Divorce Papers


I was completely exhausted and drained and was about to head home after a long day. I had visited Aubrey and surprisingly the doctors had said she was slowly getting better and that added some light to my day. My happiness died down when I remembered it was all because of her that I lost Lydia and I still haven't heard a word from her.

"Hello?" I picked up my phone with an attitude while sitting in the back of Range Rover as the driver started the car.

"Watch your tone." She spoke sternly and I pursed my lips not really in the mood to hear her go off. My mum had been calling and texting all day and I hadn't replied because she always seemed to have the wrong word to say to set me off.

"Your sister is back! So let's have dinner tonight and I don't want to hear no buts." She hung up afterwards and I sighed deeply.

My little sister, Rachel, had been out of the country for a while spending time with her boyfriend who I had not met. Rachel was literally my mum's twin, she looked like the younger version of my mother and behaved the exact same way. Her behavior always came as a barrier between us.

"To the family house sir?" My driver asked, looking at me from the mirror. I nodded in response.

With Lydia heavy on my mind, I decided to text her. It felt like if I didn't, just thinking about her might blow up my mind, I thought of what to text her.


I settled for that and secretly hoped she would see I needed to talk to her…that's all.



"You're late and you didn't even seem a bit excited to see me when you got here." My sister spoke as she started eating with the maids standing next to us…her in particular.

I stared at her with a blank face not even having an appetite. She wore a pink long sleeved gown with stripes. Her hair was let down and she had done her makeup. She kept staring at her phone which meant she was either waiting for a text message from someone or just feeling uneasy.

"How was your day son?" I almost scoffed noticing my mother was trying to take a caring route to get to me but I knew her so well.

"I heard your Lydia finally left…awww, your dearly beloved wife. Hope she's not asking for a dime of our money?" Rachel raised her eyebrow in questioning.

I knew she had been tormenting and being a bully to Lydia but I never paid any attention. This just made me feel so much worse.

"That's true. Did you check through your things and ensured that she didn't steal anything? Like your watches or your—---"

"That's enough!" I growled with anger. My patience and ability to control myself had reached its limit. My mum had kept asking this and I was tired.. the worst part was they didn't even care that the maids were listening, which is why they had no respect for my wife. 

"Keep her name out of your mouth." I snapped and my young sister laughed.

"I'm sorry.." She still laughed, gesturing with her hands as an apology. 

"It's just that this woman is obviously a gold digger who pretends to be all in love with a man and jumps on the next man when she doesn't receive affection and probably…let's say sex. She's just an opportunist whore while you're here defending her like…" She trailed off frowning at my mum kicking her from under the table.

I stood up abruptly and when I got to the entrance of the door, I turned around and said,

"Rachel, Mother, The maids and pass my words to the rest of the servants in this house: the next time I hear something of sort coming out from any of you mouths or mentioning my wife's name, my wrath will be raised, I promise you all." I spoke sternly and the maids looked down. My mother stared at me with a knitted eyebrow in a state of confusion and Rachel scoffed. 

I stormed into my home office with a heavy heart and shut the door behind me. Opening my call logs, I decided to call Lydia and if she didn't pick up this last time I would hire a private investigator to locate her whereabouts. I will do all it takes to find her.

It rang, which surprised me. At the fourth ring, she surprisingly picked up and I exhaled,

 "Hello?" Her voice sounded impatient.

"Lydia, How are you?" I asked softly, trying to piss her off.

"What do you want, Mr King?" She questioned like she'd rather not speak to me.

"I saw the divorce papers and I haven't finalized it. Though you didn't ask for anything, I would like to compensate you for everything you've done for me and my family."

"But I don't need anything from you and your family. You all have already compensated me well enough." I heard the anger in her tone.


"Goodbye Mr King." Without waiting for my response, she hung up.

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denice morgan
When finally a female leader who has control over her life.
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Kathleen Browne
if this is another book where the wife gets back with the asshole of a husband i'm not gonna continue. reading tired of these stories

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