Muses Of The Bothy

Muses Of The Bothy

By:  K.G. MUNRO  Ongoing
Language: English
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What does being a powerful woman mean? This question is at the core of this book where we see every female protagonist from different circumstances go through various challenges and do their best to navigate them. Our adventure starts with Patina Garcia, an artist who falls into poverty after her grandparents pass away but encounters a surprising new destiny when she discovers a Bothy in Scotland for sale. Then we meet Rose Marley, an elderly widow whose life takes an unexpected yet drastic turn after buying a Bothy. Then there is Clarissa Gould, a woman escaping domestic abuse after a fist fight with her narcissistic ex-boyfriend that leads her to a new home in the mountains. Further on, we meet Kendrick Samuel's, a happily married expectant mother whose life is turned upside down when she finds out that her husband is a hybrid on the run. Next, we have Maria Morgan, a woman on the run after being broken out of a sanitorium that she's spent the last year in after being accused of murder. Finally, we meet Audrey Willow, an unsatisfied housewife who battles a drug, and alcohol addiction before meeting a politician who changes her life forever.

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53 Chapters
Chapter 1 – Carnations & Foreclosure 
Harp strings played as the mass of veils, and sad suits gathered paying their respects.       In the corner, a young woman sat with a sketch book, her tears like ink blots on a lonely canvas. Relatives from each corner of the globe had attended and paid their respects. Most of these cousins, aunties, and uncles had never called or visited before today. Patina Garcia thanked each relation who came over to console her. The crowd dispersed to the reception and Patina gave the urns that held the ashes of both grandparents a kiss before turning out the lights. On the chair she had been sitting on was a sketchpad with portraits of both her gra
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Chapter 2 - Past The City, And One Bothy Later
Patina watched the city fade, and be replaced by a vast landscape of stars, planets, intermingled with the constellations. Unfortunately, pollution made it difficult to see the wonders of the universe even with the best telescope. From tall buildings to cactuses, sand and tree's, the icy winds made Her luscious brown locks danced, and swayed underneath the skylight. Each step felt like a burden less she had to carry. The next town was a few miles from here but she had spent most of her money on the bothy, flights, and so on. The cliffs in distance were a testament to natures craftsmanship, they blended well with the starlight, and fauna dotted around. Patina felt an image forming in her head. She perched her body onto a bolder before unzipping her bag to retrieve a pallet, a brush, three tubes of paint, and a miniature canvas. Each brush stroke carried her fears away, creating a world of ethereal beauty where bills didn't exist, and respo
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Chapter 3 - A Mystery Man With An Eye For Art
The highlands of Scotland were a wondrous blend of hills, woods, and mountains. Even the air was lighter, and fresher which was a nice change from congested cities, and people at every turn.   Patina had taken a bus to the outskirts of where the Bothy was located, but to get to it required a few miles of hiking. She didn't care as long as she could make it to her Bothy. At the airport, she had bought some food (mostly protein bars, chocolate, pre-packed burritos etc) but she would be burning it off so she was comforted by that fact. She wanted to get healthier, and this had been a battle for her since her grandparents died. She made it over the hill before pausing taking in the crisp air, the sun was shining all over the mountains this morning. She took in the fresh air when a crow dove in front of her causing her to stumble back
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Chapter 4 - Catch Me As I Fall
Patina wallowed for hours. Her spirit was broken, the floodgates of her grief opened, drowning the last spec of optimism she had, and if she were honest, she was tired of fighting. "So much for my new life." She moaned scrapping the dirt with her fingers. "Patina!" an elderly voice shouted. She ignored it not having enough strength to move her head. She felt a hand touching her shoulder so she looked towards the figure. Her head shot up seeing her Grandmother standing there in all her glory. Angelic, her grandmother adorned a white tunic with a pink cardigan, her hair was in curls, and resembled the snapshots of her youth. She felt stunned. "Hello dear, I know you've been struggling. Myself, and your grandfather have been watching, but I can promise you that things will get better but you need to keep go
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Chapter 5 - Caught In A Painting
Patina drummed her fingers on the steering wheel, the eeriness, and silence in the air was akin to the encounters from folklore with legends of beasts that roamed these lands. Her gut screamed at her to leave but she was steadfast. Eric had stolen a piece of her soul, and for that he was going to pay.  Eric sat by the fire chewing a tough piece of deer he had culled, skinned and cooked earlier on. Sauce smeared across his mouth; he cracked his back sighing as the tension was released from his bones. He stripped the bone and tossed it, he wiped his mouth with a rag and stared intently at the flames of the fire. His lips curled up at the image of Patina crying over her precious paintings, and how easy it had been for him to steal her trust. A noise made his ears twitch, he had travelled, and c
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Chapter 6 - A Bothy, An Artist, A Dream Fulfilled
Life has a weird of working out as Patina discovered, especially, now that Eric is prosecuted, and has to serve a fair stint in jail. She applied a stroke of emerald blue before marvelling at the deer frolicking in the grass. A yearling started licking the edge of her canvas so Patina gently nudged it back with the palm of her hand. From her vest pocket she gave the yearling silage to chew on instead. Patina gathered her brushes packing them away one by one to be cleaned once she has finished up the final touches to her landscape. The clouds rolled in casting shadows across the valley, Patina dabbed out the air bubbles on the painting smoothing them over. She held a bottle of setting spray, giving the canvas a once over, before removing it from the easel. She put the landscape inside before clearing away the rest of her art supplies. The deer were retreating to the woods with a few stragglers still playing around in the grass.
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A Bothy For Tea - Story Two
Chapter 1 – Morning Tea, A Newspaper, And A Bothy  A batch of burnt toast, the kettle whistled in protest, and the TV remote had been eaten by the couch for the fifth time.  Rose Marley shuffled her arthritic hips across the blue vinyl, removing the kettle from the heat ending its tantrum. She made herself a cup of tea, discarded the cremated toast, and took her newspaper with her into the living room. She placed her tea, and newspaper upon the table turning off the TV. The set is over ten years old but Rose preferred her books anyway so the television along with the VHS would be outside by tonight. She put on a pair of
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Chapter 2 - Construction, Threats From The Locals
Rose strolled into the bustling building site with a white hardhat, and a cheerful smile draped across her ruby lips. A man was giving orders in the distance. His name is Daniel Blasio, but he preferred to be called Mr Blasio. He works as a builder, and site manager and has over twenty years of experience. Rose had clicked with him from the moment they had spoken over the phone. She just knew that he was perfect for the project. Over the last couple of weeks, he had done a superb job, and they were making swift progress. She surveyed the Bothy; it looked secured although it needed a definite facelift but it was a start. A shadow projected from the side of the building. Rose squinted her eyes struggling to see it before the shadow was gone. "Must be Tom." she whispered staring at the spot the shadow had occupied. Rose broke her ga
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Chapter 3 - Laws, Obstacles, & Mr Henderson
Rose pulled up to the building site, so far, the roof had been replaced, and a new one was being fitted today. The weather had held out with sunshine, and a few drizzles from time to time. The builders diligently worked away. Seeing everyone so impassioned made Rose ecstatic, especially, after dealing with the setbacks they had encountered to get to this point. The windows were now fixed, each wall now reinforced. Rose checked her list. There's still the roof, the doors, interiors, and chimney to fix. They had six more weeks to complete the project before she ran out of money. However, there was no use in worrying about something she had no control over.Mr Blasio greeted Rose from behind making her jump "Hello Mrs Marley, I'm sorry if I frightened you."Rose smiled, "It's fine Mr Blasio. So how much progress are we making?" she enquire
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Chapter 4 - A Shooting Star, And A Man Down
Rose gently lowered herself onto a deckchair. According, to Alexander there was a shower of stars forecasted for tonight. Rose's father had worked as an astronomer back in the days before man had landed on the moon. She believes this is where her fascination in regards to the planets, and the universe stemmed from. Sometimes, when the pain from her hips overwhelmed her, she imagined her husband looking down at her from the universe. His presence had always eased her worries, and made her feel optimistic. Rose stroked her wedding ring; she never went a day without wearing it. She missed her husband terribly at times but his memory would forever exist within the banks of her memory. She leaned forward to get up since the clouds were rolling in and the air became icer. Her bones creaked, after a bit of groaning, and willpower she extracted herself from the chair. Rose went back inside turning off the porch light.
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