Chapter 56


I looked at the room which I’ve only entered a few times as I grew up.

Father was once determined to let me learn and know every single code that existed in this place. I was the only one who knew of them. He wouldn’t even tell anything to mum about them, I didn’t understand why, but now I believe that I may know the reason behind his request.

The woman has probably been cheating on him all along and the man might have known about it. He had his own affairs, however, their marriage was kept intact for the peace treaty between his and her family. Plus, the fact that he had a child, a daughter, well, me. He didn’t want me to find out about anything, knowing that it would probably end up turning messy if anyone finds out that he was being cheated on, and he as a man wouldn’t have accepted knowing that his wife was cheating on him. Well, that was the only logical explanation I could think of in such a situation.

I remember

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