Chapter 21

Zachary watched as Serenity picked the flowers and haggled with the florist. She lowered the price by half from fifty bucks for a potted plant. Not to mention, she made it seem like the florist would not get a better deal than what she was offering. It was intriguing, to say the least.

He was not one to look at the price tag or bargain when shopping.

Too bad for the florist though because his wife could drive a hard bargain. The look on the florist’s face was priceless.

After paying up, Serenity carried the flowerpots one by one into Zachary’s car.

At first, Zachary stood by the car and watched but later realized he was standing out for the wrong reasons as the girl was doing the heavy lifting herself. He then helped Serenity transport the flowers until his vehicle was filled to the brim.

It was a good thing the florist gave them some flattened cardboard to lay on the seats. That was better than getting his seats soiled.

“Do you need anything else?” Zachary asked his wife a
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Cleofe Simpson Simpson
I love the story very much but the chapter is very short.
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Kerry Raye Block-Hubble
IM really loving this story but I’ll have to agree with everyone else here, chapters are way to short
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Felicia Ekenta
unlock the novel and let's read to enjoy it

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