Lady Boss, You're Too Much!

Lady Boss, You're Too Much!

By:  Lazy ICEcube  Ongoing
Language: English
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Every time selected people are chosen to play ‘Halloween’s Party‘ these people are called as the ‘Players’. It is said that if you complete and clear the last game of ‘Halloween’s Party’ you will get what you desire the most. No matter the wealth, beauty, power or even immortality. But many people have tried and failed to clear the game. The most known safe way to exit the game is to clear the round of the game. If people really want to get away from the game there are two ways first is to die and another is to- [Ding! Welcome player no.35089 to ‘Halloween’s Party ‘] Then suddenly, I was selected as one of the ‘Players’ to participate in this mysterious game. But the thing is that I am certain that this is not my world, but a world of the novel more specifically a fantasy romance novel that suddenly gets turned into a horror novel.

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2021-06-15 19:27:04
20 Chapters
Chapter 1: You have got the wrong person!
Melissa McCarthy, daughter of a normal office worker and a Japanese American housewife is the very definition of normal. She is like any normal person out there. With brown curly hair, pale skin and blue eyes, she has a plain average forgetful face. She has one older sister and three younger brothers. She is a normal office worker who lives in a different apartment apart from her family, unlike her sister who never seems to show any signs to stop leaching off from their parents. Her appearance is normal, her grades are normal and overall her life as a whole is normal. She is nothing special. According to her small band of friends, she is a little introverted, a bit blunt, intuitive that works scarily like a superpower, intelligent and damn too strong-willed.   Although she felt she was just like any other normal person out there with normal intelligence and common sense. Even though her life is normal without any adventure in it she still loves her life, her nor
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Chapter 2: Aren’t I in a cannon fodder’s body?!
Melissa McCarthy woke up feeling tired. She felt really heavy as if her pets were sleeping on her but when she woke up her cheap run-down apartment seems suddenly turned into a luxurious room. Brown warm colours, wooden textured wall. This luxurious room with King size bed and a lot of old vintage expensive furniture seem to belong to a very wealthy family. The entire room worth more than her tiny life, from the expensive-looking grandfather clock to the finniest satin curtains hung over the huge French windows.‘Where am I?’ Blankly, Melissa looked around this fancy looking place. In a daze, Melissa pinched her cheeks to see whether she was dreaming or not, suddenly she was jolted by a scream.Behind her was a maid with a pale face screamed as if she saw a ghost and ran away.'Hey, even if I am not pretty but I am sure I don’t look that scary either' thought Melissa.Feeling a little out of place, Mel
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Chapter 3: "...Da-dad..."
Mary Lin was 20 years old when she graduated from Atlas Academy of Maids and Butlers. As a top graduate, she was offered to work in many Noble households even the Royal family extended their offer towards her yet she refused all of them. Who would have known that the top graduated from the prestigious Atlas Academy of Maids and Butlers would choose a commoner as her master? A top graduate with an unlimited future potential chose a commoner as a master over prestigious Noble Households and the Royal Family.Her classmates tried to persuade her to leave her commoner master but she never bulged. Her rivals sneered and mocked her dumb decision but she was never bothered. ‘Why would she ever chose others over Miss Lilith?’ Mary Lin knows that if others find out that she was once a dirty street rat living in the slums. Those friends and rivals of hers will look down to her with contempt and disgust in their eyes. They even
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Chapter 4: From now on, I will absolutely avoid them all!
 “…Da-dad…” her voice was hoarse and dry, which makes others a little uncomfortable. Melissa was surprised. She wanted to ask the identity of these strangers but when she suddenly laid her eyes on the mature handsome man, she knew he was her father more specifically the father of the body she woke up in. Maybe, the memories of that child have completely been merged with her. Looking at the crying De’Rosa family, Melissa thought she needs to accept the fact that she is Quinlynn sooner or later yet even with merged memories she could not find herself accepting that she is Quinlynn Irsiavel De’Rosa. How can she easily accept these people as her parents and family? After all, her 26 years worth of memories spend with her actual family cannot even compare to a child’s incomplete memories…she just cannot accept this life at all and she feels so lost and l
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Chapter 5: Meet Vincent
The De’Rosa household is located in Aldrich City’s remote Noble villa neighbourhood, which is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. While the main house of De’Rosa family’s location is unknown. Aldrich City is the capital city of Atlas Kingdom. Without exception, all the wealthy and influential people all over the Kingdom are in this city. Even with their power and influence, they will try their best to buy land in this capital city. Because on one hand, this will solidify their status, on other hand, they can get easier access to make contacts with Nobel household. 
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Chapter 6: Quinlynn and her way of CEO
“Huh?”   Quinlynn looked towards the boy with pity in her eyes. ‘Father, where did you kidnapped this poor kid from?’ Casting her eyes towards her father and towards the poor kid again, Quinlynn suddenly looked at her father with realization and disdain in her eyes.  ‘Don’t tell me this is your illegitimate child born out of wedlock while your daughter was in a coma.’  As if reading her thoughts, Duke Autumus coughed and explained hurriedly, “Quinlynn, Dr Josh told me that you need to be around kids your age. Don’t worry he is not your little brother. I brought him as your playmate.” ‘Dad is loyal husband to you mother’. Looking at him warily, Quinlynn asked, “Father, whose child is he?” ‘Where did you kidnap him from?’ was left unsaid.  “Vincent is my old friend’s, Marquise Blaze’s son.” Duke Autumus said as he softly ruffled the boy’s
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Chapter 7: Sleepless Night
It was midnight, unlike the usual busyness in the afternoon the hallway was filled with silence.   Moonlight spilled through the huge window softly creating a hazy glow on the figure walking silently up the stairs. Mary Lin softly knocked on the door, hearing a soft ‘come in’ she entered the room. Mary saw Duke Autumus signing some documents seriously gesturing her to talk with his left hand.   “Master, these are the reports from the people we have sent to investigate Marquise Blaze household.” Mary respectfully handed the documents.   “Hmm…you can leave now.” Duke Autumus continued to do his work not bothering to look at her. A few moments later, Duke Autumus sighed and looked towards Mary.   “What is it?”   “Master, May I ask why you want young miss to befriend young master Vincent?” ‘After all, Young miss was trying hard despite young master Blaze avoiding her like
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Chapter 8: Chasing You
“Young Lady…Young lady!”   “Huh?... Where?” Quinlynn jolted up realizing that she almost hit her face into her cream soup.     “Young lady, you almost downed your face into the soup,” Mary said with concern while taking away the soup from the table.   Quinlynn yawned, “Mary, don’t worry. I just didn’t sleep well yesterday.” The truth is that she was readi
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Chapter 9: Class and Visiting City
“It is said that long before the world was created. The creation goddess Amity was born from the chaos and order of the universe. As an only living being, she continued to live surrounded by darkness for aeons. Lonely and sad, she finally died due to loneliness. Her hair transformed into stars, her eyes into the sun and the moon, her tears turned into ocean and rivers, her flesh formed into mountains and land, her blood formed other living beings and from her heart, we humans came into this world…”“Well, that’s just bullshit- ahem… I mean a famous myth. I recommend you to read the book ‘How was the world formed? Science Not Myth by Dr Josh Miller’ for in-depth knowledge.”Currently, two small heads were watching the lecture given by a big person before them. Quinlynn, who finally is friends with Vincent thought she could hang out with him but she was forced by her maid to study. Apparently, she is healthy and soo
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Chapter 10: Trip Shenanigans
A city as prosperous as Aldrich city looks very dazzling towards one's eyes. People would laugh, enjoy their daily life full of luxuries within the city after all Aldrich city is known as ‘The City of Luxuries’ where all people with wealth, power are gathered. Hack, even the commoners have the better living condition than most people from various districts inside the Kingdom. But they would never know that far west from the city, there is a place called Territory 26 is located. Territory 26, a place filled with filth, treachery, poverty and a dumping place for trashes. It is a place where committing crimes are normal. Here, the strong prey on weak and weak…if they don’t get strong, they will die in a ditch somewhere. Mary Lin hates this place, this is the place where she grew up and almost died. If not for Miss Lilian, she would not have survived. The only good thing she learnt from this place is to be strong…stronger than anyone that no one can touch her after all strong su
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