Callisto’s Gift

Callisto’s Gift

By:  narniaresidentno5  Completed
Language: English
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When 15-year-old Callisto's life's flipped completely upside down in a matter of hours, it's up to to her and her companions to restore a broken kingdom before an evil warlock, Zephyr, destroys all she holds dear. They travel across the nation of Pasiphae to find the only person who can help them, an old, wise wizard who has the power to beat Zephyr. Can this sheltered teenage unite a divided kingdom? Or will Zephyr and the darkness and pain of the real world show her that most things in life are out of her control? •••Updates Every Sunday and Wednesday at 11:11 am EST

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34 Chapters
Nathaniel and I followed the screams of terror through the courtyard and found ourselves in front of the doors to the ballroom. He told me to get behind him, which I did, but even his broad back wasn’t large enough to hide the reality we walked into. Soldiers and guards, the ones who swore to protect us with their lives, were slaughtering everyone in the room. Women and children too. I couldn’t fathom the situation, and neither did Nathaniel, however we didn’t have time to when a guard turned to us and immediately lunged at us with his sword raised. 
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I tried looking around to see if there was anyone still sane enough to help us, and that was when I saw my father trying to fight off three guards with Nathaniel’s father as his mother held mine in her arms on the floor. I saw the blood on her dress, but I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t hers. I lied to myself as I called out to them. Nathaniel’s father turned to us, and told us to run, but a guard saw this as an opening and ran him through. 
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Two days into our journey and all I did was complain. I wasn’t used to walking for long periods of time and used that as an excuse to annoy Nathaniel and George. I told them that we should’ve stayed behind and helped everyone out like how Luke did. I called Nathaniel and George a bunch of cowards for placing our well-being over others and that made Nathaniel snap. 
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I remember walking through darkness following the sounds of my parents’ voices calling out for me. Their voices grew more urgent the closer I got to them, so I ended up running until I found myself standing in front of the doors that led to the ballroom. I knew what I would see if I walked in, so I turned around and tried to run away, but my feet were stuck to the ground. I looked down to see blood everywhere. The blood was holding my feet down and I couldn’t get out of it. I followed the trace until my eyes landed on the source, my parents lifeless bodies. 
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Two days passed, and Nathaniel was still angry with Donatello for knocking him out and taking him away from the confrontation. For the sake of breaking the horrible atmosphere, I asked George where we were going, and he told me to check the map. I opened it and it was moving. As in the map was getting smaller with every step the horse took. We stopped and so did the map. We were puzzled by what was happening, but decided to continue along. 
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That night, we walked into the most crowded bar we could find and told everyone in there that I knew where the missing girls were. A few guards asked me for proof, and I told them that I saw them take the girls deep into the woods and I barely escaped with my life. When they asked who the kidnapper was, I pinne
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The immediate aftermath of the incident wasn’t all that dangerous. Emmanuel, Sage and the rest of the town gave us supplies for the rest of our journey, and apparently Emmanuel knew who we were. He told Donatello and George that “Nathaniel is a bit immature, but with time he’ll make an incredible king,” which w
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We continued travelling along, following the map, and Donatello and George taught Nathaniel and I self-defense along the way. Nathaniel already had some sort of training as the crown prince, but I had never even been allowed to hold a knife, so I struggled a bit. Even though I felt like I was holding everyone b
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Joan and Donatello arrived a little bit earlier than predicted and immediately noticed that they were in a military town. Military towns were towns located near military camps. Most supplies for the camp are attained from these kinds of towns. The most distinctive feature of military towns is the presence of soldiers, everywhere. However, they managed to avoid most of them and get to the town’s clinic. That’s when they met Nara.
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Before I could even get my bearings, debri began to crumble above me and I had to dive out of the way to avoid getting hurt. I looked up to see what almost fell on my head, and I saw the Palace of Ceres, my home. It was on fire and falling apart. I stood in awe and horror at the sight of my home being burned to
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