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“My wife said something that has been hunting me for a while and it was that I could decide how I wanted to be remembered in life. As a coward or as a brave man.”

William ~

I get up from the bed and put on my jean trousers and the only shirt I can find around, which is William’s, and with the paper still in my hand I storm out of the room. I walk to the living room, where there are about four guards positioned at different corners. How the fuck does he get to decide such a terrible fate by himself? What makes him so sure there isn’t another way? I swear I will kick him harder on his junk if I ever see him again.

“Where is William?” I ask one man in a black suit as I approach him.

“William said to not disclose his whereabouts to anybody Mrs McQueen.”

I grit my teeth and my cheeks heat in fury, “I am not anybody you dick, I’m his wife!”

I hold myself from hitting him like the stupid fuck deserves and I step away from him. I draw a deep, angry breath and head for my room when I see
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