Midst of Chaos(English)

Midst of Chaos(English)

By:  Pia Montesa  Ongoing
Language: English
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A years ago, Xeenalah had her precious family not until she finds out that her father works for Bruse Mafia. Her father killed by them for not making the antidote that they want. Xeenalah's family meddled into it but unfortunately, they all died. Months past, Celestina, her cousin invited her to someone's shelter until they came to Es Sorores place. They helped her seeking for revenge and justice. But later on, one in her missions messed up all of her plans when she met "H", the current Mafia leader of Bruse. And, those lies that had been not told for years came up to her, making Xeena realizes that she's seeking justice to the wrong people.

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16 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter One Xeenalah's POV "Good job! Agent 44! " Klein complimented. Also known as Agent 45. He's usually my partner in my every missions because he's next to my codename. And good thing we're close to each other. Now, I'm here in our shooting range. It is located in our headquarters. In the middle of this freaking dark forest. The paper where I am shooting at is automatically moved forward to me. And, just wow! Even me, myself can't believe that I almost shoot them all. All of the target. Wow. I'm really impressed with myself. "You're improving, my dear Xeenalah. I like that, " he said. "Correction, Agent 44. And please, stop it, Klein, " I said too. "Correction, Agent 45, " he said while mimicking my voice. "Whateva, " I said and rolled my eyes at him. "Hey! That's enough! Go back to your rooms
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Chapter 2
Chapter Two "Hi, Xeena. " She greeted. How fake. "What do you want, Freyia? " I asked with calling her in her real name. "Nothing. I just wanted to say good luck in our mission ," she answered. I didn't bother her by that. She's just here to piss me off anyway. When I started walking again, I stopped because she took my arm. I immediately tapped her hand but I guess, she doesn't have a plan to remove her hand on mine. I shot her my death glare at immediately punched her diaphragm. "B*tch. " She hissed. She immediately kick me a punch but I avoided it. She moved fast and swift her body. She gave me again a one punch but I kick her immediately. She fell on the floor but quickly fixed herself and started targeting me again. We continued our quarrel when in the midst of our fight, someone strike a blade at us. We both stopped. 
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Chapter 3
Chapter Three A moment later, I heard some footsteps and a noise of two people talking. Wait what? They're many?! I started to find where it is. And suddenly, my eyes fell at the door of our main head's office. I guess, that is where the noise coming from. I hide somewhere and tried to a peek. I tried to not make a single noise. At first, I can't see anyone inside but when my eyes landed on the big mirror, I saw the reflection of a woman. We both have the same body and as well as the hair length and color. But unlike her, I'm taller. Who is she?  What is she doing here? "Yes, don't worry, H. " I heard from her. She has a sweet voice. And, I know someone who's just like her voice. No other than Agent 38. I knew it! This is a restricted area for us, lower agents but she tried to sneek in here. And worst, she's talking to someone with t
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Chapter 4
Chapter Four I was just eight-years old when I my father came back to our home. Yes, he left us for the Bruse Mafia. He worked there for years, he use all his knowledge to work to them but because of changes, he decided to leave that organization. And of course, the consequences of that, he'll die. And so as my Mom. But little did we know, before that tragedy happened, when he came back, he introduced Freyia as my step-sister.  Ever since, we never got close to each other. We are not alike. We're really different that what makes us avoid each other.  And, I hate her. Err, even know. Nothing change though. She's always competing with me. She's really persistent that she can win against me. I think her mind's kinda something. Why did she think that I'm different from her? I mean, yeah. We're different on what things we like but we are the same. We're both a great agent. Why does she doesn't knew that?&nbs
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Chapter 5
Chapter Five I'm not still in the end of wit when someone recklessly entered my room. I got alarmed quickly so I got throw my card at him. He was shocked so he wasn't able to avoid my card. I looked at him then I saw Klein. I also saw the small wound on his cheek.  Ops. "How dare you to ruin my handsome face, Xeenalah?! " He hissed. "Stop calling my real name here. Someone might hear you at makilala ako, " I said. He looked at me. "Calling you "Agent 44" is too overrated. I'm fed up. And so what if they heard your real name? I know that you can kill them in just a snap. And besides, your name is really beautiful, " he answered and took a sit on my bed. "Beautiful but very dangerous. "  "Yeah. " he smirked to what I said.  "Close your eyes, " I ordered. "Hay, Xee
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Chapter 6
Chapter Six 'Apologize to her... ' I gritted my teeth.  Do I really need to do that? Tsk. I took a deep breathe. I took glance at the two agents in our front. They're busy teasing each other. I guess, they wouldn't hear what would I speak to Freyia. Besides I can minimize my voice and Freyia has a sharp ear. "Frey... " I called her. "What?" "I'm sorry. " I intend to lower my voice.  Her brows furrowed. "Wow, did the bad elements entered you? " She mocked. I glared at her. "Tsk, forget what I said! " I hissed. I immediately avoided her gaze. After that, I heard her laugh. "Hey, you're too hot-headed! " She joked. "Because I'm hot too, " I answered. "You're hot because? " "Of the gravity of the earth. "
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Chapter 7
Chapter Seven "Hello, this is agent 45, over. " I slightly moved in my airpods to my ear. Agent 66 is on my side since he's my apprentice here. "Are you still fine, Agent 44? " 66 asked. "Of course! I'm not an agent if I'm weak! "  "I'm just asking! You're too arrogant! " He said. "I just answered your question. " "I said this is Agent 45, over! " Our eardrums almost broke when we heard 45 shouted through the line. "Damn it! We know! " 66 shouted too. "What's happening there? " I asked "As usual, the famous business mens and womens are here. Now, the one ancient sculpture from China is in our front. Since it's illegal, they propably stole it, " saad ni 45. "Seriously? What's with that anyway? " I grimaced. "They believe that this will help them to get
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Chapter 8
Chapter Eight No! No! It's not him!  He has a beautiful red eyes! "Damn. Who are you?! " He asked. "Shouldn't I be the one who's asking that? You're a freaking busybody! You'll pay for this but since you're curious, I'm the Agent 44. See you in hell! " I said and kick his groin. But again, he managed to avoid it. "So, you're the agent that our Commander is crazy for? " I heard him said. Commander? Crazy? What?! "What the?! " I spoke and he pay me back with a kick too. Since the floor is made of tiles and it is slippy, I kneeled and let myself slide on the floor, under his kicks. "Enough, H! Help me here, you bastard! " He shouted. I am in awe. It's the codename "H"!  "You know that codename "H"?! " I said. "So what, Agent? He's my boss! " I stood up and defensed myse
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Chapter 9
Chapter Nine Third Person's Point of View "You know what, Agent 45, I'll follow them, " Agent 38 said. She can't keep herself in time like this, where her sister is in danger. Because even though she hates Xeena a lot, she loves her somehow. But that thing wouldn't be effective on Klein. "Hey, that's dangerous. Let the police handle the situation, " Klein pleaded. "But, what if they don't make it in time? They will die there! Or, they will be seen! " Freyia almost shouted. But, their shouting got aborted because they both heard the sirens from the police mobiles. "Fudge, we can't be seen here, " Klein whispered. "But— " "We have no time. Let's go. Sa gubat na tayo daraan, " He whispered again. "What? No way! Er... " "Tsk! Don't be choosy this time! " Klein got irritated
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Chapter 10
Chapter Ten   Xeenalah's Point of View   Cold.   That's the only thing I can describe to where am I. Because of too much coldness, I opened my eyes quickly. I saw the blue-oceanic color of the sky and I just realized the we're in the road. I stunt. What?! I slept here?! Those bastards! Tsk. What do you expect, Xeena?! Theyre enemies, don't hope that they will help you...   And for that, I stopped of what I thought.   If they're really our enemies, why did they help us out there?   Ugh.   "66, wake up. "   "Hmmm..."   "Wake up! " And because my patience is too short, I slapped his face so hard. I saw how his cheeks becomes red because of that.   "What the?! That's too much! " He hissed.   "Tsk! Just look where we are! Those goons! " I said in full of irrita
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