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...Xavier was dragged away like a log of wood. I was shivering and sweating, the only thing I felt around me was the unknown. The windows flung open and we constantly flapping against the wood, the chandeliers were singing back and forth. My dear intensified... **** Sandra and her fiancee, Xavier have decided to try something new outside of their usual. They will leave their home to another's man life to start life afresh. Will they be happy about what their lives will turn to? Let's find out!!!.

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MY LAST VALENTINE is a paranormal novel by LEXÂ with themes of tragedy and painful love. Sandra and Xavier, her fiancee, decide to try something they have not tried before and so they leave their home and start anew. But soon they are put in a sinister situation they never anticipated; Sandra finds herself surrounded by the unknown while Xavier is being dragged away as if he's nothing but a piece of wood. Are you wondering how they ended up in such a dangerous situation and if they can get away? Read the novel to discover.

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Anita michael
2021-09-01 05:36:44
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I love the few chapters
2021-08-27 14:19:42
12 Chapters
Little things
Sandra's pov.I picked  up my phone to continue recording my trip on a live post I made on Instagram.I and my boyfriend, Xanvier decided to have a fresh start in the city of Milan, a place far away from Mexico- Our country.Xanvier had just gotten a new job at TK designer associate while I was offered a partnership deal with a fashion line as a model."Hello, my beloved fans". I waved and smiled at the camera as I spun it around, making sure I capture the tall trees hanging over our car, the old, rusty mail boxes on the road side, and the dirt, and gravel road ahead. "It's time for a fresh start. Guess where we are?. "Yes, Milan!!!"."I and my boyfriend are going to begin a new life here, and you'll be...'"Boom!!!My phone slipped off and my long hair Cascaded around the glove compartment as the car abruptly halt."What the heck happened?". I asked, feeling slightly disoriented." E
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Cold welcome
Sandra's povWe arrived at our house, an hour after that incident.There it Is - the house standing in it's glory. But I never imagined it to be this creepy, and quiet, except the chirping crickets.The only thing I could make out from  the headlights is the dense fog that seems to get heavy by the second. Every other thing, engulfed in the darkness. I stepped out of the car, slammed the door and turn over to xanvier  who was already unpacking."Where in God's name are we?""Home". Was all I got from him, as he carried  the heavy bag out of the booth."Xanvier, this is the middle of nowhere!". I screamed."Calm down, babe. This is perfect for our jobs". He said, dragging my ecolag on the gravel-filled road. "You said you needed something new, right? Well, this is it".I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic with me or not. It's difficult to read him"Be careful with the bag, ple
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Xanvier's POVClink! clink!! Clink!!! I stretched my hand to shut down the annoying buzzle from the alarm sitting on the table. It's 5am on Saturday morning, and whether I want it or not, I have to wake up.Studying the miracle morning every day has taught me how to live my life to be above the mediocre level, and I am not going to quit my new lifestyle.I love it!.I looked over to Sandra who was lying in her stomach. She looks beautiful even though she looked stressed,  she's been through a lot and needs plenty of rest.I pecked her, then got off the bed stretching and yawning as I got ready for the day. As soon as I was done with my life S.A.V.E.R.S, I made breakfast- Not literally, I just brought out some  can food from the bag. I stepped out of the shower to meet her adjusting her pajamas. When she saw me, she hurriedly put on her flip-flops to come meet me. "Good morning, cupcake".
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Home can be anywhere
Sandra's povAs soon as Xanvier left the house, I ran a bath. Nothing better than running cold water on a sex starved body - it calms the raging nerves.I stepped out, got dressed and ate some canned beef. The time on the small click on table reads 9amPfff!! How time flies.I phoned the truck that was supposed to bring our properties over and they assured me that they will be here shortly, so I decided to take the time to look around the new house..I started with the bedroom -a huge room with a strange door with glass view.  Out  of curiosity, I opened the door and it led to a dark room. I switched on my flashlight and entered the room, a to the side of the room is a stair case."Maybe, it leads to the Attic". I thought.Sudden rush of adrenaline wrapped me as I took the first step. I wanted to get out of the room bit something kept urging me to keep going.I took the second step, a loud shriek from no where startle
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Sandra's pov I drove off with my BMW i8 down to Via Torino; the fashion mall, where I signed a 3- year modeling contract. The short trip to the place wasn't smooth as I had to drive on gravel, but I relaxed my nerves as soon as a sweet flowering smell of summer hit my nostrils. I was able to forget about the eerie sensation I got from the house as I drove camly, relishing the beauty of the environment. I picked up my phone to update and keep up with the updates on I*. The last live streaming I made still have a lot of people commenting; postive and negative alike. I cared less about the negative comments - person will always talk. I mount my phone on the selfie stick, ready to go live.  I had barely even smiled when my phone pinged with non-stop notifications from fans - this kind of feeling is what I love about being an influencer on social media platforms. I got bored quickly, so I stopped streaming. The drive to
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Xanvier's pov As soon as I got into the complex, I was greeted with lots of applause and pats. It got more intense I walked through with staffs at both sides, cheering me up. "Heard you are the champ from the sister company". One of them asked. "I am".  "Welcome, man". He gave me a rib breaking hug as though I was someone he missed so much. I was so grateful when a lady told me that the boss wants to see me. A perfect timing. "Welcome, Mr xanvier".  His baritone voice sound better than it was over the phone. "Please,sit down". He continued with his strong Italian accent as he pointed to the empty office chair in front of him "I am so glad to have you here. We have heard so much about you, and we hope you can put in more efforts here." He concluded with a smile on his face.  He looks perfect with a chiseled jaw and a full lips. The smile etching on his face reveals a set of white teeth. 
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Strange things
Sandra's pov    Bang! Bang!! The sound seems to be coming from the basement.  My bag slipped off at the third sound. I could hear my heart beating so fast as goosebumps wash over my body.  Not again! Ever since I came here, it's been one horrifying incident to another. Bang!!!! My body resonated with the sound as I feel another bolt of adrenaline shooting through me. Somehow, I manage to take long strides to the kitchen and pick up a knife as defence. I heard footsteps and hide by the kitchen wall, ready to attack my assailant "Jesus Christ!".   Petrified Xanvier screamed as I almost stab him. I dropped the knife and hold him tightly, sobing in his shoulders. "Shh! It's okay, baby". He said, patting my head. I stayed like that for a while gathering myself together. "What was that loud sound?". I asked, sniffing and wiping my nostrils as I rais
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Fire works
Xanvier's POV I look up from the glass of wine to see her effortlessly looking sexy in her night gown. She stood at the entrance of the dining room, surprised at the amount of food on the table. I smiled.Every little thing she does set my soul on fire.''You did all these?" She asked as she settled on the chair in front of mine."Yup. And there's more to come". I grinned, getting proud of what I have been able to pull by myself.I planned tonight to be beautiful for us. To encourage ourselves for the feat we have achieved together."Cheers to our new life ". I raised a half filled glass to the air. Sandra raised her's which i had already filled  and we clunk."Cheers!". She smiled sweetly at me.At that moment, I noticed how her brown eyes looks similar to that of my boss, even the colour of her hair. Strange I never noticed these things until my encounter with the boss."You have a beaut
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Tonight, we are young
*Xanvier's pov* I smiled like a school boy as I held the candles as though they were candies. Few nights ago at Mexico, I planned something similar, but Sandra stayed up late at work. Tonight, it's going to as planned, I feel it already."One, two, three..." I counted as I placed candle on each stair. I continued like that until I reached the bedroom. I hurriedly downstairs to lit it and back inside the room to make the bed.  I was super excited. I checked my drawer for the pack of condoms I bought earlier, took it out and placed it on th the bed for easy access. "Wow! Look at this beautiful". Referring to the heart-shaped roses on the bed.  I smacked my lips before making my way to my love. *Sandra's pov* I returned to my food as soon as he left, halfway through enjoying my meal, the sudden fear of being alone wrapped me. I started looking around in fear, afraid that something
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The hoodie man
Sandra's pov.The shoveling sound across my window woke me up from sleep. At first, I thought I was hearing things, so I just laid on my belly, hoping that the sound will go away. It persisted. "Who could be digging out dirts and gravel by this time of the night?. And why is he doing it at my house?". I thought.I turned on my back and looked at Xanvier sleeping peacefully. How he sleeps through storms and earthquakes marvels me. I stretched my eyes to drag the alarm clock sitting on the table. The table is close to the bed, so I didn't stress myself much and I was careful not to push down the keys.12:15amWhat the f...?I covered my mouth to stop the sound from flowing outI sat up immediately."Maybe, I didn't read the time well". The only source of light in the room was the  moonlight, glowing in her glory.I titled the clock to the direction i thought the light was the br
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