Chapter 3

I got my schedule and headed to my first class maths, ugh who puts maths as first period on a Monday morning. That's fucking torture. CIA should use this schools tactics on how to mentally torture poor helpless human beings. Monsters. 

334, the grey numbers stood out on the oak door. I was hesitating to go inside not only because I've already made a statement and can't hide but also the fact that I hate people. I peered through the criss crossed window to see very one already seated; even worse. 

With fake confidence I stepped into the awfully quiet room. The  mumbling and side glances from every single person in the class had me rolling my eyes, news travels quick.

The teacher forced me to introduce myself so I stated my name and took a seat at the back of the class. Fuck me up the asshole if I have to suffer in a class with these people for any longer. I should be fucked up the asshole. 

Classes went by slow but it finally came to lunch, I was so hungry I could feel my stomach eating itself. The hanger forcing me to dodge and dive every human trying to come In contact with me, sorry darlings foods calling. I definitely prefer food over people I mean who doesn't.  

After 5 minutes of wandering the halls I found  the big wooden doors. Here I come baby.   I carried on my way towards the obvious dinner queue, analysing the busy tables I began to understand the school a little more. 

They run on cliche terms. A table for the pretty girls. A table for the nerds, table for the jocks and so on and so on. But.... there's an odd one out, sticks out like a sore thumb. 

In the middle of the room there's a table where there's just 3 men.  3 very very handsome men, they seemed to be in a comfortable silence as, no food, no drinks. Before they could catch me staring I decided to look away, food I'm coming baby don't worry.

After waiting in the line for more than 10 minutes I managed to get fries, pizza, a cola can and a chocolate muffin mmm my insides couldn't wait to devour it. 

WHO PUT THE MUFFINS IN THE FREEZER, no seriously who did because they're cold. 

With happiness in my steps I sauntered towards an empty table at the back which I spotted on my way in. 

The many voices in the cafeteria had me thinking, did I miss it. Did I miss socialising and spending time with people other than Emily and Dixie. I did, a big part of me missed being carefree even if it was for a few hours a day, I would laugh and run around like a crackhead back then. Look at me now.

Too busy in my feelings I didn't react quick enough to someone grabbing my muffin. My body came to an immediate halt scanning for the dirty thief but before I spotted her she shoved me. 

It was barbie the single mean girl. All movements In the cafeteria came to a standstill to witness round 2. 

"Just doing a fellow student a favour"  she sneered. ok I don't believe in violence but this childish girl is asking for it. First I pryed the beautiful muffin out of her hold, wasn't easy with the acrylic nails she has glued on to her manly hands. 

Then I placed my tray on the table besides me with a little bang for extra effect. It worked, her confident facade dropped for about a millisecond before she smiled again, she really needs that white smile thing I swear. 

Her gaze couldn't hold my strong one as she tried to inconspicuously  hide half her body behind a muscular looking jock, bit too obvious. 

" listen here cake face, touch my food again and I will chop your A cup boobs of and stuff them up your loose asshole. " again just like in the hall everyone began laughing, yet she looked at me like I threatened Queen Elizabeth. Bitch pleaseee.

Picking my tray up, I walked straight passed her shocked face for the second time today. I took a seat on my desired table at the back of the hall ready to finally eat. But obviously God seems to be mad at me because as my bum hit the seat I heard more seats pull out. 

Ok explain this to me, if I make it so damn obvious I have no intention of making friends or speaking to anyone why in the lords name would someone sit next to me. 

I was trying to ignore them by eating but their eyes were still on me.  Lifting my gaze from the plate I was ready to begin hurting their feelings.

 I froze as soon as my eyes lifted from the food, it's the 3 guys, Hate to keep saying it but they fine as hell.

All eyes were on me for a good minute as it looked like they were scrutinising me, trying to find a flaw or something. Seems like nothing came up cause they all turned to look at the main guy, the man who was with bimbo this morning. 

" what do you want" I asked after stuffing the pizza in my mouth, this was needed......not the stuffing part just the food I swear. I probably look like a pig on steroids right now but a women gotta eat to SURVIVE. 

Wiping the corner of my mouth I clicked my fingers, they all kept their eyes locked on mine,  staring as if I'm either the sexiest women on the planet or an alien.  

" what" I whisper yelled, 2 out of the 3 boys jumped out of the trance and replaced the surprised look to a cocky one. 

"I like her " the blonde man said

" hmm" the brunette mumbled 

"can we keep her" cutie pie squealed,  2 of the guys looked at me in awe and without thinking I returned the look with a mouthful of chips. 

" why are you sitting here " I asked as I gulped down the cola. The fittest one who I called brunette put his feet on the table and looked at me.

" can we not  baby girl" he asked,  a shiver ran  down my spine as the pet name registered in my brain, it reminds me of da.............. 

Crashing my train of thoughts I looked back up a little dazed, cutie pie and blondie didn't notice but brunette did. Leaning closer his face went rock hard .

" what happened" he asked, I shot him a small smile before looking away.

"nothing, bye brunette, blondie and cutie pie gotta go" I grabbed my bag and ran out of there like a child running from the boogyman. I couldn't risk anyone finding out here.

All that would do is complicate everything further, I'm here to get an education and leave, none of this sappy bullshit. 

The rest of the day flew by thankfully, I missed Emily so much it was unbelievable.

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