My Almamater, My Training Ground

My Almamater, My Training Ground

By:  Jay_Rhem  Ongoing
Language: English
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They said the boarding schools are a training ground for the best students but they also said it was a deep quagmire for students who forgot what their motives were. But, who told the seniors that the junior girls were their servants? Who brought up referring to juniors as fags? Who said the 'journey of no return' was fun? Who claimed that 10 minutes was enough for mealtimes? Who said siestas' were opportunities for punishments? "Come you junior girl, why did you walk past the front of your seniors' classroom" "Senior I..." "Go down low" And so another junior girl gets into a day's worth of troubles.

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9 Chapters
My Almamater, My Training Ground.
Welcome to My Almamater, My Training GroundI am glad you chose to click on this story.This is an unedited work so you could call my attention to any grammatical error you notice in the course of your perusal.We also welcome your thoughts on plots and scenes which you believe will make this book better.Copyright©Rhe_joyceAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, media transfer, or otherwise, without the prior permission from the author.© starifonia@gmail.comYou could contact me on social media @rhe_joyce on the gram.
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It was a hot afternoon, most students were in the dining hall. The SS3 students could be seen milling around in crazy dress styles. Some all packed and waiting for their rides, some had left and the rest packed, carried or said their final goodbyes to their juniors, teachers and friends. Some flew their shirts, some unbuttoned theirs, some had long pulled off their ties looking like ruffians and like every year, the teachers would turn their eyes away pretending to be blind. Yes, on a day like this every year a batch of SS3s' would say goodbye to this institute where they had spent 6 years of their lives. Looking at this young adults, each filled with the joy and sadness of leaving a place they've come to view as home.Bliss, sat on her bed, her hands dexterously folding up her cloths, she, like most of her mates, had given out most of her belongings to her juniors. Her uniforms, daywears, sports outfits and a few other articles of clothing had all been
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How It All Began
It was a pretty cool morning in April.In an upscale apartment in the nicer parts of the city, a woman bussled around in her home, making breakfast for her family. Her husband, Mr James was getting dressed for the day while her 11-year-old daughter Bliss, was still asleep. Bliss was the second child of her parents, her elder brother, Bradley, was in high school already."Get up Bliss, it's morning"Mrs Vera entered her daughter's room, lightly shaking her as she murmured."Can I sleep a while longer?"Bliss intended to get herself a few extra minutes for sleeping but her mother seemed to have read her mind"You can, if you intended to not sit for you exams."She groaned, wanting to turn around and continue sleeping when the words stuckBliss jumped up, running into the bathroom. Just before she shut the door she remembered 'Good morning Mom'She didn't wait for a reply as she jumped into the bathroom. Speedily picking
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Big Bro's Home
It had been three weeks since Bliss wrote her National  Common Entrance Examinations and she was waiting for her results. During this period she had relentlessly pestered her mom into taking her to work on a daily. Mrs Jones was a nurse at the Federal Medical Centre. Today however was the day her elder brother Bradley was coming home. He was thirteen and in JSS3 in his school. He was a tall and lanky boy, taller than his peers and very sassy. Mrs Jones had decided to go and pick Bradley from school since she didn't want him to take the buses plying that route. Her parents had reached a consensus that Bradley would only be allowed to come home alone from his SSS1. Bliss spent a few hours seeking convincing reasons to get her mom to let her go with her to get her brother. It was a 2 hour ride in the absence of bad roads, traffic congestion, road accidents or other issues. However Bliss had closed her eyes the moment the car pulled away from
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Noise.Maybe that was one thing that filled the house whenever Brad came home. The boy never stayed quiet. He was always poking at someone. Since his mom had learnt how to ignore him, he had fun teasing his sister and countering his father's teases.Currently, it was breakfast time.Bliss and Brad sat opposite each other with Bliss sitting closer to her mom away from the prying hands of her dad who thought it was fun to tickle people in the morning. Her parents sat one at each end of the table.The two males in the room had never understood the meaning of the words Staying silent at dinner tables as the both of them always used their dinner tables as their court rooms.Once, out of annoyance, her mom had suddenly began adding extra pepper to both their plates to choke them but they came up with the idea of bringing chilled water to the table. The pepper hadn't been able to stop them even after being painfully choked several times and she had stopped to
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Day one
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.22nd September, 2012Batch 1, merit studentsWelcome.Bliss stood in front of the huge multipurpose hall where tables have been set up. There were signs in front of all of them stating what they were for. She began to readAdministration.Admissions.Uniforms.Bursary.PTA.Labour.Red house.Blue house.Yellow house.Green house.Violet house.Orange house.There were students in different colours of uniforms. The prefects in their standard school uniforms. Sky blue shirts with royal blue plaid skirts, white stockings and black cortina shoes with a royal blue blazer and/or royal blue berets on some with their badges on their upper bodies.The other students around. Some on red checkered daywears, some on blue checkered daywears, some on green, yellow, violet, and orange checkered daywears, their slipp
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Dining Orientation
It was dinner time when Bliss was awoken from her slumber by her corner mates. The SSS3 girls in the hostel we're counting for their juniors to leave the hostel."10 counts to leave the hostel"The seniors repeated. Bliss noticed that the seniors who were counting were in different states of undress, only putting on their undies."One""Two""Three"When Emmanuelle noticed that Bliss wasn't ready yet, she pulled her up and threw a daywaer at her"Get dressed and leave. They won't hear you are a new student""Four""Five""Six"Bliss hurriedly got up, dressed her bed as she saw others doing before she bent to get her slippers."Seven""Eight""Nine""Y'all are still waiting for me, right?"Bliss ran out from the hostel, her zip left flying, her hair left uncombed and a bit of vaseline in her hands. To her surprise, she wasn't the only undressed one, a lot of students had ru
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Bliss woke up to the sound of banging on the the hostel gates.For a minute, she was disoriented.Who was banging on the gates but then she turned around and there was a face in front of her. Bliss furrowed her brows then it hit her.Royal College.Banging on the gates, didn't that represent a wake-up call. A lot of the juniors were slowly getting up, ready to start their day. She looked at her wrist watch, it was barely 5o'clock. She'd never woken up this early.Bliss got up, she took her bucket of water and her toiletries and headed outside into the chilly weather. For the first time, she was treated to the luxury of cold water on a cold morning.She dressed and left the hostel, she didn't want to get caught up in the morning duties of her seniors. Since the new students had not been given morning duties, she could take advantage of this time. She left the hostel sneakily under the cover of the darkness, two cracker biscuits in her b
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The Corner mate
A room.Five SSS3 girls gisting.A JSS1 girl, head bent and eyes on the various sheets of paper before her."Hey are you all going for Alice's bash on Saturday?""There's a junior girl here, control your mouth.""Hey, junior girl""Sochi, She has a name, you know""Eehmmm, junior girl... What your name biko""Senior my name is Bliss.""Oh Bliss, do you know the rules of staying in a senior's corner"Bliss thought for a moment, her brother had once mentioned something he called 'Rules of Existence' and the first had been 'Hear nothing, See nothing'."Never say what you hear in the corner elsewhere and never question what you see."She didn't know how correct those answers were but she felt it was plausible after all they seemed to not want to speak in front of her to avoid her saying anything outside."Well it seems like you have a bit of sense"."That's correct, at least you have sense"
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