Lost Her


I stared at my phone in disbelief. She really just hung up on me?? I sat there about to open the letter that she had left for me. Though I was dreading it, but, I needed to. As I slowly opened the letter, my mum barged into my office and shut the door behind her hastily.

"They are here." She whispered and I looked confused. 

"Your sister's boyfriend's family." I was completely thrown off but that. I had no idea she was even in a relationship.

"Hurry out. They are the Wilist Family and they own the largest construction company in this country. Can you just imagine how wealthy we would be if the two families merged?" She was simply excited and the amount of desire for her to amass wealth was oftentimes worrisome. 

"I will right there." I spoke flatly and she sucked her teeth in irritation mumbling how I was always so nonchalant and boring until she exited my office. 

I hid the letter back into my cabinet and exhaled deeply strolling out the room. Three new faces were added into the room and their chattering came into a pause as I entered the dinning room.

They all looked so much alike. The older man looked in his early 60's with his white beards and facial features. He was in a gray suit and the woman beside him, who was his wife, was dressed in a sky blue gown and she had beautiful facial features. She looked between her fifties and her son who had to be the man Rachel was dating, he had her face.

He had full beards and his hair was brown and slicked backwards with a gel. He had a pretty boy face and wore diamond studs on both ears with a fitted black suit. He seemed like a retired bad boy.

"Excuse my son's manners. This is my oldest child and the son who runs our company, Nathaniel." I was introduced to them and I simply gave a politely head nod. A young man who I assumed was Rachel's man stressed out his hand for a handshake. I stared at it for about a minute, relaxing coolly on my seat.

Feeling a kick from under the table, I reluctantly shook hands with him. Rachel gave me a stank look and focused her attention back to her boyfriend. 

"I'm Jason by the way. These are my parents, Mr and Mrs Wilist, we own the Wilist—"

"So, I have heard." I cut him off using the knife and fork right in front of me to cut the chicken In my plate.

"How did you guys meet?" I questioned it directly to Jason and completely disregarded everyone else on the table.


"We met at a charity ball about a month ago. I went with mother when you were out of the country. So he said Hi and complimented me. And that's how we hit it off. He had been the sweetest ever since." She cut him off smiling from ear to ear. They looked at each with googly eyes and smiled. I stared at them with irritation and the parents on the table smiled proudly at them.

"You plan on marrying her?" I inquired, shaking off any feeling of hate.

"Yes, I do. I adore and love Rachel and I can't wait to just make her my wife." After just a month? Yeah, okay. But then again what do I know about love?

"So Nathaniel, are you married?" His mum questioned staring at me hard. Rachel let out a stifled laugh.

"He is a divorcee and open to any special woman." My mother answered looking at Mrs Wilist to her plate of veggies.

"That's shocking. I barely even heard that you were married. She must not have come out with you to events, am I right?" She questioned again.

"She doesn't. She was just..what word would I use to describe her? Let me just say she wasn't the right one for my son and now he's back as that handsome, successful bachelor who is open to a relationship that's worthwhile for him and the family." My mother answered and I could feel myself getting angry again. But I wasn't about to cause a scene and embarrass myself and family in front of these people. So I kept quiet.

"Exactly. Our sons need an elegant woman from a good home and I'm so grateful he met Rachel. I mean she is a beautiful young woman who understands a woman's place." While my mum smiled nodding and taking in her words, I remained silent just observing and I truly did not like the tone.

"Not a gold digger." My mum slickly added and I scoffed downing my glass of wine. 

"It was nice meeting you all. But I have work to do, so I will retire in my office." I stood up after my words and without waiting for a response. I returned to my office and shut the door behind me.

I sat down loosening my tie and sighed deeply. I started fishing for the letter before a knock rang through the room.

I ignored it with the assumption that it was my mum but after a second knock. The door opened slightly and a young maid walked into the office with a tray in her hands.

"Good evening sir." She greeted me politely and stood far from the table. I gave her a head nod bringing out the letter while she served the cup of coffee.

"You might not know but I am Lomi. Will you please permit me to speak sir?" Without thinking anything deep. I motioned for her to proceed.

"I was close to Mrs Lydia when she was still around. I watched her suffer time and time again. She was bullied and tormented by everyone here but she kept staying and taking all hoping that you will just be here and love her. I tried so many times to defend and stop her from working but she refused. She did everything with joy. I also want to let you know that she did not steal a single thing from you. Not a single dime or accessories. Even when she was sick, she didn't allow me to go and ask you to help purchase medicines. So I just thought to let you know because it doesn't feel right hearing people speak about her knowing she had been a precious selfless person." She expressed and her words brought me pain.

"I deeply apologize if I crossed my boundary. Please don't fire me sir or inform your mother because this is my only source of income and I would not want to be under your mother's wrath." She quickly added with fear in her eyes.

"It's alright. Thank you so much Miss Lori?" I tried to remember her name.

She shook her head and said, "Lomi."


"If you will excuse me sir?" She bowed her head and I dismissed her without uttering another word.

The guilt was choking me up and I opened the letter, it red;

Dear Nathaniel,

I had always wondered what it was like to be loved by a man. Since I saw you I felt like a teenager who had met her celebrity crush. I was ready to do anything for you so long as it made you happy. When you said you wanted to marry me, I didn't care if it was because of saving your friend's life or anything.. to me it was just a step closer to being loved by you. To my goofy crush being reciprocated. 

When my family said no, I shouldn't marry you, I fought against them and cut them off all for you. But at the end of the day, it was all for nothing, NOTHING. Here are the divorce papers and the card containing all the money you have ever sent to 'compensate' me. I don't need it. Just like the way you laughed in my face when I said I wanted a divorce, I hope you laugh harder after reading this and see how pathetic I have been all along. How I kept embarrassing myself and taking on all the ill treatment given.

I wish you the best, it hurts that you would always have a place in my heart but for now and forever. I hope to never ever see your face ever again.

Goodbye Nathaniel.

I laid back on the chair running a hand across my face. My heart was heavy, guilt laid in my heart, tears brimmed in my eyes. The words of the maid and the content of the letter pierced through my heart. 

I needed to apologize and beg Lydia for hurting her when all she ever did was love me.

Wiping my eyes, I picked up my phone and dialed her number but the call simply dropped. It didn't even ring, it just dropped.

I lost her, I had really lost her.

And It was my fault

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Okay now you should know how it feel.

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