Chapter 19

“I’m taking a trip back to my hometown after meeting your parents this weekend. I want to chop down a few bamboos to make the rails.”

Zachary replied faintly, “No need, I’ll get someone to install the rails tomorrow.”

The lady of the York house wanted to go all the way to her hometown to chop down some bamboo and haul them back for laundry-airing purposes. The only person who could come up with this is Serenity.

“Sure. Thanks.”

“This is also my home.”

“Yeah,” Serenity answered before carrying her laundry to her bedroom. She pushed open her bedroom door before turning around to look at Zachary, “If you want, you can leave your dirty clothes out after shower. I’ll wash your clothes when I’m doing my laundry.”

“It’s fine. Thank you. I’ll get someone to deliver two washing machines tomorrow. It’d be easy to have a washing machine in each of our bathrooms.”

“Alright. Tell me how much you pay for the washing machines. I’ll split with you.”

Serenity could not let him foot the
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Cherilyn Butaslac
Darn thing, chapters are so short🥲🥲
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Good story
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good story

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