Chapter 11

James pov   FINALLY 

" I'm a gangleader" I mumbled quietly, I was afraid of this, of her being afraid of me. I finally got the courage to look back up and all I saw in her eyes was worry.

" James" she whispered looking at her feet and then back up at me. I could see fear in her eyes, pure fear. Well fucking done James you've scared her away.

" I can't" was all she said before she left the room taking my rotten black heart with her....... Shit I sound like a bitch now. She didn't even listen for the whole story.

She doesn't know why I'm here, she doesn't know what I've been through or what I've had to deal with.

I can't fucking let her walk away from me like that, not many people make me feel. 

Ava's pov 

Shit. He's a gangleader How could I not see this coming. Nothing ever goes right for me I should have fucking expected it. 

I have to take Emily and leave fast. I'm not risking anything if they find us this time we're going to die, don't get me wrong I don't care about my life whatsoever but I will do absolutely anything to keep her alive and happy. 

I have to leave Dixie and Greg, no one ever stays because they can't I won't let them. If someone hurts them because of me I'm going to go high into the mountains train like a beast and come down leaving body bags everywhere. They've already taken too much from me, hell no am I going to let this carry on. 

Once I get away from James I'm going to prepare, prepare for war.

Si vis pacem, para bellum -

If you want peace, prepare for war

I ran home and packed our clothes, quickly running to Dixies, I gently lifted her from the sofa. Dixie was beside her with some chocolates in hand, Emily looked up at me, she may be a child but she can tell what's going on. Her little features began to look sadder. 

" what's going on Ava" she asked, I grabbed Emily's coat from the hanger and smiled, a sad smile. 

" something difficult, I'll try to be back, please stay safe and tell Greg the same" 

" I love you" 

" take care my children I love you, Emily here's some sweets" she approached us quickly, handing Emily the sweets she kissed us both on the forehead. I could see her eyes become glossy. Oh god no.  

" love you aunt dixshiii" Emily squealed.  With one last smile I ran out.

Without stopping I gathered all our shit, mostly Emily's toys and clothes, I can deal with mine later there's not enough time. 

I managed to get most of our stuff in 2 little suitcases, Emily dragged her peppa pig one as I held our bags and my suitcase. Once we reached outside I picked Emily up and held onto her bag. 

Glancing around the frosty cars I looked for a taxi, luckily a yellow cab stopped right in front of me. 

I was just about to get inside when someone grabbed Emily from me, I spun around ready to fight until I realised it was James. He looked at me with many emotions running through his usually emotionless eyes.

" where were you going?" he asked calmly, it felt like the silence before the storm, 

" s..somewhere" I stuttered, he gripped tightly onto Emily and she snuggled into him happily not knowing or caring about what's going on.

" avvy said we going on trip" James glanced at Emily then back at me.

" trips fucking cancelled get inside" 

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