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“Is everything ready?” Lilian asked looking at her lover. The man who she had defended and protected against the whole world despite being wrong.

“Almost my love, just a few twitches and we’ll be set” Ian said programming the system as she wished it to be. The woman had turned out being deadlier than he had expected. He didn’t know of this side of her when Louis was alive. The maximum he thought she could do was cheat on him. But as it turned out, the woman had more to her than he had imagined and he didn’t want to admit it out loud, even though the woman technically saw it through his eyes. He liked this side of her.

“I can’t wait for it to be ready! Our dreams will finally start coming true” she whispered looking at her lover who smiled. It had been five years since Louis had died and the Ivanov family got what they wanted. Five long years, and they’ve waited patiently for this moment. They have been working together on this project since the woman’s ex husband’s d

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The Mafia's Bloodlust Games (The Final Chapter) is now published!

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I can’t find the new book

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