?” she questioned me as I packed her things, I looked up at her and sighed heavily. I was packing her things in the living room so that she could get the hell out of her. “Look around you, there’s no way that you can stay here. Everything is all about Lucas, you need to get rid of it” I said to her as she sighed heavily looking at me before coming to grab the bag away from me. what was she trying to do right now? &nb
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Chapter Eight
Isabella’s Point of View How could he do this to me?  I kept on thinking about what wrong I could have done for him to leave me here alone and run off with also part of my money. Where was I going to stay from? I could not live life like this anymore. I just wanted to end my life and hopefully be able to leave this world and have a peaceful life whenever I will go. Why Lucas? I questioned myself as I looked at the pictures. If he had told what I was doing wrong maybe-. Just maybe I would know what I was doing wrong I grabbed a sharp razor from the drawers on my bedside table. I took it out as I whimpered silently holding it to my left wrist as I slit myself and did the same to the right hand.  I had to make sure that it was deep enough. The pain was unbearable, but it could not compare to what I was feeling in my heart I closed my eyes waiting for that moment when I could not feel anything, but it seems like it took i
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Chapter Nine
Isabella’s point of view Two months later After being discharged I promised myself that I would do anything possible to get my revenge on Lucas but for the last two months I made sure that I helped Yvonne with the wedding, so I did not want to disturb her. “Babe, Are you ready?”  I questioned her as I came back to her room to help her with her dress. She had asked me to keep on checking on Lincoln if he was still here. “I don’t know. What do you think?”  she questioned me as she turned to look at me. She wore a long-sleeved mermaid dress with a veil that was so long that I could not even help but admire her/. Tears filled my eyes as I looked at her, I swallowed hard trying so hard not to cry. “Oh my god babe, you look so beautiful,” I said going to her as I held her hands.“How do I look?” she questioned me as I chuckled softly holding tight to her hands. “You look incredibly beautiful. I can’t help but tear up” I said to her as t
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Chapter Ten
Isabella’s point of view It’s been a few days since I arrived here and I am still trying to find an apartment where I can stay while I am here. I remember Yvonne calling me and yelling through the phone about why I had to leave on her wedding day. I knew she wouldn’t be in support of me but that was fine. I just wanted to make sure that I get my revenge before going back home, today I have two views and also later a job interview at one of the hospitals. Did I tell you that this same hospital is where our good friend Sebastian is a VIP member also a shareholder? I guess it must have slipped my mind. I looked at the map as I followed the direction, I was just given going to the first appointment of the day. I arrived at the hospital and took a deep breath. I checked myself in the mirror in the lady’s room before I went to meet the interviewing personnel I got out of the bathroom and made my way out to meet the people. I arrived at the boardroom
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