Starting Again and Falling For Him

Starting Again and Falling For Him

By:  Carri Free  Ongoing
Language: English
8 ratings
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When divorce and betrayal turn into a real life fairy tale after a chance encounter with a movie star, Pearl’s life becomes a whirlwind when a love triangle she wasn’t prepared for changes everything. Rock stardom, romance and getting a second chance at life and love means everything when you have nothing to lose.

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This book is a page turner. More chapters please !
2024-02-11 17:08:21
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Delinda Schumacher
144 chapters 2-10-24
2024-02-11 04:05:45
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Sarah Spangler
I'm about 25 chapters in and so far wow! It manages to create an in depth love triangle or square. I have my favorite of the three but still I don't hate any of them which is rare in books like these. I hope the ending doesnt disappoint.
2022-12-20 16:39:56
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Love this story & the twists & turns it takes
2022-07-22 10:28:01
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Martha Wetter
Great book so far!
2022-02-22 02:45:17
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Carri Free
Hope you enjoy it!
2022-01-12 13:23:23
default avatar
How often do you update
2021-11-16 22:23:03
default avatar
I love the book
2021-11-16 22:22:38
144 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Why are you so unhappy, Pearl? You've got a nice house. A good life. Nothing is ever good enough for you!"  Her husband Paul yelled as he grabbed his suitcase and headed toward the door. "Please don't go, Paul! Please. I know what you're up to. You're going to see HER!" Pearl cried. She wasn't stupid, she was desperate and lost. "You don't know me at all. You always make me out to be the bad guy when you're a mess and can't even manage your own emotions. You're the problem.  And you need to fix it. It's not always so dramatic, Pearl. You really need to get ahold of yourself." Paul said as he slammed the door behind him. Pearl fell to the floor in her foyer. She sobbed like a child for what felt like forever. Once she pulled herself together, she looked around. She
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Chapter 2
Pearl's first few weeks in her new place were a bit frantic. She had to notify Paul of her leaving and that went better than she had imagined it would. He was angry but seemed to be less bothered about her leaving than concerned with what she took. When she told him she left everything, he seemed to take the rest of it better. She told him she needed time and didn't plan on filing for divorce right away. He agreed to that and she knew his kindness had motive. He had a hefty 401k and they had money in the bank. She had printed their bank statement and grabbed his latest 401k summary the day she left, so if he tried to put the money elsewhere, there was proof. He didn't know that but she assumed his being nice was him hoping he could get her to agree to letting him keep that. So with having to deal with Paul, ordering things for the house and trying to stay focused on her job, things were a bit chaotic. She also had to get a vehicle. She was tired of borrowing Ja
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Chapter 3
Several months had gone by since Pearl had left her marriage and left her life behind. She had filed for divorce and was working hard at getting at least some kind of settlement. Her job was going well, and life had fallen into a nice routine for her. John had talked her into trying out the band idea and they had spent some time getting some guys together to form what they could be proud of.  She was still embarrassed about being around Dylan and he was still incredibly difficult to read. She didn't remember much about the night he drove her home.m, only that she gave him directions and thanked him. The next morning she woke up on her couch, fully clothed, so she knew nothing had happened. Her divorce lawyer thought things should be finalized in the next week or two. She was so happy that was going to happen, finally.  She decided to apply for a promotion at work a month or so ago and her boss seemed really pleased with her work for the company
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Chapter 4
Pearl woke up Saturday morning feeling refreshed. She fell asleep at 9 the previous night and had a full 12 hours of sleep. Needed. Meetings with her divorce lawyers, court, settling into her new place and juggling work and her band had really taken a toll. She was thankful she had finalized the divorce and was able to finally begin picking up the pieces. She had lost nearly everything. Her house, her furniture, her car. She could have fought for more but she wanted it over. She let him have everything. He was a controlling, awful man. He was her first love and all she had known, meeting him when she was only 20 and getting married at 23. It had been such a waste of her younger years. Living in that hell where everything was her fault. She was questioned constantly and isolated from friends and family. Nothing felt safe, always on edge. Not that her family was that great to begin with. She never had a real relationship with her mom and her dad was a tyrant, just like her husband was
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Chapter 5
Pearl looked at the book Frank held out to her. It was the Bukowski book Rhys had been looking though. She smiled and placed it in the bag with the other books and thanked Frank. She headed to her car, still smiling from the interaction and how amazing her day was turning out to be. She continued with her errands, grabbing a quick late lunch and stopping for a few things she needed. She made it to John's house at around 5 and he and the guys were already getting set up for practice. His basement wasn't the most glamorous but it worked perfectly for their rehearsal space. His wife Janie was incredibly understanding and supportive. She had met them both in college when Janie and John started dating and was so happy to see them still going strong. "Hey woman! Having a good day?" John asked. He and Janie had been her biggest supporters recently during her divorce and she was so grateful. "I'm good actually. Today is a good day so far and that's all I can ask for, one good d
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Chapter 6
Pearl walked back to Rhys and said, "Shall we?" "After you" Rhys said and motioned her forward. Pearl looked back and saw Dylan glaring at them until they were out the door. "I'm parked in this garage here. The brewery only has one spot out back for the entertainment and John always parks there with our gear, so I'm stuck parking what feels like a mile away" Pearl explained. She was calmer than she'd think herself to be in a situation like this. He didn't seem like a famous person. He seemed beautiful but normal. She'd never met anyone famous before so she really had no comparison, and she didn't feel weird about it at all. He was a little quiet on the walk. She sensed something was odd on his part maybe? "Here we are! It's not a Rolls Royce, I know, but it runs well." Pearl said as they arrived at her less than attractive Jeep Wrangler that was 12 years old. "I love these old Jeeps." Rhys said, running his hand
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Chapter 7
Pearl grabbed her jacket and followed him out onto the balcony of his massive suite. He handed her a cigarette and lit it for her. She coughed. "It's been awhile since I've smoked.” She said. Rhys chuckled. "I can see that. Your hair is a bit of a hot mess and I'd lying if I said I wasn't VERY proud of that" He said, gloating and smiling. "Thanks man." She replied and made an attempt to pat it down. "Don't fix it, I like seeing my work. Damn Pearl, what was that in there?" “I don't know, but it was incredible". She meant it. It was intense and wonderful. "So is this when I say it's been fun and make myself scarce?" She asked, half serious. “No way! Unless you have to go. I meant when I said I wanted to hang out and spend the night talking and laughing with you. When I saw you in my room and knew we were alone, I couldn't help myself. I'd apologize but I'm not the slightest bit sorry. Stay for while?" Rhys seemed genuine and eager for her to an
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Chapter 8
After a long bath and a dinner of champions, Pearl settled down with a book for the night. She was more than ready to sleep and hopefully dream about her night with a movie star. She finished the chapter and turned off the light when her her phone dinged. It was a text. She opened the phone and saw it was from Dylan. "You're right. I don't know why I cared. Glad you're safe. Have a good night." Ugh. He was a dick and confusing as hell. She turned out the light and slept like a baby. "Good morning, Pearl." David, her boss, greeted her in her office. Why was he was always so put together? He looked like he should be on the cover of GQ. His cologne smelled clean and his green eyes were always so inquisitive. He looked like money and purpose. He really was handsome. "Have a nice weekend?" He asked. "I did." Pearl replied trying to stifle a giggle. Even she couldn't believe what had happened. Her body still felt Rhys' presence and she was actually thankful for the
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Chapter 9
Pearl busted her ass getting the brochures together for the meeting. She didn't get home until 10 pm and she still had to pack. She was a ball of nerves. She was flying out the next evening with her boss. A 3 hour flight with him and a 3 day business trip on top of it. She was a literal wreck. He had invited her to help her career, and she was aware of it. She just knew it. He could be doing what he was asking of her without her being there. He wanted to present her to the owners now that she had this promotion. She was terrified she'd let him down and needed to be on top of her game. She got her things packed and settled down finally for the night. She sent John a text letting him know she wouldn't be available for their Wednesday practice but to send her the song list and she would make sure she made the time to learn any new songs before their Saturday rehearsal. She was flying back Saturday morning and said she'd be at this house by the late afternoon that day. The
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Chapter 10
She slept like crap. David had insisted she take the bedroom and the guilt and awkwardness caused her to have a fitful sleep. She got herself together and came out to the little kitchen after she got out of bed and was ready. David was already awake and had coffee going. He looked pristine as ever and she was starting to think maybe he wasn't human. "Good morning Pearl, how did you sleep?" David asked with a smile. "Ok I guess. So what's in the agenda today. I know our big meeting is Friday morning at 9. That's the most I got from Ashley before we left." Pearl wasn't sure what was planned but she preferred to know ahead of time. "Today we head to the corporate office and meet the team. I have scheduled a tour for you and then we will have dinner tonight with the head of marketing here. Sound good?" David asked."Yes sir. Sounds great." She said  The tour went well. It was a huge, 12 story building with three times the staff their company had. Pearl met seve
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