Mafia queen

Mafia queen

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After being betrayed by his loyal and best friend for a crime he didn't commit, Mateo is on the run with the FBI and prosecutors on his tail. With no one to turn to or meet, he stumbles upon someone he least expected to meet; Arianna Romano. The notorious Mafia Queen and the case he was working on before he was fired. But when she takes him hostage, he soon realizes she isn't what everyone said she was. Arianna Romano was known for these things; she wasn't merciful and she was ruthless. When she found a detective who was rumored to be on the run she is meant to have killed him because he's a threat but she felt a strange pull and connection towards him and she already knew she had taken a interest in him but she knew they could never work because of their different line of works. She's always been in control, but she finds herself cowering down for him. One thing was sure she always gets what she wants, no matter what..

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37 Chapters
Chapter 1
Matteo RodriguezThe honks of cars and the conversations of passerbys and tourists fills and flows through the air as I maneuvere my way through the busy streets of Washington DC.My phone was ringing non-stop in my pants but I make no attempt to even check who it was.It's the same routine everyday. Wake up, exercise or if possible go to the gym, bathe, drive to work then come back to meet Eve at home. The same thing happens over and over again and I think I'm fine with it - no -I know I'm fine with it.But today's just different. I could feel it in my bones and I don't like it. The difference is just that I've been all over the place since morning. Woke up late, couldn't even lift a fucking weight, my car broke down in the middle of nowhere and now I'm having endless calls from people from my workplace I guess.Groaning and glaring at anyone who comes my way, I walk up to the elevator ignoring the stares people gave me as I punch in the number of the floor I'm going to.Stepping int
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Chapter 2
Arianna RomanoFantastic! He prasied.Twenty heads or more turns to my direction or maybe to glare at my phone immediately the sound left it while I hesitantly pause the Candy crush game to look at the men in the meeting room.Oh fuck! I never knew it'd be that loud.The room grew silent as every one waits patiently for what'd happen. Like anyone would dare scold me."Go on." I order with a bored tone turning off my phone before placing my feet on the table."As I was saying before the childish interruption..Salvatore continues speaking, staring daggers into my head when he saw me wriggle my toes at him.Wait! Did he just call me childish? I'm definitely not going to hear the end of this from Dad when we finally get home."As the vipers and the most deadliest Mafia in the whole of America, we have to be strong! To never let out guard down. To stay strong! To avoid any distraction......" I internally groan. I've been hearingall this since I was a kid that I can recite everything he'
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Chapter 3
Matteo RodriguezMost people think of murder in the same way that the killing is deliberate and premeditated.Some people say murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse, especially the unlawful killing of another human with malice forethought.But to me, when I hear of a murder, what immediately comes into my mind is, 'What fueled this person to kill someone?'I do not immediately judge them. I first try to gather more facts and read up on details and try to build a profile for the murderer. I then try to see if they have any psychiatric history, or a traumatic past. It is not my place to judge someone, when every one of us in society are criminals for enforcing a society that pushes people to crimes like murder or even rape because no normal person can act like that.The reason most of us think murder is a bad thing is because we have various values where murder is considered the worst.But there are situations in life where people can get s
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Chapter 4
Arianna RomanoI shift in the bed when I felt an arm drape around my waist under the covers. The covers was covering all the necessary places since I was naked underneath. The owner of the arm let its fingers roam around my curves and I bit my lips in pleasure."Why aren't you asleep baby?" Salvatore asks pulling me to his chest before resting his chin on my head while he tangles our legs beneath the covers.My back was pressed to his chest making my ass be on his lower abdomen. I stifle a giggle when he continues to shift away from my ass and at the same time have me close to him."Nothing. You know my sleeping difficulties." I respond playing with his fingers.Ever since I had my first kill-more like forced to kill-when I was 8 years old, I couldn't get any sleep without any nightmare for days. My mother thought it would nd after weeks but it continued on-days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years-to the extent where I barely get a wink of sleep without having any
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Chapter 5
Matteo Rodriguez I pull the baseball cap over my head to cover my face well as I walk into the Wailea princess hotel which was wonderfully scented with plumeria.I blended in well with the crowd, with my cap over my thick and rusty hair, rumpled suit trousers and a vintage shirt. Not many people spared me a glance but I know that if I was in my 'Detective Mateo' clothes, everyone would definitely notice me.This is the only place I know I can be safe in at the moment. I couldn't sleep well last night because I slept on a couch in my old neighbor's house. Yeah you got that right. A rather-fucking- uncomfortable couch.Chief's had cops patrolling over my house few hours after I left the station that I didn't have enough time to pack few things away from my apartment. Picking up my wallet and few guns, I gave Eve to my neighbor to take care of her for the main time till I get everything sorted out.Who knew buying a penthouse in a five star hotel for your best friend as a surprise birth
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Chapter 6
Matteo Rodriguez I KNOW THINGS I don't want to know. Things that doesn't faze me anymore since I was six. Things that doesn't even scare me after it happened right in front of me. Things about different killers that I really don't want to know. A true psychopathic killer is not your ordinary garden-variety murderer. Not like a random guy who unloads his gun into a scared hapless liquor store clerk. Not like an insecure wife who murders her husband in cold-blood over a real or imagined affair. Not like a jealous man who bursts into his boss's office and blows his little head off. Real psychopaths aren't motivated by love, fear or hatred. They don't feel those sorts of emotions. The only thing they face in that moment of their killing is just pure rage and vengeance. They don't feel anything at all. Trust me on that one. Dr. Harold , Dahmer, Wayne Gacy, Amardeep Sada, and other twisted-killers were detached and different, driven by different sexual pleasure and the thrill to kill
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Chapter 7
Adrianna Romano "DADDY!!" My screams echos through the hallway but he doesn't care as he drags me to the cell. "Daddy please, don't do this." "Be quiet!" His firm voice booms and vibrates through the hallway but that doesn't stop me for screaming for my life. "Daddy please. I promise to be perfect. I'd be the perfect girl for you. I'd do anything daddy, please don't do this." My tiny voice pierce through the silence of the hallways as he inserts the code to the rolls of cells. "If you don't shut up now, I'd do something worse." His fingers push through my skin from how tight he was holding me and I wince as tears slide down my face. He stops at the cell and I knew then and there that there was nothing I could say to change his mind from doing what he wanted. "You have to be strong! You have to know how to face your fears if you want to be queen!" He commands letting go of my sore arm. "But I don't even want to be queen! Can't you just leave-" A loud and slap falls on my soft and
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Chapter 8
Matteo RodriguezGroaning, I open my eyes to find myself in the same torture room I was kept in before with guys that looked like if I make any move I'd have bullets down my throat.Why does it hurt everywhere?I try to stretch out my limbs but I realize that I was tied to a metal chair that was cemented to the ground. I was tied in a three way style and I'm impressed. The ropes cross my chest, going behind my back to a pole. This people are trying so hard to not let me go."Why did y'all change my position?" I grin at the guards that were surrounding me, aiming their guns at my head and with one wrong move, pew pew, I'm gone.They all look so scared, I mean who wouldn't, I killed more than 15 of their guys. So sad."Y'all look so rigid, let's have fun. Okay okay, let's play a game." I wink at them but none of them smiled. Mean. "Drumroll. The game is called'FREE THE PRISONER' I nod at them and some tried to hide their smile while the others rolled their eyes.Guess I'm staying here
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Chapter 9
Adrianna RomanoI watch as she hurriedly unties him before jumping on him, wrapping her hands around his neck while he holds her like he's been waiting for this moment all his life."Oh God, I never knew you made it out alive." She runs her hands over his bare chest as if she's checking to see any scars or injuries and I couldn't shake off the nauseous-like feeling that washed over me. I've just met him for a short while, and for some strange reason, there has always been a lingering feeling of connection."I'm so sorry I couldn't do anything to help." He grabs her face, squishing her face together like she's his younger sister, before placing wet kisses all over her face.I was starting to feel uncomfortable so I tap my feet on the floor to get their attention and everyone in the room stood straight even Mateo."Mr Mateo, let's discuss business." They kept exchanging glances and they even held hands.Outrageous."I need your undivided attention here Mateo." Iglare at him and he smir
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Chapter 10
Matteo Rodriguez Munching and moaning about how good the food was, I didn't notice the small pats of footsteps on the floor until someone tugs my shirt and that's when I saw it. Wide honey brown eyes stare into my grey ones and my heart skipped a bit. The brown bouncy curls which frames her face complements her small button nose in a little heart shaped face. I notice how struck I was by how exquisitely beautiful the young girl is. "Hi." She said, her voice soft and barely a whisper but I could still make it out. I haven't been around a lot of kids but it doesn't take rocket science to know that she's shy. "Hi." I force some cheer into my voice and I curse. Even I can hear that it was forced. "How are you?" "Can you please give me some muffins? Because if my mum finds me here she's going to bring out the big guns and one of my legs would go missing." She remarks, pulling out the little chair across the room over to me, then she hopped on it. "What the- was that what your mum sai
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