Loved By Mafia Stepbrother

Loved By Mafia Stepbrother

By:  Whalien52  Completed
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Ashley Brown find herself in love with his mafia stepbrother, Sirius Brown. They lived together as a step sibling for years, made the beautiful girl saw him as the hero, the man of her dream. The devil himself, Sirius Brown, is well known as a heartless, manipulative man ever. He kills every living being that goes in his way. Including to his baby girl, Ashley brown. "Baby... Why are you covering this up? Don't you believe me?" Sirius stroked the girl's hand, made Ashley trembled. She shake her head slowly. "It's not like that Bubba… It's dirty, I have to clean it up first." She answered. Sirius chuckled. He held Ashley's hand but the girl shook her head even faster. She didn't want Sirius to see and touch her wet p***y. "Baby, my innocent baby. Show me princess, there's nothing to worry about... Hmm? Come on..." Sirius kissed Ashley gently on the lips, trying to reassure her that it was fine, even normal and that's natural thing to happen… Warning! This novel describe detail sex and erotic scenes. It also has some bloody, torture scenes that may cause you uncomfortable. Please consider your age before reading. This is my original work.

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48 Chapters
Chapter 1: Didn't Know What To Do
"Ash, baby... Hey let's get up. It's already seven in the morning." A man's deep voice woke Ashley who was still lying on her bed. She felt someone stroking her head and lightly tapped her shoulder. The man's masculine scent entered her nose, made her smile automatically. "Hmmm...." She stretched her body which had been stiff from lying on the bed all night. When she opened her eyes, her stepbrother's drop-dead gorgeous face, became a beautiful treat when she first woke up. Ashley smiled at him who woke her up just now. She firmly believe today would be a great day. As from the moment she opened her eyes, they were spoiled with a breathtaking view. "Bubba, good morning." She got up to give him a small kiss on his cheek and he gave her a soft smile. The man kissed his step-sister’s forehead in return. "Good morning, baby. Get ready, I'll take you to college." Ashley's eyes immediately opened wide and her smile broadened. "Really?! Really?! Yeeaaay!! I'll get ready!!" The beaut
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Chapter 2: Not A Blood Relative
"Ash, baby..." Sirius tried to look into her beautiful eyes rather than her big, soft, perfect bosom. "You know I have to go to work. It's also an emergency. I'll be right back when I'm done." He answered. "Hmm... Alright." Ashley hugged him and rested her head on his firm, broad chest. Sirius hugged her small body compared to him, while gently stroking her back. Ashley loved this warm feeling. She feels safe and loved. Sirius is always by her side, in her best and worst. Her ruthless mafia step-brother was the most important and dearest person to her in this entire world. After they arrived at her campus, Sirius kissed her forehead affectionately and told her the driver and bodyguards he ordered were always stand by. Ashley got out of the car and stared at the line of cars that drove her, wenr away until they disappeared from the University gates. She, steadily stepped on her new favorite place. This is a famous University in this city. She was excited to learn and compete f
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Chapter 3: Marry Someone Else
I stood among the crowd in this high and luxurious church building. Everyone, including me, was waiting for the bride to come. Yeah, I don't know where this is. To be sure, this was a church full of well-dressed people. I know that now there will be a wedding ceremony because the decoration of this church building is very beautiful and filled with flowers. Roses, my favorite. Various colors of roses that bloom beautifully adorn the building and its seats. I tried to look at the altar. Where a priest and the bridegroom stand. I tried to see the face of the groom but I couldn't. For some reason his face looked blurry, not clear. I saw that this man was big and tall, his body was stout. His shiny black suit couldn't hide the muscles on his body. His body gestures and the way he stood reminded me of someone. When the bell chime signaling the bride to enter, the crowd of people who had been
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Chapter 4: You Look Really Tempting
Ashley just shook her head helplessly, after Sirius asked her so intimidatingly. Their face were so close. She could feel his warm breath on her cheek. "If you are mine. Then it will last forever... Forever, baby." Sirius emphasized the last sentence. Staring at her beautiful brown eyes sharply, made the owner tremble. He could really intimidate people until others were helpless and followed his words, and now she was falling into his sweet trap. "I... I want to be with Bubba forever. I love you Bubba..." Her cheeks turned red as soon as she said that. It was true, she wasn't lying at all. But she was still embarrassed to talk about it. "Are you sure?" He asked one more time. She nodded vigorously making him chuckle. "You can't go back on your words, princess. You are mine and forever will be. God, I thought I would force you or do some forbidden things so you can be by my side forever." He hugged her tightly and buried his head in the crook of her neck. He inha
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Chapter 5: Rules
"First of all, you have to remember that you are mine. You can't be close to other men and obviously have special relationship with them. You can't talk alone with other men for more than a minute." Ashley's eyes widened when she heard that. "One minute?" She said it again. She couldn’t believe this rule but nodded anyway. Wow, her brother is very possessive. "That's right. If you violate the rules, I will kill whoever the other person is involved." His tone was firm, He wasn't kidding. She nodded again, this time afraid she'd said the wrong thing. "Secondly, you are now sleeping here." He then buried his face in Ashley's neck. Made her laugh in amused. "Haha… okay Bubba." After explaining a few rules later, they immediately got ready to start the day. Ashley went to school and Sirius back to his job. Sirius insisted to drive Ashley today. When she was about to get out of the car, He looked at her blankly as she pulled her hand away from him. "Don't forget some
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Chapter 6: Valuable Lesson
Ashley came home with a frown on her face. Today was no fun! She grumbled in her heart. She was bothered by the campus gangster and his friends. She's also being harassed verbally by them. She became unfocused and couldn't finish the quiz well today. Ugh! How irritating! "Bubbaa!!" Ashley shouted loudly for Sirius, she walked while sometimes stomping her feet. "Bubba!" She was so upset. Today's quiz, She got an ugly score. She wanted to immediately meet Sirius to convey all her complaints. Meanwhile, Sirius was in his office. He sat on a large chair that was similar to a throne. His hands rested on the arm of the chair, his long crossed legs made him look elegant. His handsome and cold face was staring intently at his feet. He was staring at a man who was already beaten black and blue, kneeling with his head down until his forehead touched the floor. Sirius heard Ashley screamed his name.
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Chapter 7: I'll Eat You Slowly
Ashley woke up, stretched, yawned and rubbed her eyes. Just like a little cat who just woke up. She realized that she was already in Sirius's room. Ashley sat and looked around, gathering her strength for a moment. Bubba must have gone earlier, she thought. She got out of bed and entered the bathroom to change and clean herself. She fell asleep on her brother's lap and Sirius brought her into his bedroom. When she came out of the bathroom, Ashley saw that it was already half past eight. Oh, no… she slept through the night and Bubba didn't even call to wake her up. He also didn't order the maid or the butler to wake her up. Surely, because of that, she would stay up until midnight. Ashley came out of the room in her favorite teddy bear pajama. The pants are short, only reaching her mid-thigh. Her shirt is a button-down shirt and short sleeves. She liked pajama clothes like this because the material was soft, make her comfortable and su
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Chapter 8: They Kiss While Doing It
Ashley tried to make herself as calm as possible, though now she felt goosebumps and a tingling sensation in her stomach as Sirius hugged and kissed her neck. Of course she knew what her brother meant. She will turn eighteen in three days. That's when she, according to her brother will be made a complete woman. Ashley is an innocent girl but she is not a close minded person. Yes, She never did anything even to just kiss or hold hands with the opposite sex, because she never had a boyfriend. A sweet and beautiful girl like Ashley never had a boyfriend not because the boys weren't interested, but because Sirius chased all the guys out and even hurt them without the innocent girl knowing. Sometimes Ashley wonders why she's never had a boyfriend. But then she thought it was because she didn't really get along with the boys and Sirius was also the only man she had a crush on. Ashley knows a few things about intimate relatio
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Chapter 9: Tomorrow You Are All Mine
Ashley woke up to the sound of her cell phone ringing. She groaned, covering her ears with a pillow but couldn't reduce the sound of the phone. "Baby, your phone." Sirius said in a deep, sexy voice that made Ashley blush, she felt movement beside her body and a warm kiss landed on her chin. Ashley smiled and immediately opened the pillow that had partially covered her face. "Good morning Bubba..." She said softly. She couldn't control the blush on her face when she saw Sirius was half naked. Geez, was she having a muscle breakfast this early? Her thoughts were all over the place. Ashley then shook her head to dismiss her naughty imagination and got up from her sleep, then sat down to stretch. She reached for the ringing cell phone and immediately saw that her friend was calling. "Hello?" "Ashley, you didn't forget our promise today did you?" Jean spoke on the other side. Making Ashley who was still sleepy immediately opened her eyes wide. "Ah! Yes I-I didn't forge
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Chapter 10: News
The sky was already dark when Ashley and her friends finished their treatment at the famous spa. Ashley paid the bill right away and she didn't care how much they had already spent. For Sirius, the glamorous expense of his baby was just the tip of his fingernail. So Ashley already used to this. Unlike Ashley's friends who almost popped their eyes out when they saw the total cost of the expensive treatment. "Ehm, Ash... Thank you. Later, we will replace your treat, although it can't be that much." Jean grimaced, smiling at Ashley who laughed at that. "No need. This is Bubba's treat. But if you want to treat me, then just buy me Boba milk tea." Ashley blinked. Siska, Misya and Jean laughed in relief. "Of course” they answered. "Uh, yeah. I have some news, almost forgot." Siska started the topic when the four of them came out of the spa followed by Ashley's personal bodyguards. "What's the news?" The three of them were curious.
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