Married to Gambino

Married to Gambino

By:  Shalom Rex   Ongoing
Language: English
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Jenine who is the first Daughter Of Mr Tate got married to Alessio Gambino who is the Don of the Italian Mafia to save her family from going bankrupt. Alessio is known as the devil. He is heartless, cold and feared by all the Mafia What happens when Jenine is given off to him as his bride?? Will she be a Lost Lamb in a lion's den ?? Or will she,melt his cold heart

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9 Chapters
Jenine's PovPapa's Mafia was on the verge of bankruptcy or so I heard from the guardsToday was the day “ He “ was supposed to take Jamelle, my elder sister, as his bride. She has been relatively happy and chirpy all morning.I have heard whispers about the man she was supposed to get married to.“Gambino” the heir of the Italian Mafia feared by all mafiaI'll. I wonder how Papa managed to get him to agree to an alliance. The whispers around the house revealed that he had requested Jamelle's hand in marriage, and it seemed that everything was going according to plan.I saw two huge men strut into the house. They had an intoxicating and demanding aura. The man on the left caught my attention.He had blue eyes with depths I imagined the ocean to have. He had sharp cheekbones, disheveled brown hair that looked effortlessly styled.Yet it was clear what draws people in the first place. His AppearanceConventionally, attractive was too much of an understatement. I wasn't religious nor do
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Alessio's Pov“ Faster” she moaned as I thrust into her. I like my girls submissive and a bit of a bite to them.I hate physical touch, that's why I don't do missionary. I preferred to fuck from above or doggy.“Uhh Alessio I'm gonna cum “ she moaned. I thrust harder into her and released myself on her tits.She tried touching me “Uhh uhh you know the rules,” I said to her. My phone rang“Speak,” I said. “Well hello to you too” Andrew, my underboss , said. He was the only one who could respond to me like that but he knew where to draw the line.“What do you want and this better be important” I spoke angrily into the phone.“We were supposed to be with Tate Robert an hour ago,” Andrew said“Tate Robert??” I asked trying to act clueless“ Refresh my memory” “ Tate Robert, the Don of the American mafia whom you signed an alliance with in exchange for his daughter’” he saidOf course, I knew Tate Robert the man whom I spent every minute, second devising ways to give him a slow and painful
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Jenine's Pov I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and a maid was standing outside” madam Jenine your father has requested you in his study” she said and walked away.Papa has never requested for me in his office. My heart raced as I walked down the hall leading to Papa's office, my footsteps were loud and heavy to let him know I was coming his way.I knocked on the office door, I placed my hand on the doorknob and turned it. Jamelle and Stella were already inside.Papa stood there with his back to us. “ Yes papa?” I questioned strongly trying to hide my fear as I stood in front of his wooden desk which filled half of the room.The room was dim and his curtains were closed, not letting the sunlight through.The intimidation was seeping out of him in folds yet his back was turned to us as he spoke.“ There has been a change of plan and Jamelle Is no longer getting married to Allesio but now Jenine is” he declared with a careless but demanding tone.“ You are going to get marri
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Jenine's Pov My eyes met with brown eyes and dark hair, this wasn't Gambino, but the man who was beside him the day he came to our house.I stood there, embarrassment coating my whole being, but it couldn't amount to the one Papa felt at that moment.Jamelle stood there smirking with a glint in her eyesThe man strutted into the church, all the attention was on him because of his intimidating aura but it was little in comparison to that of Gambino's.“ Sorry to interrupt, I came here for the bride” he said smiling “ where is Mr Gambino?” Papa asked, trying to mask his nervousness.“ He will not be able to make it, he will send over the signed documents to you.” He said to Papa.“ Come here beautiful, don't just stand there and look pretty, let's go.” He said looking at me expectantly.“ Oh..yes” I said,his aura was so intimidating, it was as though anyone involved with Gambino had that air of intimidation around them.It was real, I was really going away to meet a man whom I knew not
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Alessio's PovToday was the day of the wedding, I had sent over a dress for her, one I handpicked.I saw the gown on my way to the office, and I stopped the car. The gown was beautiful and I knew immediately, it was going to look flawless on her.I had it sent over to her, she would have obviously been thinking that her father purchased it, but he didn't.He did not spend a dime for the wedding, not that I would have let him.I was in my normal everyday attire, but the difference today was that I made an effort to style my hair today.Normally, I wouldn't have done a wedding, we had already signed the papers so it was optional if I wanted a wedding or not.I only agreed to a wedding because I wanted her to have a false feeling of freedom and wanted her to experience the so-called cliche fairytale a naive lamb like her would have obviously dreamed of.These were perfectly woven by her mind, due to the fact that she looked like her father laid his hands on her.I knew this, due to the s
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Chapter 6
CHAPTER 6An Asshole.That was what he was.I brushed my teeth as I was reminiscing about the events that happened yesterday night.I was bold enough to tell him how I felt, but not in the manner I imagined.My body was boiling with anger when I saw him and I was sure he saw it in my eyes.I couldn't portray my anger the way I wanted, because he was so intimidating and scary.I saw some splashes of blood on his skin.He was truly a monster, he didn't come for the wedding, all because of a kill?I poured out all my anger on the toothbrush as I was brushing my teeth, leading to me bruising my gums.I hopped into the shower, and scrubbed my skin until I felt it was clean.I had always loved to pamper my skin, but at home, I wasn't provided with products for my skin.I avoided washing my hair, because it would take hours to dry.I was provided with Shea butter, at least one of the good things I got from staying here.I got out of the shower, and walked to the closet.I was shocked by how
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Chapter 7
Alessio's PovJenine walked out of the office with a storm brewing in her eyes.She appeared timid, hell she acts shy but she was feisty as hell when angered.My gaze moved to the girl who was standing close to Andrew.“Boss,” Andrew said.“ Speak Andrew,” I said, acknowledging him.“ She bit one of the men's dick in the club” Andrew said with a glint of mischief in his eyes.“ And…?” I asked, raising my brows.“ Mr Vincenzo said we should deal with her if not he'll stop coming to the club,” he said.Mr Vincenzo was one of the people who were involved in human trafficking. He was not a part of the Mafia, but he was aware of it and participated in the affairs.He was a businessman and lusted for money so he participated in human trafficking to gain more money.Human trafficking was a sore subject for me and I wanted to eradicate it fully even if I knew that was not possible.“ Did he strike you?” I asked, directing the question to the girl.I could see handprints on her body, but I was
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Jenine's povI tried getting close to him but I was burned in the process.I felt for him. Funny, because all he has done is treat me badly.I fell for the monster, I thought that at the end, monsters had feelings but it seems this monster doesn't.I sat down in the garden as I wrote in my journal. This journal has always been my safe space.I could feel the breeze on my skin, and hear the birds chirping as I wrote in my journal. The scene was indeed beautiful.I tried not to think about Gambino, but I failed when I saw him coming out of the house dressed, maybe he was done with the girl.I was not naive, I know what most men in this field do, at least he would have had the decency to not do it in the house where I could see and hear.I was so engrossed in writing, that I didn't notice when the weather changed until I felt a raindrop.I would have stayed outside and played in the rain, but I didn't know when Gambino would arrive and he would obviously not like his Wife behaving like a
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Alessio's PovMy eyes narrowed as I gazed out the window, I was consumed by the attempt on my life.Andrew had come yesterday night, and we discussed what happened. A tribute was sent to the family of the driver.I was a rational man, who did not jump to conclusions.It had come to my notice that those Russian rats had not yet left my territory.They had the nerve to attend my club, knowing fully that I would be informed and it seems they were purposely calling out for me.Normally, I would have ignored them and would have sent Andrew to take care of them, probably torturing them.But today was not a normal day. For some reason, I was feeling restless and it was probably due to Jenine.The sexual frustration if it was any other girl, she would have already had my cock in her mouth, but it was Jenine and I wanted to savor the moment with her.It was dark already, and the weather appeared gloomy, probably sensing what was going to happen.I put off my cigarette when the car came to a st
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