I Swear, Let Me Love You Again
I Swear, Let Me Love You Again
Author: Oma

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I Swear, Let Me Love You Again

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Okeke-Eze Ifeoma Isabella (Omaisabella)

"How are you today Mrs Lydia?" Nurse Nia, who had been in charge of the blood transfusion since we began, asked with a smile as wore her gloves.

"I'm okay." I replied tiredly and shook a bit as she inserted the needle after looking for an easy access vein.

"You seem tired." She analyzed me but I just shrugged it off. I was tired physically, mentally, emotionally but everything was somehow going to get better. I really hoped so.

As we were about to start talking, Doctor Fian and my husband entered the room. I grinned just looking at him in his blue suit and trousers. He was just so handsome and many would describe him as having the attributes of a Greek god. Every time I saw him, I realized why I loved him.

"Lydia, how are you doing? Have you been taking all your vitamins and iron supplements?" Doctor Fian asked and I nodded in response feeling blood leave my body.

"How are you Nathan?" I asked him but he didn't respond. He kept talking to the doctor and I pursed my lips in embarrassment. 

I just looked around the hospital room I have grown fond of these past few years. The whole room was painted in cream and the bed was laid in white bed sheets. 

"Here." Nurse Nia handed me an energy drink afterwards and used a cotton wool to clean the part of my arm the needle was placed in.

"If you will excuse me." Nurse Nia and Doctor Fian exited the room with my blood in the bag.

The room was quiet with just my husband and I just here. He broke the silence when he said. "The money has been transferred into your account."

I remained silent, preventing myself from saying anything that may lead me to say something I wasn't meant to. 

After a minute, he exited the room and I wore my blue denim jacket following behind him. I was debating myself if I should still try and start a conversation with him or let it be.

We arrived at the room of the woman I was donating my blood to. "Hey Nathan." She smiled and for some reason she seemed…okay, healthy even.

"How are you feeling?" I stepped into the room and it seemed they hadn't still noticed my presence. My chest tightened at the fact that he cared to ask how she felt and never ever even for once asked, "How are you?"

"Weak. My thigh still hurts despite everything." Aubrey replied. She had a cut on her thigh which was slowly healing but according to her, it was still extremely painful no matter the treatment administered to it.

"What did I miss?" I shut my eyes tight regretting my decision when I saw my mother-in-law coming out of the bathroom in this luxurious hospital room which was almost like a hotel.

"Nothing Mrs. King, Nathan just finally came to see me." Aubrey smiled widely, touching Nathan's arm. For some odd reason, Nathan didn't push her arms away and Mrs. King was just focused on her, which hurts.

"Ohhh, Hi Lydia." Aubrey gave a tight-lipped smile calling everyone's attention to me. Mrs King, my mother-in-law, rolled her eyes in a full circle while Nathan didn't spare me a glance.

"What are you doing here? She has done what we called her to do, do you still need her here?" She turned her attention to Nathan. He sighed deeply, not saying a word in response.

Before I could respond, she said to Aubrey, "Her presence must bring you nothing but disgust, so I will send her out of here just relax."

An emotion of embarrassment and hurt flashed through my eye but like what any normal person would, such as saying something smart or just exiting out of the room, I stood there like a fool unable to calculate my next step. 

"No Mrs. King. She is already doing so much for me. I mean I'm literally getting better just because of her." She tried to play all nice but I could see right through here.

Mrs King scoffed while Nathan's phone ringing loudly had him excusing himself leaving all three of us.

They didn't pay me any attention, Mrs King brought out a cream she had gotten for Aubrey to heal her scars. I was always envious looking at how much Mrs King and the whole King Family adored Aubrey…they treated her like she was some kind of heroin or would I say delicate substance. They all adored her and no matter what I did, I doubt it would ever lead to them caring and loving me like they do to Aubrey.

I watched their every movement like a creep, but I furrowed my eyebrow in confusion when Aubrey easily moved her legs and as soon as her hospital gown raised up I was able to see only a slight cut on her knee.

"What the hell are you doing there staring like a fool?" Mrs King was just so rudely blunt and not once over the years have I watched her rude energy. I respected her for birthing the man I loved, every single day I prayed she would care about me.

I shook my head still watching Aubrey and suddenly it hit me. Nathan walked into the room and without thinking twice, I spoke out loud,

"She's pretending. She's just acting like she's in pain and needs blood knowing that that's the only reason you check up on her or care about it. She's ok—-"

"Hey calm down Lydia. What are you even saying?" Nathan cut me off furrowing his eyebrow. It seemed like he didn't hear me the first time maybe because I was speaking too fast as realization dawned on me.

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let this woman be strong please .........

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