Her Obsession



It had been more than 24 hours since Nathaniel had gone missing. The crew had come across footage of Nathaniel entering a black minivan but from the look of things, it didn't seem forced.

And why? Because he willingly entered to ensure his girls were protected. The police couldn't even see the plate number because the van didn't have one. Everyone was in Nathaniel's apartment waiting for an update from the police and also conducting their own research.

Lydia had just made coffee for everyone and handed a cup to Rachel who had just been leaning on her. Jacob and Melissa had left because it was simply frustrating just laying around and waiting for an update or waiting on Kelvin to discover something. But Liam's wife, Riley had come around later that night along with Lorena and Darren who came to provide comfort for Lydia.

“I think Jason is involved and I also think my mother knows something about it.” Rachel spoke out loud all of a sudden and everyone turned towa
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