Chapter 4

Madeline could not link the woman calling her names with Meredith.

Ever since she entered the Crawford Family and met Meredith, she had felt that the latter was a young lady who was magnanimous, elegant, kind, and gentle. However, right now…

“I’m so mad! I wasted so much time and effort by forming the perfect plan and making Jeremy drink that drugged beverage. I had even called reporters to photograph and record evidence of me spending the night with Jeremy the first thing in the morning so that Old Man Whitman would agree to let me marry Jeremy. Who knew I had misread the room number and slept with a wretched-looking tramp. I accidentally let Madeline benefit from it!”

So, this was the truth; this was the true face of the good sister who had been trying to beg for mercy on her behalf a few minutes ago.

Madeline’s heart was now beating extremely fast. She felt extreme feelings of lament hysteria.

This was the precious darling that was so kind and gentle in Jeremy’s eyes.

She was a sweet-tempered and easy-mannered young lady in everyone’s eyes.

Not to mention, she was her big sister that she had held in high respect all this while.

“You’re an idiot as well. How could you have entered the wrong room?” Meredith’s mother, Rose, complained.

“I wanted it to be more fun so I took the drugs as well. How would I have known that it would be so potent?” Meredith’s tone became agitated. “What should we do next? I don’t want her to stay in the position of Mrs. Whitman for another second! Jeremy is my man!”

“It’s simple. Just look at how worried Jeremy was just now. As long as you say the word, he’ll definitely divorce that feral child!” Jon was confident.

Rose began laughing delightfully. “Your father is right. Jeremy was forced by that old man to marry her. The person he loves is you. As long as you say something, the position of Mrs. Whitman will belong to you!”

Meredith smirked. “Who does that b*tch think she is? How dare she fight with me over Jeremy. If her bone marrow didn’t match mine, she’d never have been allowed to step foot into our home. Do you know how disgusted I feel every time I have to call her my sister?”

Upon hearing Meredith’s words, Madeline felt her vision begin to turn dark. She could also feel a chill creeping up from the bottom of her feet.

The Crawfords had not adopted her out of good intentions but because Meredith needed her bone marrow.

Throughout the past five years, Meredith had been calling Madeline her sister merely as a hypocritical show of affection.

Whenever she was not around, Madeline was nothing to them.


How ironic.

Madeline felt nauseous all of a sudden. The ugly truth made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

“How annoying! I purposely set up this fake suicide scene to make Jeremy divorce that b*tch. However, before I had the chance to talk him into it, he had to leave for some emergency meeting,” Meredith complained, annoyed.

Meredith’s suicide attempt had been set up as well; Meredith had been putting up a show for Jeremy so that it would trigger him to divorce Madeline as soon as possible.

Madeline felt that the whole thing was suddenly ridiculous. How could a smart and wise man like Jeremy fall for a woman like Meredith?

“Mer, don’t worry. I’ll call Jeremy later and tell him that b*tch came here to cause trouble again; she triggered you to attempt suicide after an emotional breakdown. I’m sure he’ll agree to divorce her when that happens.”

Rose’s plan sounded from inside the room, and Meredith seemed satisfied with it.

“Mom, you’re so smart. Let’s do that!”

Madeline’s last hope for their affection crumbled in the blink of an eye.

She chuckled lightly and walked in after pushing the door open without any hesitation. “I too believe that as long as I’m alive, the position of Mrs. Whitman will never go to you, Meredith!”
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Aimee Guzman
she should just run away they will kill her and the baby
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love the story line though. just cut out the unnecessarities. and don't prolong the story. long stories are a burden to read. get to the point
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when will the female lead start to take revenge. the story is a lot of repetition. long and unnecessary babbling. how hard to say jackass I am the girl from your childhood. expecting the man to read her mind, come on man. female is prone to abuse. go to another country and live your life.

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