Choosing Me

"Look, they are all minor cuts." I moved towards her, showing him the cuts. "Nothing too serious and you made me give my blood away for just this?"

Nathan knitted his eyebrow staring at my proof and seemed genuinely taken aback while his mother remained surprisingly silent.

"What is she talking about Aubrey?" Nathan asked and I was a bit elated he was finally listening to me.

"I..I don't kn..know what's she talking about..The cuts might be minor but the pain is severe. I haven't even had time to check them with my eyes, the doctors simply said they were deep and since I didn't want to irritate myself by staring at them." Aubrey stammered out crying in between. His mother instantly comforted her while Nathan's look changed from surprise to annoyance. Annoyance probably channeled towards me for speaking the truth.

"Like why would you even say that? I'm literally here on the hospital bed fighting for my life and yet…" She trailed off speaking to me, more tears fell from her eyes.

"Don't cry." He rubbed his temple trying to keep himself calm. 

"Lydia, come with me." He spoke leading the way while I just stood there staring at her as she faked tears.

"You know what…" He grabbed my hand dragging me out of the room. I turned around and saw her smirking in the arms of Mrs King.

"Calm down!" He raised his voice a little when I kept mumbling words under my breath and pacing back and forth.

"For real, why are you doing this?" He questioned and I knitted my eyebrow in confusion.

"Doing what?" I retorted looking at him with annoyance. I hated liars and pretenders, that girl in that room right now had me fuming right now.

"Hold up." I raised my hand to cut him up. 

"Don't tell me you believe that girl and don't trust me." I pointed at myself. "Your WIFE." I emphasized but his face held nonchalance. 

"You're seriously believing that she's not healed all along?" I questioned and he sighed deeply.

"Listen to me, Lydia. I don't know you all that well. But Aubrey has been my…confidant for as long as ever, she has no reason to lie to me. You couldn't possibly understand anything I do for her." His words stung but I kept my composure.

"So basically after I showed you proof that they are all slight cuts. You're still going to believe her over me?!" I asked with tears brimming in my eyes.

"You don't understand." His tone and demeanor gave it all. He was tired of this conversation and just couldn't wait for it to end.

I knew he didn't give a damn, but I still wanted to believe he did.

"Make me understand!" I snapped but he didn't respond. He ran his hands across his face bringing out his phone. I assumed he wanted to show me something but rather he called the driver to come pick me up.

"Nathan, you know what? I'm sick and tired of this. I'm tired, I can't do this anymore." I shook my head.

"I'm filing for a divorce." I spoke sternly as if trying to convince myself as well.

His eyebrows rose and I could see a shock expression on his face which quickly faded away. "Don't make me laugh, you don't even know what divorce is."

"I do, but I can change my mind if you follow me and let's go home."

"Are you insane? I have got to be there for her always, or do you want her to die? Are you that heartless? Anyways, Damien is waiting for you downstairs, just go home." He waved me off and left, going back to the room that bitch is.

I nodded slowly and looked at him again for the last time. I slammed the door and entered the elevator.

As the elevator slowly closed, a part of me wished he would just stretch his hand or leg to stop the elevator door from closing but it was simply a wish. I felt so pathetic and dumb thinking he would ever choose me..he would ever love me. A single tear rolled off my cheek, it symbolized disappointment, hurt and unrequited affection I had shown him and his family.

Quickly wiping it away, I came out of the elevator and fixed my posure. I was done being treated like this, like I didn't matter. I am done just trying to make him see me when all he ever cared about was Aubrey.

If he didn't believe me, he was in for a big shock when he realized I'm actually getting that divorce.

"Hold up what's going on?" The help, Molly, asked, as soon as I burst into the room taking my things.

I didn't reply to her question, I was simply waiting for Damien to come in with divorce papers I had requested from my lawyer. 

Ignoring a clearly confused Molly I packed my things in a small box leaving whatever thing I had gotten from his money behind. 

"Thank you." I snatched the documents from Damien heading into Nathaniel's home office. Without giving it another thought, I signed and left the document on his table along with the card and a note he had to read.

"Where to ma'am?" Damien asked but I shook my head.

"I will just take a taxi." I exited out of the mansion which had only brought me pain, self-doubt, countless embarrassment and SUFFERING.

I was going to do better for myself, fuck the unrequited love I had for a man who couldn't even say a simple thank you. He couldn't even trust my words even after years together.

I was beyond hurt and felt disrespected.

It's time to choose me.

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Edith Iyasere
I love the story, so Educative
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Angelica Sabaysabay
I love the story
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R Spro
This chapter is medically incorrect. Lab work would show if Aubrey needed blood, and it would not be given unless her hemoglobin and hematocrit were low. Pain from cuts would not be a reason.

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