She felt a warm embrace encompass her. She looked up and saw her mother, hugging her softly.

“I understand now what the stranger meant.”

She spoke in a cushioned tone. She raised her head and Alicia caught sight of her feint smile.

“This miracle was never meant for me. I was just a vessel. To keep it for whoever needed it.”

“Mother, what are you talking about?”

The entire room was confused. Martha walked up to Reene’s bed and continued her speech.

“When I conversed with the stranger, he told me he was about to do something he would not feel proud of, and in the end he would end up hurting himself and people he did not intend to. So he gave me this miracle. He told me that very soon someone would be in dire need of it. And he told me the decision to keep it to myself or help them rested on my shoulders. I now know why he chose me. He choose me because I would never forsake a life for the benefit of my interests. Daughter, I hope one day you will learn to do the same, and when that day
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