60| Friendship And Some Golden Advises - Part I

Emily's POV:

My phone almost fell off my hand, hearing such words from Mia while Rose just scooted more closer to the phone, ready to hear more from Mia. 

Hesitating, I adjusted the phone in my hand. "Are you sure that you're pregnant?"

"Yes. I am. I checked it in a pregnancy kit-"

"Mia, those results can be wrong as well-"

"I got full checkup from the hospital, Emily. They told me I am one month pregnant, and they also asked me to come for regular appointments for better care and development of a baby."

My mouth opened in awe. "When did all of this happen!?"

"Go easy." Rose whispered to me. 

"I was caught off guard when Jake initated-" Mia started but I cut her off. 

"He initiated all this!? What did that excuse of a burned potato did to you!?"

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