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Claire was caught in between her past and her future. It was her past that made her strong but has been also the very first thing that holds her back for her to pursue her future. Would she succumb in her past or let the flow take her away?

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5 Chapters
Chapter One The sun were about to set, yet still it managed to torture the town of San Sebastian with the scorching heat it emits. Whilst everyone is having a busy day, mang Mando, on the other hand, takes the opportunity to dry his sacks of palay that he just got from the last harvest. Sweat is profusely dripping down from his forehead while his clothes are starting to soak it. He hardly stops to rest and only does when he’s about to faint from exhaustion. Tired he may be from the previous day’s harvest, but his diligence were not shaken. Well, it may seem that he were about to, but don’t be fooled. He can’t stop now, after all, he had no one else to expect to. His wife’s wages barely reaches the minimum that the government has set since it was just a part time job in doing laundry for their neighbors from time to time. As for his son, he wasn’t set to order him around doing what is not connected to studying, because what he wanted for them was to finish their studies and s
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Hopeless or hopeful?
Chapter 2Tessa were about to leave from their vegetable garden, when she heard a wailing sound from a police car. The sound stopped nearby their house. It should be another runaway prisoner she thought. But as she took a peek, to her surprise, it was in her friend’s house. She hastily put the harvested vegetables inside their house and ran to the commotion. It was just a minute ago when she took away her eyes from the cars, and now it shows that everyone really do have a great interest on the only awake and alive member of the family. She knew it. She knew it was Claire that they’re going to get arrested. This could not be happening. They have to have a rational explanation in this matter. Even at a young age she knows that the evidences clearly points mang Mando. These police officers are clearly a** kissers even to the dead. They did even thought about the daughter.She went her why through the crowd and saw Claire being arrested. She could not help it. She have to do somet
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Fresh leaf
Her older brother Carlo still doesn't wake up, he's worried that he might lose it forever. When she gets out of jail, she will take him to the best doctor in another country. Surely her older brother would get some money from their dead father. In truth, she forgot to tell her lawyer that they had something her older brother would inherit from the father. She immediately asked the police who are now assigned to guard the station so that if possible she can call his lawyer. She was immediately rejected because it was too late for the call. She had no choice but to wait for the morning to come. Ephraim immediately called his lawyer friend, he had to take action for the siblings. They haven't seen each other for a long time. They are only a year apart so they are very close to each other according to their neighbors. His mind was interrupted by an answering voice from the other line. “Hello? Who is this?" "Claire Esperon." “Oh Claire, did you get called? Is t
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They finished their conversation as they arrived at the parking lot. She doesn't where they are going to stay. Their house that was abandoned for years and serves as a witness in a gruesome act. She could not imagine living there and be happy again. It is not just what she need after her imprisonment. She has to leave her past behind to move forward in her life.She looked at her brother wondering where they could be staying. And seemed that Carlo had read what's going on her mind. He smiled and touched her head." Atty. Marquez is going to let us stay for the meantime in his other condominium unit. We are just neighbors."She was muted for awhile not until the lawyer started talking."It's not for free. Though I know that it would be hard for the both of you to pay me, it's fine. You can work for me Claire while you study with your preferred field. How does it sound? Does it feel too confining?" She can't read what's on his mind neither does he. They a
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Just exploring
He doesn't have any idea what happened between the two while he was away, but he could still feel that there is something wrong between those two. What he wasn't aware was Claire cries every time she remembers Tessa. She's just not comfortable to share it even to her brother.She went inside her room and watched a movie. She was having a hard time turning it on since she's not that well-rounded with anything that is not existing inside the prison. Yes, they have televisions inside, but not this expensive one. Finally, she was able to open it and finally watch through it. It was what she just heard from some of the visitors of her fellow prisoner, it's Netflix. She's excited she's about to see, since she heard that they have tons of movies and series to watch. What piqued her interest is "How to Get Away with Murder" a series about a cool defense lawyer named Annalise Keating followed by her chosen best students from her class. Claire was so engrossed with the movie that she forgot to
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