Life of Eve

Life of Eve

By:  O. Rita  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eve finds herself in a stranger's bed and she does the first thing that comes to her mind; run. This stranger appears later on to give her the formal offer to be his girlfriend with benefits. But what kind of benefits are they? And does she agree? What does the future hold for her and this stranger? Find out.

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Supardi Sidik
pakai bahasa donk
2021-09-25 10:10:37
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nice. loved it
2021-08-03 18:31:03
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This is such an interesting read and I definitely can't wait for more chapters.
2021-03-24 19:43:14
82 Chapters
My eyes cracked open slowly and I felt great. I could tell before even fully opening my eyes that I felt great. The bed was so comfortable and soft, I could literally get lost in the feel. The thick grey curtains were parted slightly giving way to a tiny sliver of light coming in from the windows at the right side of the room?That's not right. At all. Wait, grey curtains? I never used grey curtains in my house, my curtains were white and the windows were on the left side.I immediately jolted up off the bed and realized I was naked."Oh my God, what the heck!." was my first and only thought.I saw my clothes lying by the side and quickly put them on. I was looking around for my phone, I started touching and feeling around the bed for my phone.I felt something, alright, and it definitely wasn't my phone. It felt veiny and thick. I quickly withdrew my hands and pulled up the duvet to reveal a fully
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You probably guessed what happened when I got back to my apartment. Did I forget to tell you that I don't stay in the school dorm or the sorority house? I probably did but I'm telling you now, I don't stay in the school dorm or the sorority house. My Dads rented me an apartment because, they love me and would do anything for me.My roommate, yeah I have a roommate. We met in France at a fashion week program and immediately connected, you feel me? Her name's Jade and when I saw her in UCLA, I was like wow, she didn't tell me. But then I realized we weren't really close so I dropped it, she told me she needed a place to rent and I needed the extra cash so I offered sharing my apartment and that is one of the best decisions I ever made because this girl from Toulouse is now my best friend.Jade: That's all you got? I agreed to be your best friend and you just drop a miniature speech during your narration. What
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"And I agreed" "Oh shit", Jade commented. "Free photography for life, baby", she squealed, touching her little four weeks and two days old bump. "At least he didn't ask for money or blackmail you like my cousin, Amara. Her husband had a video of them having sex and he blackmailed her to keep having sex with him, but then fell in love with her later on" "That's fucked up, why don't I know about this cousin of yours?" "Because you never asked?" "Right, so tell me all about them" "That's a whole ass story, it's even published", she sipped her orange juice. "Anyways, now I don't have to worry about hiring a photographer for when this little one is born, thanks Eve", she hugged me. "Right", I hugged back. "Anyways, I've got class
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"Did you do all these?", I asked surprised, looking at the plain dry fountain which had been transformed into a magical thing. The shrubs and green dirt had been cleaned, giving way to a dragon carving, the clean water now coming out it's mouth. There were rose petals floating in the wide fountain, mini glass beats adorned the sides and as the sun reflected on them, they caused little magical sparkles on my skin. It was beautiful. "For you", he grinned. Even if it wasn't real, it felt good that someone would actually do this for a girl, even if he had an ulterior motive. It was really romantic. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. People were already gathered around the fountain and most of them had their phones out. "Do you like it?", he whispered in my ear and I turned around to face him. "It's beautiful", the reflection from the glass were in his eyes and it just made
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I felt a vibration on my butt and reached out sleepily, acquiring the flat weightless device from under my butt and seeing a message from him. I checked the time and it was 12am. I thought about it for a while and let Noel's words sink in.  Goldie»» I'm sorry. Sorry I punched you.  Goldie»» I deserved it. Forgive me? Alright. Goldie»» Couple of the year? Huh? Goldie»» Be my girlfriend again, I promise I won't mess up this time😔 I don't know... Goldie»» I'll buy you things. You're not selling this🙍 Goldie»» I'll pay for your nails, your hair, massage, whatever. Hmm, I'm still skeptical😐 Goldie»» I'll foot your bills for
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The annoying yet expensive sound of my iPhone ringing jolted me awake and I reached out for it, touching around until my hand grabbed the thin device. I answered it."Good morning to you, good mo-orning to you, good morning, good morning, good mo-orning to you, beautiful", the annoyingly husky and charming voice sang horribly and I laughed all through. He sounded like a frog choking on aloe vera and I did not just make that up, people. I checked the time and it was 7.00am. I was about to snap at him when he beat me to it. "My job here is done, I made you smile", he hung up and just like it was programmed, my dad started calling me. I answered."Dad, it's so early, why are you calling me this early in the morning?""Now I'm sure you didn't say that to whoever you just finished talking to""Dad!""Fine, fine, I called to tell you that your Dad and I would be going to Detroit for about two to three mon
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Time for the party rolled around and I took a shower and got dressed in a chestnut colored off-shoulder dress reaching my mid-thigh, along with black sandals. I love sandals, the way they expose more of your beautiful feet. I heard the doorbell and open it, surprised to see Jade standing there. She was supposed to be at Jeremy's. She came in and explained to me that they had an argument and she had to leave. I offered to stay with her but she literally locked me out the house.River arrived and I introduced him to Jade before we left. We got to the frat house at 8pm and dude, there were people there, lots of them. River's hold on my hand tightened as he pushed his way inside, not literally though. I spotted my friends and waved at them while they invited me over. I pulled River and we sat down after exchanging pleasantries."Dude, let's play truth or dare", someone yelled in the group and everyone agreed. We formed a circle and Noel put a
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I was sleeping peacefully when I felt a slight tug on my shoulder. I ignored it and rolled the other way but I was yanked back and I opened my eyes with a loud groan to see River smiling down at me."What are you doing here?""Um...I live here and you really have to start getting used to me around", he shrugged. "Hell, we've slept on the same bed for close to a month and you still keep asking that"."Yeah", I rubbed my eyes. "We should really stop that""Stop what?""Sleeping together, cuddling and all that""Why?""Cause we're not really dating?", I asked the oblivious fool."Right, you just killed it", he got up and I noticed the plate of toast he was holding. "You fucking ruined my day", he snapped at me, dumping the delicious looking plate in the bin beside the bed angrily before stomping out. Guess I was the oblivious one. I gasped at his attit
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"Are you sure you're fine?", I asked Jade for the umpteenth time as she clutched her big stomach with a painful expression on her face. Dude, pregnancy is hard as fuck."Yeah, I'm okay, I think this is just how pregnancy works", she took in a deep breath and her eyes widened as she let out a soundless scream. I was starting to panic but she gave me a reassuring smile which was interrupted by a slow and short painful squeal."This can't be right, I'll call Cam or Jeremy or River to come drive us to the hospital", Know that popular saying "speak of the devil and he comes waltzing in"? Yup, the devil did waltz in. The doorbell sounded and I rushed to it to find Goldie standing there with an adorable toothy grin. "Oh thank God you're here, come", I pulled him in hurriedly towards the couch which Jade was laid on, rubbing her stomach."What's wrong with her?", The tone with which he convened the question was both urgent and worried. 
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Cam and Jeremy had finally arrived at the clinic to see Jade since the doctor said she couldn't leave yet. Apparently; she was still too unstable and needed to be monitored professionally. Everybody was present yet no sign of River. I thought of calling him but I changed my mind; if he was leaving, he would be respectful enough to at least let me know by calling or texting, right? Maybe something came up, something urgent and he forgot to inform me about it. But then again, it's River, who knows? He might be somewhere setting something up to surprise me for the gram again. I focused my attention back on Cam who was making jokes, like his life and presence wasn't enough.Cam: I see you've got jokes, huh? T
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