Murder Motel

Murder Motel

By:  Morgan Dawson  Completed
Language: English
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The sequel to The Snow Storm tells the story of Owen, the son and brother of the infamous killers at the now well known motel, dubbed the Murder Motel. Owen is just trying to live a normal life, thinking that he has finally managed to put the past behind him, when a new string of disappearances seem to suggest that he is carrying on in his late father's footsteps. But when a copy cat killer goes so far as to frame him for the murders, he needs all the help that he can get to clear his name. That is where journalist Kate Lyston comes in. She believes that he is innocent and works along side of him to prove it. Will they fall in love at the Murder Motel, or will she be it's latest victim?

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Such a phenomenal book to end this small series, job well done author!! Definitely worth a read!!
2022-04-16 21:19:48
36 Chapters
The sequel to The Snow Storm by Morgan Dawson     September 17, 2007   “Am I speaking to a mister Owen Matthews?” “Yes, that would be me.. Can I help you?” He does not recognize the female voice on the other end of the line but he has to admit, it is a beautiful voice. He would know how to spot a lovely voice, considering her heard random voices all day long. “Hello, Mr. Matthews, my name is Marnie Jameson. I am a reporter for a national magazine. I would really like to do an intrview with you-” She begins.
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  A couple of hours later Stephanie had finally arrived and today she was only seventeen minutes late, which for her, is a major improvement. She is usually any where from thirty minutes to an hour late for her shift. Owen should have put his foot down and fired her long ago, but finding anyone brave enough to risk being around him or willing to work at the motel was harder than it seemed. People are skittish and they believe what they hear. If they hear someone say that he is a killer, they believe it and they do what they can to stay clear of him. So, Owen bit back his annoyance and forced himself to not react whenever she was late or when she was being horrible to him, because he really needed her to work there. So he would always bite his tongue, trying to grin and bear it. Typi
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 A few days later, Owen had all but forgotten the strange phone call that he had received the other night. He was used to getting the odd call from a complete quack who felt that they knew him from the information that was given out over the television stations. People wanted to come to the motel to get their fill of gore. Owen did not know what they people had expected prior to arrival, but most of them seemed oddly disappointed to find that there were not dead bodies laying in the hallway. They also seem to expect the place to be run down and blood splattered. He actually had a middle-aged woman actually scream at him for having the audacity to replace thr carpets and flooring. She wanted to see the original blood stains.
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The next morning when Owen comes down stairs to enter the office to relieve Samuel, the over night shift clerk, he bumps into a tall, slender woman. He was turning the corner in a hurry, not expecting anyone to be there and he ran right into her. He reaches out a hand to her arm to steady her, since the full weight of him plowing directly into her was enough to knock her backwards. Her arms flailed as she was knocked off balance. His hands wrap around her slender upper arms and he tugs her forward, until she is standing balanced on her feet once more. He is glad that he was able to stop her from falling, otherwise he would have felt horrible. “Woah, there. I am so sorry..” He begin
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  Owen dispised journalists. Always had. They had made Lacey, Andy and the children' lives as hellish as they had his, by constantly hounding them. For months after the attack the press had hounded Lacey at the doctor's office and at her office. They called the house all hours of the night and day, begging for interviews. They went even more crazy when they caught wind of the fact that Owen was staying there. The press camped out on the lawn for two days, until Andy had called the sheriff to drag them away. A large, serious man in blue jeans, cowboy boots with a gun on his hip and a badge, he was enough to send them scattering on hi
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  Liv stared at him without saying anything, as she mentally ran through a quick list of reasons as to why she should not let this stranger in to the room with her. Where they would be trapped inside of the same four walls. Alone. “Sure.” She opens the door wider, stepping back for him to come inside. He moves in just enough to close the door behind him, before he stops, standing still. Liv stands there awkwardly as well, not sure what to do. She does not want to sit on the bed and draw attention to the fact
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  Owen waited until she had put her seat belt on and fastened it before he started the truck. He feels kind of awkward around her, being alone with her like this in such close quarters but he had not wanted to pass up the opportunity to be around her for just a little bit longer. It has been a while since he had been around a woman that he liked enough to spend time with, so he was a bit out of practice. The last time he had been alone in a car with a woman was two years ago when he went on that last disasterous date. He had met a woman at the grocery store and she had flirted with him. A lot. He had gone along with it, but he did not really flirt back, because he just was not a flirter. Any line that he tried to be smooth with sounded gringe-wor
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  The two of them walk through the hardware store, hand in hand, as she does not seem inclined to let go of him and he has not intention of pulling away from her touch any time soon. He leads her down to the lumber section, where he prices the plank of wood that he will need. Not that money is an issue or anything, he just wants to make sure that he is getting the best wood that he can. With everyone being obsessed by this stupid legnd and his family, the motel has done such a booming business that he can easily say that he is well off. Not that he says it.. that would be in poor taste. But he is.
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  Owen sighs deeply. She is avoiding dicussing the real issue here, which is what she just overheard. The accusations against him. By her not discussing it, either she does not believe it so she is giving it no credit or she does believe it and is far too afraid to bring it up in conversation within striking distance of him. To which he understands. Olivia was naturally graced with the power of self preservation, which is shining through in this scenerio. He just wishes that she had never heard any of that hateful drivel that Trudy Bellmer was spewing at the hardware store. “I am making furniture for them.”
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* Graphic content warning*   Owen walked into the office of the motel with a smile on his face and Liv right behind him, but the smile quickly disappeared when he got a look at Stephanie's face. She looks upset and worried. “What's wrong?” He asks her,  moving closer. Was something going on with the motel or was it a personal issue? When he had sent Sam home early, he had managed the office until Stephanie had arrived to cover his morning shift so that he could run some errands. He would work her evening shift for her so that she would have a night free for a date with her boyfriend. Th
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