Dusky Moonlight

Dusky Moonlight

By:  Rosini  Completed
Language: English
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Rathi's life turns upside-down when she met a charming stranger on one rainy evening who came to her house as a guest. He isn't just a stranger; he knows everything about her and even her plans to escape from her abusive adoptive mother.She is greatly puzzled by this man who seemed to be a wicked gentleman.She doesn't know what type of danger introduced in her life until she learns some dark secrets about him. "That man is a Pure Evil and he wants nothing but her life"

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Srivalli Vellala
A very interesting story. Thank you for the 2nd part
2023-02-09 12:04:56
user avatar
Pavi Sha
Nice story ...
2022-10-31 11:11:54
user avatar
Divya Kumari
gud nyc work
2021-05-20 15:27:22
user avatar
very interesting and mysterious story ..
2021-05-07 04:28:23
user avatar
One of my favorite Authors work and I am not disappointed at all with this. A supernatural book but totally different in a good way. It has everything Romance mystery emotions. Just love this book keep going like this dear Author ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
2021-02-26 19:46:16
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may nirmale
my one of favorite book dear author is working so hard to maintain story plot...fantastic book
2021-02-21 15:42:54
user avatar
very is interesting story... the way story revolves around characters is awesome...
2021-02-16 23:41:43
96 Chapters
Chapter- 1
The soft melancholic violin music filled in all the corners of that empty hall. The soulful music could lure anyone to stay and listen to the feelings blended in that.Rathi's graceful hand playing the chords flawlessly. Her slender fingers danced on the strings and she had a small smile on the corner of her luscious lips while hearing the music. Her attention on the tune doesn't let her big eyes to be open, it's shut to dwell in her music world. Her perfectly trimmed-thick eyebrows raise and fall according to the ups and downs in the music.Her messy hair fell on her face, shoulders, and till her torso but that doesn't show her less attractive. Her ivory skin glowed in the dimmed lights that hanging on top of her head. The brown maxi dress that she wearing is perfect for her lean figure.
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Chapter- 2(1)
After a breathless run to save herself, she tripped on the muddy ground before falling from the cliff. Rathi abruptly opened her eyes yet again failed to escape from a touch that following her closely, like it just an inches away. Her body shuddered to feel that fear and she gripped the sheets to make sure that she is in her bed.It's not the first time she's having this kind of a dream or maybe we can call it a nightmare. Rathi doesn't know what these visuals trying to convey. Is it going to happen or is it telling she is shadowed by something that's going to harm her?She switched on the lights and saw the time is three at midnight. Scratching her head, she stared at the empty water bottle. She needs hot water badly but she is confused about goin
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Chapter- 2(2)
She played the violin sitting on the chaise beside a window, the music floated slowly to every part of the house. Rathi is having an incredible talent in this, she's just learning it for two years but she has improved to create her own notes which is kind of surprising to herself. She is no equal to a beginner, and no one could call her like that. Rathi considers this is God's gift and doesn't want to waste it in these four walls.Her melody stirred up the house's lively mood and with the sound of rain in the background-- it's something heavenly. Not only she could play the violin well, but she also has a beautiful voice like a hummingbird. She sings occasionally while taking bath and traveling in the car. Shankari gave her an iPod containing thousands of songs which she listens to it whenever she feels boring. In that Rathi sounds like the extract version of a few songs that nobody hear
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Chapter- 2(3)
Rathi came back to her room, leaving him alone. There are questions clouding up in her head. Exactly who he is and how could he knew everything about me even my secrets, Did Shankari told about me to him? She thought, stumbling on her bed.But why did he buy these gifts? What he's going to get doing these things to me?I did a mistake; I shouldn't leave the conversation in the middle. I need to talk to him and he knows my plans, that's very dangerous for me, Rathi shrieked in fear.She got up and saw Aadhi going downstairs. So she followed him."You want to talk to me?" he asked sliding his hand his pocket while walking before her."Yes," she replied gawking at his back. His gestures
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Chapter- 3
Rathi's eyelids disturbed when something kept dripping on her forehead, she opened her eyes and touched the thick fluid in her trembling fingers, it was dark red in color. The place is dead silence and her breathing became rapid when she found herself covered in that thick fluid which is none other than blood. The dark place is soaking in the cold blood. Her eyes shot open in terror to see from where it's coming, the blood is gliding from the insides of her thighs.She felt afraid yet she touched her sex and took her hand only to be soaked completely in the blood, her blood. She couldn't breathe and her wide eyes welled with tears. The more she feared, the more the blood came out from her groin."No!" she left out a scream and gasped for air but felt like someone strangling her throat. She closed her eyes when she felt nothing to do any
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Chapter- 4(1)
Rathi was packing her things along with Shankari. She is allowed to take only minimal clothes, and books that could fit in her two suitcases. And more importantly, she packed her violin and other external things to write down the new songs.She isn't fully okay about going to his house but there's something that changed her mind completely. She wanted to go there than her ambitions. She couldn't think of anything! Her heart wanted to be in his home. Rathi doesn't realize that she'd been changing."Have you been there, before?" Rathi asked Shankari."Yeah, I was bought up there until your age," she replied."Oh, then you'll have relatives there," Rathi asked."Yes, I have people I kno
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Chapter- 4(2)
"You love me?" Aadhiyan asked hugging her tightly. His hand caressed the back of her neck and his hoarse voice gave chills."Yes, I love you," she nodded her head embracing him.Rathi watched them standing away. She didn't stop that girl who's none other than Rathi instead she felt happy for herself finding someone who could love her truly. In his arms, she seemed to be happy... But Aadhi's face doesn't have that happiness. His face carried that wicked smile and the thing that even more terrified is he got an old knife in his hand."Kill me, Ayya, please," she begged and Rathi doesn't understand what's happening. How can she ask him to kill?Before she could stop anything he stabbed her brutally. Blood oozed out from the deep wound. S
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Chapter- 5(1)
"Are you going to starve like this?" Aadhiyan annoyed seeing Rathi who not even touched her breakfast.She cried the entire night sitting in her bed, and now she doesn't want to do anything than being silent. Aadhiyan came close to her and sat getting her attention."You know that she is going to die? Am I right?" she asked him out of nowhere."Yeah, I know. Everyone dies one-day Rathi," he commented."She won't come back and we can't see her hereafter, don't you feel bad for that?""Why should I feel bad. That's her life. You know what sometimes death is a freedom, a reward than a tragedy," he told looking at her eyes."She decided
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Chapter- 5(2)
The sky started drum rolling the thunders and in a few seconds, it started a big rain. The tides raised higher, and the ship unstably moved forward in the reckless waves. Rathi walked gripping the wall, she went to her room and sat on her bed. The sound of rumbles echoed loudly inside her room.She closed her ears to stop getting scared of seeing the other side of nature, she prayed the almighty but no specific god's figure came to her mind. She has already seen how the ocean engulfed Shankari and the fact that she doesn't know swimming greatly made her question the possibility of her survival. She stayed there shuddering in panic and the minutes passed like hours. After some time, she couldn't sit on that bed because it's shaking like crazy, opening her eyes she saw water coming from the gap of that closed door. She watched the titanic movie last year on the Television and realizing it'
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Chapter- 6
The illumination of sunlight gently fondled over Rathi's eyelids, disturbing her peaceful slumber. She slowly opened her eyes and gazed at the antic ceiling which was like in the king's fort, and it shined in the bright rays. She felt so surreal to lie down in that fluffy soft bed, she never had this much of comfort anywhere. Rathi immediately raises from her sleeping state grasping that she is in an anonymous home. She noticed that she isn't entirely covered, the saree was just wrapped around her and one end is tugged in her petticoat but she isn't wearing any blouse. Who changed my clothes? She doubted whether it might be Aadhiyan and then yesterday's events started repeating in her head one by one.I saw an old woman in this room and she went out telling me that she will come with food. Then Aadhiyan came and left telling me to take rest. What happened after that? She again stum
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