Gone Too Long, The CEO Becomes A World-Class Doting Husband

Gone Too Long, The CEO Becomes A World-Class Doting Husband

By:  LiLhyz  Completed
Language: English
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Ten years ago, Lily Rose Wright gave her all to Lucas Thompson. He was her only love and childhood friend. One day, Lucas vanished without a trace. He shattered her heart and left her a part of him. Time passed, and Lily swore to have moved on with her life. Unexpectedly, Lucas returned and spared no means to force her into marrying him. With a marriage certificate, Lucas bound her relentlessly to his side and the son he left behind. Lucas promised to give Lily and their son everything their hearts desired, but will his doting ways mend the deep wounds inflicted by the past? Why did he leave in the first place? If Lily were to find out, would the truth bring them together, or would it tear them apart? *** "Come back to me, Lily. I'll give you everything you want," Lucas offered. "What I want is for you to leave me alone," Lily coldly said. Lucas chuckled. Then, he firmly replied, "Anything but that."

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Lola Parker
Another one of the author's fantastic stories! Lily and Lucas make such a good pair, and, also, I loved that you gave Shauna a second chance. I like this type of stories, but yours are just amazing.
2024-06-25 04:48:28
user avatar
It's a beautiful story, I am already reading this story for the 3 times. But can you write a story about Lace Thompson and Hunter you can't leave us hanging please.
2024-06-02 02:29:24
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Isabel Margarita Caicedo Martínez
cuando la hola para cuando la tendrás en Español
2024-05-11 06:20:42
user avatar
Ti Amo
Please we are still waiting for another book
2024-04-07 05:28:19
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Good Novel
Voted & sent gems again. Thanks for your style in writing - realistic, not dragging the story, great plot & events, not over the top on drama & suspense… Much appreciated on your talent & time to write these books & stories. Thank you
2024-04-04 00:26:06
default avatar
I love reasoning your books!! They are all differently unique… you are a great writer, I never see any mistakes and the storyline just flows..You are a very classy and skilled writer, it clearly is your calling…. Keep up the good work!!!
2024-04-03 01:07:09
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Natalie Henry
Please make available on audio like Evan and shanty
2024-04-02 06:20:10
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Aljane Valles
Another great story. keep it up! ...
2024-03-30 09:43:10
default avatar
Lorinda Bosch
Love the story
2024-03-21 18:59:22
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Happy Corner Fashion
Thank God I finally found this book, If I hadn't read the "The CEO's ex-wife is the famous doctor" book, I wouldn't know this book. Thank you author for this wonderful story again, as usual your story every is one of a kind.
2024-03-08 10:37:20
user avatar
a great book that tells a story combining from 2 series I have been following!! it's both entertaining and calming.... you can read this stand alone and can make you curious about the previous series and start reading it from the top!! I have always loved this series and haven't been disappointed!!
2024-03-03 06:40:25
default avatar
The author never fails!!! I’ve read most of her books, and this one is right up there with the others!!! Definitely a great read that’ll keep your eyes glued to the pages!! Can’t wait for her next one to come out next month!!
2024-03-03 06:26:03
user avatar
You did it again, LiLhyz. Another great book that I looked forward to reading every day. I got so excited and looked forward to every update. I'm sad to see this one end, but I'm super excited about the next one. Hope we don't have to wait too long.
2024-03-02 07:30:17
user avatar
Super love it,I can't get enough
2024-03-01 22:48:54
user avatar
Baby Foxy
so much fun, relax and laughter reading your book....... that makes my day out of stressful day.
2024-03-01 20:15:29
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148 Chapters
'I never imagined that my best friend would become the love of my life,' Lily mused while dancing with Lucas, her childhood friend and boyfriend of five years."This is the best week I have ever had. I will always remember these past few days," Lily remarked before Lucas let her make a complete turn as they danced. Lucas grabbed her waist and leaned down to peck her lips. He softly said, "I'm glad I made you happy."For an entire week, Lucas had been with Lily, which did not happen often since they lived cities apart and were busy with their lives. Lucas was from Rose Hills City, while Lily was from Braeton City. Lily was a tough kind of girl and had enlisted in the military. On the other hand, Lucas was studying medicine, but despite their busy schedules, they have survived a long-distance relationship. In the villa where they stayed for seven days, the couple shared the same bed each night, cooked meals daily, and spent endless hours kissing and recounting stories about their chi
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Chapter 1: The Big Fish
10 years had passed. "Sergeant, are you heading back? We have a big fish to protect here in Koplin. The big fish is holding a groundbreaking ceremony for a residential building," one of Lily's private said through her Bluetooth earpiece. Lily shamelessly yawned without covering her mouth as she exited the private car that drove her to the airport. She was about to take a business flight home after a week of service at Koplin Troop Command. She replied to the person on the phone, "Is this a Black Hawk Mission? I don't remember being notified." Lily was talking to one of her underlings, Gunner, a National Guard like her, but of lower rank. "Ah, No, Sergeant. It's an MVM mission, but they sought our help because of its complexity. Since we have a partnership agreement with MVM, here we are," Gunner revealed. MVM was a local security agency in Koplin, but they had partnered with The Black Hawk in order to provide top-level security to high-end clients. In return, Black Hawk is o
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Chapter 2: The Lion
“Sarge, thank god you came!” Gunner said while approaching Lily. “Of course, I came,” Lily replied. With Lily reinforcing the squad, teamwork picked up a notch. Gunner and his colleagues were more confident under Lily’s presence and command. They managed to immobilize most of the attackers, and with the police arriving for backup, the crossfire eventually ceased. Lily studied the damage to the three bulletproof Lexus cars in the middle of the crossfire. The first car’s windshield had been shattered due to the number of shots incurred. Lily assumed that was how Gia got shot. Around them were police officers questioning members of her team, paramedics taking the wounded attackers to the ambulance, and crime scene investigators taking pictures and collecting pieces of evidence. “Anyone else hurt?” Lily asked Gunner. “Gia is already headed to the hospital. Nolan only got an abrasion. He will be fine,” Gunner reported. “Johnson and Rick are unharmed.”“And - the client?” Lily paused,
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Chapter 3: Aiden
“Lily? My favorite daughter in the world is back!” Lily’s mother, Scarlett, exclaimed. Lily could not help but roll her eyes at her mother’s remark. She responded, “Mom, you can’t have a favorite daughter. I am your only daughter!”Scarlett laughed. Lily’s father, Kaleb, who was sipping tea in the living room, also laughed. Yes, she was still living with her parents at thirty-three years old. Since her work often took her to different stations, having a place on her own was unnecessary, especially since she had Aiden. “How was work, Lily?” Kaleb asked. “Um.” Lily put down her bag on the floor. She replied, “It was a counter-drug operation. Pretty easy.”“Did you get shot, Sweetie?” Kaleb asked while studying her. Lily smirked. She proudly said, “I would not be here if I got shot.”“Very good,” her mother remarked. She sat beside Kaleb and asked, “Why don’t you join us for tea?”“I -” Lily paused. “I think I’ll go see Aiden.”“Anything the matter, Lily?” Scarlett asked with a frow
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Chapter 4: New Mission
"Somebody has guilt written all over their face," Lily softly commented, seeing her oldest brother, Liam Wright, in the dining area of their home early that morning. If anyone knew about the arrival of one Lucas Thompson, her brother would be it. After all, Liam previously managed the joint businesses between their family and the Thompsons."Good morning, Lily," Scarlett greeted with a smile from the far end of the table. "Your dad and I made waffles. It's special today because you are home, and your brother Liam came to visit. It's such a wonderful surprise!""Take a seat, Lily," Liam urged, eyeing the chair right in front of him.Lily narrowed her eyes at her older brother, sarcastically saying, "It is a surprise that Liam is here. Wonder why big brother flew out here early in the morning?"She made sure to enunciate every word that left her lips. At first, Liam did not respond. He studied their parents, and after seeing they were busy preparing for breakfast, he leaned closer from
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Chapter 5: Come Back To Me
"He is an important person who needs protection. It will be your primary responsibility to oversee his security," the major loudly said to Lily while they were on a military helicopter, flying ten thousand feet above the ground. This was one of those odd assignments. When Lily arrived at the military camp earlier, Sergeant Major Patton only let her sign a confidentiality contract, and then they hopped on a helicopter. It was while in the air that the major explained the mission. It seemed like she would protect a private individual from a threat, but who? Even that was kept a secret.After some time, they ultimately arrived at their destination. Earlier, Lily thought they were closing in on a familiar city, but her senior officer often distracted her, and she had to answer many of his questions. She wasn't able to identify where they had landed. The helicopter landed on a rooftop building. Again, it all seemed familiar to Lily; however, looking at everything several feet above the
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Chapter 6: The Boyfriend
"You know what, Lucas? You are insane!" Lily yelled, pulling her arm away from him. She did it so forcefully that the necklace around Lucas' neck bounced to reveal that golden tag with her name carved on it. Instantly, Lily stilled. Her heart skipped a beat while her eyes were glued to the pendant. This was the same necklace and pendant Lucas bought the week before he disappeared. More questions formed in her head, ‘Why was he wearing this? Did he still care? If he cared, then why did he leave in the first place?’ Lily's eyes could not help but brim with tears as she stared at the pendant. With this discovery, she looked into his eyes and begged, "Please, Lucas. Tell me why you left, and maybe we can set aside all this misunderstanding." Lucas maintained eye contact. He clenched his jaws and said, "I can't, Lily. I just can't." “Then -" Lily finally snapped. "I don't want this assignment. Talk to the major about this because there is no way I can stand being in the same room as
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Chapter 7: Cheated On
"Mommy, are you okay? You have been staring into spaces lately," Aiden asked. Lily was helping her son with his homework. While Aiden wrote his answers in the book, Lily was in a daze. "Sorry, Buddy. Was thinking of something," Lily said. "Are you done?" "Almost. I'm so glad your mission got canceled," Aiden revealed. Lily was unsure if Lucas had canceled the request for military protection, but since Major Sergeant Patton had not called, she assumed nothing had officially been done. She supposed she still had to make that weekly report to the major by the end of the week, even if it was fake. These past three days, she had been thinking a lot about Lucas. She was furious that he would not tell her what happened to him over the years. She was even more angry that he wanted her back and expected everything to be the same. When Aiden was finally done answering his homework, the mother and son pair had snacks in the kitchen. In the middle of their meal, Lily received a call. She p
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Chapter 8: Doctor Thompson?
"The aortic stent graft collapse," Doctor Steven reported to the Wright family. "That caused him to faint. So, earlier, we inserted another stent, and he is under observation." "I feel that there is a but coming," Lily's oldest brother, Liam, predicted. Behind him, all of Lily's brothers were giving the doctors murderous looks. The doctor sighed and admitted, "There is an endoleak. Despite the new stent, we still see blood flowing outside the graft. This continues to put pressure on the aneurysm." Lily’s family gathered outside the recovery room to listen to Doctor Steven. Her mother, her uncle, and all five brothers were naturally there. Lily's father, Kaleb Wright, was still under observation and would be moved to his private room later. "You said you were the best at this!" Lewis, Lily's other brother, yelled. From there, everyone was nagging the doctor. "I specialize in aortic repair via stent grafts! Yes, I am the best at this," the doctor claimed. Last year, Kaleb Wrigh
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Chapter 9: No Choice
“Marry me, tomorrow.” Lily blinked. Eventually, her brows furrowed, and she regained her awareness. She asked, “Marry you?” “Yes, that’s my condition,” Lucas repeated. “Of course, you can seek out other doctors from another state, perhaps from another country, but I am the convenient option, right?” Lily grunted. She answered, “You are so heartless. My father’s life is at stake, someone who was like a second father to you, and yet you come up with a bargain!” “What is so wrong about marrying me, Lily?” Lucas asked. The two remained to stare at each other. Lily did so with anger in her eyes, while Lucas had a strong look of determination. “Why? Because you hurt me, my family, and even your family? Why would I marry you?” Lily expressed. “Whose to say you won’t leave again?” “Because I am back to make it all right,” Lucas answered. “And I will do everything to repair the unfavorable outcomes of my decision to leave.” Lucas grabbed Lily’s arm and said, “I’m staying for good. I
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