Chapter 2928

Serenity smiled. “I won’t be too concerned. When Zachary comes home tonight, I’ll just bring it up. If it really is Carrie, she must have found a backing. God knows what dirty tricks she has in waiting for Camryn.”

“Anyway, Camryn, be careful,” Serenity reminded her.

Serenity herself needed to be careful.

Although she had peaceful days, she could not afford to be careless, always maintaining a high level of vigilance.

It was because of the Fisher family in Jensburg.

Belinda was cruel enough to harm her elder sister who had raised her. Naturally, she would be unwilling to let the position of matriarch return to her sister’s descendants.

Although Serenity had bodyguards with her all the time and knew a little self-defense, she was still pregnant with Zachary’s child. It was easy for an accident to occur with even a slight collision.

“I will. Since Carrie was released, I have been on guard against her.”

Camryn looked outside and said, “The rain has stopped. I’ll return to my flowe
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Pat Brest
Be done with Carrie already so boring
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Winter wasn’t even over and we are talking about summer break?????
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Carla Thomsen
Kevin has the best cooking skills. not callum.

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