Rachel POV:

“Send my regards to him, well that's if you ever get to see him again.” My heart sank and I looked at my security then back at Jason.

“What in the world are you saying, fool?” I snapped and he shrugged with a bright smile.

“Nothing, I'm just an investor, I don't put my hands in this stuff. But I make sure I receive the worth of my investment. Goodbye now.” He pressed the button and the doors slowly closed making me fist my hand while he waved at him happily.

Why was he speaking in parables? What exactly was going on?

“I'm already calling my mates at his penthouse.” My security said and I took in deep breaths pacing back and forth. I tried calling Nathaniel again and yet the same results.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed and felt myself about to cry just thinking about the worst scenarios.

I called Kelvin,who had been the best person I had ever known in the midst of the crap I was going through.

“Hello, what's up Rachel?” He asked and I sniffled breathing heavily. I was I'm distress
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