Chapter 10

Morning came around pretty quickly, with a quick morning stretch I cleared the sofa of the blankets and went back to my room. My bare feet padded against the cold wood making me shiver.

With a yawn I gently opened my door to see James laying so still you'd think he was dead, the blanket covered half his body leaving the rest out to be me cause he's sexy. 

After I put the blankets away I sat on the bed and started to shake him harshly, this guy is going to take at least 10 years to shower and get ready, I cannot be late today.

" James....James wake up " I groaned whilst pushing his solid muscles, his face atayed unnervingly still making me groan again. Dammitttt I'm gonna kill him.

10 minutes of constant shaking and groaning did nothing, he still lies in my bed with his face looking peaceful and his body relaxed.  Ok then Mr dick plan Emily might wake you up.

Taking in in a deep breath I calmed myself.

Ready steady go.

" Omg James Emily is screaming!!!" I yelled into his ear with fake fear lacing my tone, out of no where James' body jolted from the bed and out of my room.  Damn I'm good, laughing to myself I patted my back with a smirk, well done Ava you deserve a fucking Oscar.

A minute later James ran back into the room with his jaw and fist clenched, he looks furious, 

"Ava what the fuck" he whisper/yelled at me, his intense gaze burned into my soul forcing  a shiver to run down my spine. Literally ruining my whole mood.

" James it was a joke" I yelled back, He held the door frame with such pressure his hand started to turn yellow, as I slowly stood up James quickly grabbed his shirt from the chair before storming out of my room.

What the fuck was that.

After minutes of revaluating everything I did I made my bed, pushed my feelings down and walked towards Emily's room.

" hey Em" I whispered as I stepped  through the splintered door frame; her eyes met mine with gloss covering them. There's  worry radiating of her.

" James ran out of my room angwy, is he mad with me" she quivered, her breath started to shake and I knew exactly  what's coming next, crying; the old routine.

" no baby don't worry he just went home to get clothes" I said as I stroked her silky hair. Pulling her into my lap I rocked her back and forth whilst whispering sweet nothing's intending to calm her down.

After Emily stopped crying I got her changed and got ready into a pair of black skinny jeans and a black tank top with a black hoodie and trainers, I don't want to be noticed, I don't know what to do with his bipolar ass. 

He just apologised yesterday yet here he goes again doing the exactly same thing, what am I to do. 

Leaving home was a hard thing to do, I had to convince Emily that everything was fine. She made me promise the boys would come over today, this would be the only promise I won't be able to keep. 

Once I got into school I headed straight for my locker. I can't miss classes so hopefully this day will go by quick with no interruptions from James or the guys. 

Unfortunately he was right there, James was stood a few feet away from my locker speaking to Aiden and Connor, they seemed to be in a heated discussion. Look away Ava it's none of your business, I had to tell myself. 

I'll just ignore him. Taking out my English and maths book I tried to ignore the lasers burning into my back. I hope it's not him that's staring. 

As I started to walk away I felt someone grab my legs, the person threw me over his shoulders easily causing me to drop my bag and book.

For a second I thought it was a random man but the whiff of air around me fixed the puzzle, his Paco Roban trophy scent flooding my nostrils. 

"James you dumbass let me down" I screamed whilst pounding on his back, he ignored my pleas and carried on walking. There wasn't many people littering the hallways but they still could have helped, they stood still and watched in shock. Pussys.

After a minute I went quite, my screaming wasn't doing nothing but hurting vocal chords. 

 He opened a door and I was dropped onto a table, I glared at James but he stuck his usual blank expression on.

" why would you do that" he asked calmly, I was confused for a second before it clicked, why did I pull a joke are you fucking kidding me?

" it was a joke, you wouldn't wake up so I decided to do that, why did you become so damn sensitive" I accused angrily, my anger from this morning adding to the blood being forced into my head. 

James didn't say a word, silence falling over the tense atmosphere. I can't deal with this shit right now. Pushing the chair out of my way I began walking towards the door, just as I reached for the handle James pulled me back roughly. 

" I'm sorry" he whispered for the second time, I looked at my trainers trying to avoid piercing gaze but that's until he gently lifted my chin forcing me to stare into his emotion filled eyes.

" Ava please listen I'm sorry" I couldn't help but reply.

" why did you do that, Emily cried when you left, she though your anger was because of her" I said in hope of understanding his random outburst, his face looked confused, as if having a mental battle with himself. Taking a deep breath he sat on the table behind him, running a hand through his hair again. He does that when he's nervous. 

" fuck baby" he grumbled insider his breath.

" I'm...I'm a" 

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