The Seductive Temptress

The Seductive Temptress

By:  Shorty  Ongoing
Language: English
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With the death of Skylar Montana's parents she's shoved into an orphanage waiting for her 18th birthday so she can be free and go to college. But she's adopted by Tyler Black before that happens. She's thrown into a world of the mafia. She has no choice but to help the mafia to be a spy or death awaits her. But what happens when her life becomes miserable and she tries to kill herself because of one man? Will she get the freedom she seeks or will she be destroyed in the process?

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9 Chapters
Chapter 1
I can tell you the exact moment my life went up in flames. The moment where everything came tumbling down and I wished that death would take me. The familiar that I knew was gone in an instant and I was left with no where to go. It all started when my parents died when I turned seventeen and I was shoved into an orphanage. My parents and I were out to celebrate my birthday when a truck came out of nowhere and hit our car my parents died on the scene and I was taken to the hospital. I woke up in the hospital a week later to learn my parents had died and that I am an orphan. No one from my family wanted to take me in as they said raising a teenager was too much work so instead I was shoved into an orphanage with no one who I knew and no one who cared for me. I was living in the orphanage for two months and saw how the younger children all got adopted. I didn't mind them being adopted but I felt jealous towards them because hopefully they would get a happy family again. I missed my par
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Chapter 2
The look on my face must have been terrified because Mr. Black said in a way to casual way " Don't be scared that guy had it coming to him he stole some merchandise from my son and he just took care of it. Come along I'll introduce you two then you can settle in before dinner." I reluctantly followed Mr. Black inside the house because one I din't want to stay outside as it began pouring rain and the men with the guns scared the shit out of me. So I walked inside and a gasp left me. The house was huge inside the front door opened up in a big living room with a L-shape couch and some arm chairs around the room a huge tv against the white walls. On one side was glass doors that led outside onto a deck. I scanned the room and my eyes fell on a man that was stretched out on one of the couches with his head laying on the backrest with a glass in his hand. I couldn't see his face properly but he was wearing black suit pants and white button shirt with a tie that hang loose around his neck
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Chapter 3
I woke up to the sun shining into my bedroom I open my eyes and thought back to last night. Dinner wasn't too bad Matt and Mr Black seem like nice people if you put the fact that they are mafia to the side. A knock on my door had me pulled from my thoughts I got up and opened the door. Matt was standing there in workout clothes staring down at me. He is really tall at 6 ft and I am a mere 5 ft 2. I look up at him and lift any eyebrow at him. He shakes his head at me and say. "Come on Skylar it's time for your training." "I'll just get dressed and meet you downstairs." i replied and he nodded and walked down the hall. I got dressed in a sportsbra and legging with my trainers. Putting my hair up in a messy bun. I make my way downstairs to the gym. Matt had told me last night that we would be training in the gym that's in the basement. I make my way downstairs to the gym and see Matt punching a bag. He turns when I step closer and looks me up and down again. What the fuck is with thi
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Chapter 4
Its been a whole month since I have been living with Tyler and Matt I came to know them better and I must say they have been nice to me so far with other people not so much. They had a reputation for being ruthless to those who piss them off but to me they have been good. Tyler had someone home school me so I can finish my schooling he also said that once I was eighteen I could go to college on the condition I still help them out on missions when they need me. Today however is the big day it is the day of my first mission and I am nervous as fuck. My training has been going good and I am already a pro at pole dancing which is weird to say I only need to learn how to do a lap dance but Tess said it is easy and she will show me today before I have to go tonight to complete my mission. So here I am going downstairs to the gym to do my first lap dance. I'm wearing my regular workout clothes a sportsbra and leggings but this time with heels and my hair is hanging down my back in soft curl
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Chapter 5
Standing infront of the mirror I stare at myself. I look totally different like someone else entirely. My long black hair is curled and it falls down my back, my green eyes stand out against the black mascara and eyeliner. My lips look juicy with the red lipstick coating them. My eyes travel down my body I'm wearing a black lace bra that push my boobs up making them almost spill out. My flat stomach is bare except for the bellybutton ring I have in. I'm wearing a black leather skirt that just covers my ass no doubt if I bend down you will see my black lace thong I have on. The black leather high heel boots I'm wearing goes up to my mid thigh. I really look like a stripper I mutter to myself. Looking down on my vanity table I grab the mask to put it on my face. I really don't want anyone seeing my face. I tie the silk straps around my head the mask is black and covers my entire face except for my eyes, nose and mouth.I stare at my reflection I kind off look hot if I do have to say i
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Chapter 6
I'm standing backstage in the strip club hearing hoe I'm introduced."Our next performer is one in a million she's sexy, feisty and knows how to please a man give it up for The Seductive Temptress." the dj yells over the microphone and my music starts playing.I slowly walk from behind the curtains the men are shouting and howling at me. I appear on stage and make my way to the pole. All eyes are on me but I shut them out concentrating on the music I start to move my hips to the rhythm.I grab the pole walking in circles then I spot the man I want. He is sitting at the stage right in the center and I make my way towards him while holding on to the pole. I turn my back on him and bend down giving him a look at my ass. I drop my head and look at him between my legs and our eyes lock onto each other. I give him a wink and stand back up straight. I continue my Seductive dance and just before the music ends I make my way towards him again but this time ignoring him and give my attention to
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Chapter 7
Six months later.Its been seven months since I have been living with Tyler and Matt. After my first mission I had been given plenty more over the past six months. I have learned so much including that I had natural hacking skills. I became one of the best hackers in the country thanks to Tyler. No one could get into any software where I had placed my skills. I also had lots of dance missions just like my first and I quickly became a favorite for all the targets who owed money to Tyler. Over the past few months I trained every day and I have become so strong I could take down anyone who dares to touch me except for Matt he was still stronger than me. A lot about me has changed I'm more comfortable with myself and feisty, my body changed as well. Where I usually had a small waist and flat stomach I now still had a small waist but with distinct abs, I still had big breasts and ass but a lot more firmer. My arms and legs were toned over all I loved my new body. My relationship with Mat
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Chapter 8
I woke up today with a weird feeling. Something in the back of my mind keeps nagging at me that Something bad is going to happen. What that bad thing is, I don't know. So here I am laying in my bed and staring at the white ceiling. Numerous thoughts is running through my mind.It's been nine whole months since my parents died and I have been pushing thoughts of them away so I won't break down and cry. My life is flashing through my head. How did I end up here? It took just a few months for someone to turn my world upside down and no it's not for the better. Living with Tyler and Matt is not easy they are ruthless to anyone who disobeys them and I, I was turned into a killer. I don't know how I feel about that or if I even want to feel anything about it. It's just to difficult to think about it so instead I push my feelings away. I'm a mess inside but I won't show it to anyone that will make me weak especially in this new world I was forced to live in. The only thing that keeps me going
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Chapter 9
It's been two days since Matt raped me. Two days of constant pain and constant crying. I felt disgusted not only with Matt but myself as well. I felt dirty, violated and used. I have never experienced self hate as much as I did at this moment. I have been avoiding Matt and Tyler for the last two days I just didn't have the energy to do anything so I locked myself in my room. I haven't had the strength to eat or even take a shower the last two days. I tried sleeping but the memories of Matt raping me kept me from it. I am falling deeper and deeper into a state of feeling numb and not caring about anything. I could end this suffering and join my parents. A voice kept telling me inside my head. As much as I wanted to be strong I couldn't. So here I am laying in the bath tub filled with water. Hands clutching my knife I always carry with me. I stare at the blade in my hand and a feeling of calmness settles within me. I know in this moment it's the best option for me.I take the blade an
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