Chapter 5

They had not expected Madeline to appear and say those things. The three people in the room froze.

After a few seconds, Meredith’s expression changed. The usual gentle and easy-mannered expression on her face disappeared. On the contrary, she looked extremely vile. “Madeline, why are you still here?”

Madeline’s eyes were red. She chuckled sarcastically and said, “Aren’t I just in time to take part in the plan that you guys just proposed?”

Meredith realized what had happened and her face fell. “How dare you eavesdrop on us!”

Madeline said, “Yeah, if I hadn’t heard what you said, I would’ve never known that my good sister is such a shameless, two-faced b*tch!”

“How dare you call Meredith that, you brat! You’re digging your own grave!” Rose angrily reached out her hand; she was about to hit Madeline again.

“Mom, why do you want to get angry at this country bumpkin without parents?” Meredith scoffed and glanced at Madeline. She looked very calm. “My dear sister, for the sake of our relationship, you had better agree to divorce Jeremy. I’m afraid you won’t be able to bear the consequences if you don’t agree to it.”

Madeline was no longer going to fake their relationship that she had used to so carefully preserve. After all, their relationship had merely been a hypocritical show of affection.

Madeline looked at Meredith, and the former was even calmer than her. “If you beg me now, I might consider it.”

“What?” Meredith’s expression changed, and she looked at Madeline as if the latter was mentally challenged.

“You brat, are you insane?” Rose shrieked angrily.

Madeline burst out laughing after seeing the mother and daughter’s faces. “Yeah, I’m insane. So, I’ll dominate Jeremy along with the position of Mrs. Whitman forever!”

“Madeline, don’t be so shameless!” Meredith was enraged. “I won’t let you get away with this!”

“I’ve already gotten away with it. At least now everyone in Glendale knows that Mrs. Whitman is Madeline Crawford and not you.”

After saying that, Madeline turned around, leaving Meredith who was now shrieking and yelling in anger. Nonetheless, Madeline ignored her completely.

After Madeline left the hospital, she went to a hospital for women and children.

She was worried that the baby had been affected by what Jeremy had done the night before and the fall earlier.

There were a lot of people in line and most of them were pregnant ladies. Most of them had their husbands and families with them. Seeing their happy smiles, Madeline felt like a joke.

She had the child of the man that she loved, but this man was in love with another woman.

It had not been like this in the past. Back then, he had held her hand and told her that he would marry her when they grew up.

He was now married to her, but he had been forced to do so reluctantly.

The child was fine, and Madeline let out a sigh of relief.

Subsequently, Madeline went back home. When she stepped into the house, she heard the entrance door swing open with a heavy slam.

She turned around and saw that Jeremy had returned as well.

He was very good-looking, but there was a heavy aura of ruthlessness in his eyes.

“Did you go looking for Meredith again?” Jeremy’s voice was extremely cold.

Madeline figured that Meredith had told him about what happened. Hence, she was open and candid. “I did go there, but…”

“Madeline you’re so evil!”

Jeremy’s angry words sliced through Madeline’s heart like a thousand glass shards; an invisible pain started to spread across her body.

She dumbly looked at the man who was walking toward her. His deep eyes were filled with iciness.

“You told Meredith that you’d still pester me even if you died, and you’d never give her a chance to worm her way into the Whitman Family, is that right?”

Madeline’s face was white. She had never said those things.

She wanted to explain, but Jeremy angrily grabbed her wrist and threw her onto the sofa.
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The North Country Needle
poorly written.
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Rose Blink
My heart aches reading this
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I feel her pain for some reason, I jate a woman going for a check up by herself and her husband doesn’t care.

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