The Way of the Dragon

The Way of the Dragon

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Zephyr Khan, the King of Alchemy, was reborn in his youth. He took the Ancient Draconic Way to refine his body and cultivate supreme sword skills! In this life, he was destined to ascend to the top of martial arts, Even the most gifted one was inferior to him!

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No update?
2024-06-12 20:50:55
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Matthosa Goodie
now author has decided to go quiet again.
2024-06-07 00:53:39
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Lisa Silas
At first it was interesting but it’s boring now too much of the same crap..5 chapters to get to 1 point and I as the reader will get to the point but reading the first paragraph.. I just think the book have no end anyway. Just gonna check back in5 years to read the last 2 chapters
2024-03-10 04:46:27
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Great story. Enjoyed reading about the strengths of different groups and individuals and how Khan learned to over come one by one.
2024-03-05 10:54:43
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alvin bragais
Great book. Hope the author will complete it . Thank you.
2023-09-04 19:39:07
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Efren Solis
why is there only 1 chapter that was uploaded? it should be consistent, the updatd chapters are only 4 or 4 chapters a day. But now only 1. pleasegive us more updates anyway we are paying for it.
2023-07-04 02:29:46
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Its very good novel. However, the Translator needs to be consistent with names of person and places. One more, chapter 860 is missing!!
2023-06-26 16:24:44
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why just 1 chapter update?
2023-06-19 18:20:04
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Mohammed suhail ah
Author are you doing alright? Why sudden halt ?
2023-01-05 05:13:21
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Tarquin Sopoaga
why the sudden halt of the chapter bro I need more
2023-01-04 22:08:40
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Does this also have a harem style to it?
2023-01-01 03:03:09
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So far this is my no.1 ! best among the best!
2022-11-12 11:55:45
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Rizky Maulana Rizky
good good good
2022-10-05 20:21:20
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Burto Simon
what chapter does the names go back to normal? can some let me know please and thanks.
2022-09-26 04:26:56
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Darrell Beam
Quarter of the way through and I’m really enjoying this book!
2022-09-12 07:57:00
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Chapter 1
Boom!A thunderous streak of violet lightning flashed across the night sky like a violent dragon, ripping it apart. At that moment, everything within 10 miles was lit up as if it was daytime. The lightning fizzled into an electrical arc with stunning speed. It sparked across the sky and into a hill behind the Khan household, finding its way into a dilapidated shack and finally ended at the young man on a broken bed.Even though his pale face began to light up, the young man who lay there kept coughing. His face conjured immense pain, and his body was accompanied with painful muscle spasms as he struggled with blood trickling out the sides of his mouth. Finally, his eyelids shot open and he regained consciousness. Suddenly, two beams of light shot out of his eyes, not unlike lightning. His terrible visage carried violence, bloodlust, and aggression… similar to an apocalyptic devil without a rival.A loud bang ensued.At this moment, the shack’s door violently opened, three unknown a
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Chapter 2
‘In my past life, they all degraded and humiliated me… I was powerless! I swear, in this life, I will have my vengeance, my honor!’ thought Zephyr. He pondered further, now that he was starting over, he had to live a life full of excitement, wonder, and to become the best martial artist there ever was. He concluded with his previous life’s experience; he could achieve that goal. Zephyr’s confidence was brimming, he was going to make the most of it!“Alas, the most important thing now is to treat my injuries,” muttered Zephyr. He felt his pain intensify and his breathing slowed down. He figured that he was now very weak, if he does not medicate soon, it will permanently affect his martial art skills. He could not help but think of how in his past life, this was the very issue that limited his powers later in life.“Spirit pill, is it?” Zephyr remembered what the group said earlier and flashed an empty smile. He opened the bottle, a refreshing aroma wafted over his nose. Inside, lay a
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Chapter 3
In his previous life, Zephyr was fortunate enough to get his hands on this forbidden tome, but was unable to put the knowledge to use. Accordingly, one had to be below 20 years of age to practice the Way as it required them to have an incomplete bone development. He had the potential and power to learn this godly boon, yet, was unable to overcome this divine skill. Zephyr considered that his greatest regret back then.The Ancient Draconic Way was a strength-based art, once mastered, it would allow the user’s body to grow exponentially stronger. Mastering this Way could potentially be stronger than any other person on the planet. ‘Rumor has it that when it's fully mastered, the user may morph into a dragon and utilize it’s natural power — all strength, no weaknesses!’ thought Zephyr. “Dragons are the king of beasts, the powerhouses in this world!”“If I can master this power, then nothing can stop me,” he puffed.Zephyr’s excitement grew, but he did not let it get the best of him. He
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Chapter 4
Zephyr violently spat out an ink-black clot that smelled horrible, like death. A sizzling sound was heard when it made contact with the floorboards as it ate through the already rotten wood.‘The Way sure is incredible… no wonder it’s a higher magic! Here I thought I would slowly rid myself of the toxin later… The Ancient Dragon Way’s just that powerful, immediately ridding my body of all toxins,’ thought Zephyr as he caught his breath.“Hmph,” Zephyr shot his fist forward, creating a strong breeze, much like a dragon’s breath, Zephyr felt as though a real punch could shatter a hill. “Is this the Might of a dragon?” Zephyr mocked. All he did was practice a simple punch, and he already felt it’s Mighty power.“Huh… true energy?”“All I did was recite it once, and it bolstered my energy manifold!” Feeling the power within him, Zephyr felt ecstatic. Only through experience and mastery, will a practitioner emit true energy. He felt his battle power become stronger than before, surpassi
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Chapter 5
“Master, you haven’t eaten anything for two days, you must be hungry, please eat these buns,” Leah pleaded happily. She had a bit of a blush; this was the first time Zephyr hugged her like this.“Thank you,” Zephyr nodded, he noticed Leah’s tired state, and immediately understood that she had been working hard nights again to earn some money. The Khan did not provide enough for Zephyr to survive; thus, he had to rely on Leah to provide. As he was heavily injured, he figured Leah must have worked twice as hard to nourish him back to health.As he gently held Leah’s delicate hands, he noticed the horrible scars and wounds on her hands. Her wounds were slightly swollen; but they did not have enough money to treat them.“Leah, you don’t have to push yourself anymore!” Zephyr said.“It’s ok, I can handle it!” Leah replied with a slight smile. Zephyr’s injuries were severe, his body was weak. He knew she would see to it to nourish him back to health.“If I asked you not to go, don’t go,
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Chapter 6
“If I take 3 pills at once, the effects should be great! The average person wouldn’t be able to utilize it properly, but a Dragon’s Might might!”“I have to do it… for Leah!” At the thought of Leah’s wellbeing, Zephyr no longer hesitated. He swallowed the three pills and felt it take into effect, it filled his gut with immense energy. Zephyr focused his mind, his breathing, his soul. He felt the energy as it accumulated and amalgamated with one another, united into a fiery blaze; much like a dragon’s fire, it engulfed his body and turned into scorching energy. Zephyr felt a sudden surge of physical energy, and it turned his skin red hot. “Gah!” Zephyr howled painfully. He felt as though he was being torn into half, countless ink droplets emerged from his skin — the poison from the spirit pills, and other toxins within his body. He felt his body take blow after blow, Zephyr could not help but drop to his knees. The suffering was intense, he felt as though every organ in h
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Chapter 7
“How… How could you! I work day and night just to earn some coins…” Leah could not help but plead through her tears, her face soaked with injustice.“Oh shut up! What are you crying for?!” puffed Madame Lee. With a coy yet annoyed look in her eyes, she raised her heavy hand and delivered a slap across Leah’s small face… Zephyr continued to harness his energy in his shack. He guided the ebb and flow of true energy throughout his body. Suddenly, everything came to a halt, and a burst of true energy erupted within him not a second later. Zephyr let out an intense gasp and opened his eyes, he witnessed ripples dancing around him then slowly disappeared.‘Yes! Level six!’ he thought to himself. Zephyr slowly raised his arms and felt the magnitude of power he conjured. He was sure he was at least five times the man he once was. ‘The Way sure is strong, it hasn’t even been a month since I started and I’ve already raised my level twice! The toxins within me have also been destro
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Chapter 8
The man carried with him a hard gaze, yet, behind those eyes held a tumultuous nature. His body posture gave off an air of elegant power too, vibrating with true energy. He was at a Strength of fifth level. Zephyr’s Might helped him see right through the interloper and instantly recognized his level.“Help me! Kill this b*stard!” screamed Madame Lee. Seeing her cousin appear, Madame Lee could not help herself, but got excited. Even though her face was caked with fresh blood, her cunning and venomous eyes implied only one thing: Kill! Just kill this b*stard!Seeing his cousin lay there broken, Lewis flew into a rage. However, his demeanor changed quickly when he gazed upon the assailant. Zephyr stood before him, confident, and sure of himself, it was as though he gave off an air of supreme capability. Lewis, unsettled by this new development, demanded, “How is this possible? How is this b*stard’s level higher than my own?”Before Lewis continued, his body began to shiver. He was not
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Chapter 9
“Whatever happened here today stays between us. If I so much as get a whiff that word got out, she will be your fate!” The servants hastily nodded in agreement, all clearly shaken to the core.…“Woah, master, when did you get so strong? Even Lewis was afraid of you,” said Leah, who complimented Zephyr with eyes full of astonishment. “Hey dummy, I’ve already told you not to work anymore, I said I had an idea on how to make bank!” replied Zephyr who lovingly patted her head. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” purred Leah, her eyes closed, and enjoyed his touch whimsically.“Lewis is a smart man, he won’t reveal my secret,” explained Zephyr. “According to Lincoln’s dosage, in another two months, the total amount of poison in the pill would be enough to kill me. If I’m still fine by then, he will definitely get suspicious!” Zephyr contemplated silently. The more he thought about it, the more he felt a sense of urgency and it caused him to clench his fist. Lincoln was not a weak man, he was a Streng
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Chapter 10
In the following days since, thanks to Lewis, Zephyr’s life had gotten a lot smoother, even for Leah as she need not work so hard anymore. During the day, Zephyr kept a low profile, often silently training at home. Come night, he would retreat to the hills behind and trained vigorously. However, his power still was not enough. He needed to take extra precaution, if Lincoln discovered his secret, things would get complicated. Zephyr did not have a problem defending himself, however, he could not bear to put Leah in harm’s way.It was the dead of night, Zephyr was training in the hills. Zephyr grimaced seriously, the air around him was filled with true energy, ready to burst anytime. In front of him lay a huge pot, the kindling beneath setting it to boil. Inside the pot was an emerald sludge, it bubbled non-stop as its scent emitted an herby aroma. With Lewis’ help, Zephyr managed to secretly buy tons of herbs and medicines. He supposed that his order was finally completed.Zephyr had
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