Nephilim: Supernatural Bad Boys IV

Nephilim: Supernatural Bad Boys IV

By:  Jeanette Rico  Completed
Language: English
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Kell Cross is Arcata Highs' bad boy. However, he holds one secret. He's a Nephilim and he's in love with a human girl. After suffering the pain of loss and seeing his brother Mikhail suffer for his love Nevaeh— he decides that it's better if he denies his love. But fate has other plans for him. Amara is beautiful, smart, and completely in love with Kell. All she wants is to live out her dream of being a photographer and getting out from under her parent’s overbearing rules. When her body suffers debilitating visions of ritualistic deaths and Armageddon; Kell is the only that can keep her seafe.

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Another good story in this series! Excited for the rest. Nicely done author!
2022-08-14 08:30:35
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I also love this one ...such a cute bad boy fall in love w the beauty Queen story.Great match ! Now to the third one !
2021-04-21 02:08:33
44 Chapters
Chapter 1: A thin line between love and hate
 Amara“Girl, this year is going to be sick! We’re seniors!” I roll my eyes as I watch my friend Juliet dance wildly around the girl’s bathroom floor. I’ve never seen her so excited. Snorting at her enthusiastic dance, I lean over the bathroom mirror, roll some lip gloss on my lips and smack my lips together. That’s when it happens. The vision.I’m in some kind of church. I know it is a church because I look at my surroundings and see the cavernous interior, with rows of wooden benches. I lie in the center of the church’s pulpit, feelING dazed and confused as I pan to the right and catch a glimpse of a beautiful stained glass window depicting Judas hung from an olive tree with thirty pieces of gold gleaming at his swaying feet. The colors are breathtaking shades of amber, gold, and greens. I look back up with a gasp, seeing a woman standing over me with a knife in her hand. I raise my hands defensively, b
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Chapter 2: Stuck on a feeling
 Kell“Why do you tease her so much?” My brother mutters amusedly.I don’t look at Carrick as he watches the girls rush down the hallway. I refuse to admit that my eyes are glued on the perfect curve of Amara’s firm backside.Shaking my thoughts off, I turn to Carrick with a devilish smile. “It’s fun. She’s so freaking sweet. It makes me want to mess with her.”Carrick doesn’t smile, though. Instead, he quirks a brow and says. “Don’t mess with her, man. I think her dad owns the school.”Chuckling, I caress my fingers over my lips and make my way to class. “Seriously, man, her dad doesn’t own the school.”He chuckles and punches my shoulder playfully. “Yeah, but she might as well. Her family is loaded. She is so high maintenance that all of the guys in school can’t afford her.”My mind wanders back to how good she fe
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Chapter 3: What is this feeling?
 AmaraI unlock my camera and adjust my lens. I love taking pictures. Someone once said that pictures steal a person’s soul. But the reality is that pictures capture a person’s soul. You can capture moments that reflect a person’s passion, sadness, or anger forever.My mother thinks that photographs are for capturing designer clothing and beautiful women with fake tans and tight bodies, but there’s so much more. I find beauty through a lens everywhere. Beauty is an older woman with the wisdom of her years gleaming in her eyes. Or an innocent child who has never seen the horrific side of the world. It’s the only time that I’ve ever felt alive, and I can’t let anyone take that away from me. Especially my greedy and shallow family.The day is chilly, but it no way compares to the chill permeating my bones. I tighten my jacket around my chest to ward off the rising coldness in my body as I make my way to the sch
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Chapter 4: Why can’t I get you out of my mind?
KellI sigh in relief when the last bell rings. I’ve never been the type to stay still, and it drives me nuts to have to sit for so damn long. I look around as everyone rises up from their chairs and eagerly rush out the door.      At that moment, Carrick meets me near the door and walks beside me until we reach our lockers.  Carrick’s locker is next to mine. As he pulls the locker door open, he mutters gleefully. “Alex texted me earlier. Mikhail, Rowan, and Neveah are coming home for dinner.”I grimace at the news then turn the dial of my lock. It’s not that I don’t want to see my brothers; it’s just that I have tutoring today.“I’ll probably be late,” I answer with a blank look. “Mr. Moody wants me to take after-school tutoring.”Carrick frowns as he places his books inside the locker. “You should have told me you needed help. I would have tuto
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Chapter 5: Am I Going Crazy?
Amara I watch through the rearview mirror as Kell slips into his car with hope and trepidation. My heart is still running a mile a minute. I had never felt so shaken by a guy.  I don’t know what it is about Kell Cross, but he drives me crazy, and for someone like me, that’s a dangerous situation.Kell Cross does not seem like the type of guy to stick around, which is why it’s better if I forget about him and focus on something else. After all, Kell just wants to rattle me. He doesn’t really have any romantic intentions toward me, other than the obvious, of course. Taking a deep breath, I turn on the radio in hopes of distracting myself from the sweet honey desire engulfing me. Regrettably, the news comes on, and my desire turns to dread. In other news, the mutilated body of Leslie Johnson was found this morning by a jogger in Solis National Park. Police believe that Ms. Johnson’s body is one of three rit
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Chapter 6: Sweet Turmoil
Kell Mikhail jumps on me as soon as I walk through the door. “Hey little bro, it’s about time you show up.”I push him away with a lighthearted smile as he tried to continue his assault. “Hey man, it’s good to see you.”Mikhail chuckles in amusement and ushers me into the living room. “Come on, bro, everyone is here.”Alex, Carrick, and Azazel lift their heads up in unison as soon as we step into the room. Azazel smirks. “About time, mate. We’ve been waiting for you. Where the bloody hell have you been?”I shake my head and lay my bag down on a nearby chair. “Didn’t Carrick tell you?”They all gaze at Carrick, who shrugs his shoulders. “I just told them you had something to do.”Slumping down on the couch, I slide next to Carrick and rest my feet on the table. Alex is sitting in a nearby leather recliner and Azazel in another.
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Chapter 7: If only you were real
AmaraI love it when he wraps his arms around me. I look into his gorgeous brown eyes and bald head as he leans close to whisper. “I love you, baby.” As I lay a kiss on his luscious lips, he gives me a wicked smile and deepens the kiss. “I love you too, Sophie.” He whispers back. I feel confused, but I continue to kiss him. It’s as if I’m me, but not me. It’s happening again; another girl and I are occupying the same space. It’s obvious, considering that I know my name is not Sophie, but I continue to kiss him because I’m just a part of her conscience. As the boy kisses me harder and pulls me tight into his arms, I think about how I don’t feel anything. It’s an odd experience.  After a moment, I pull back and gaze lovingly into his eyes. A strand of hair falls across my eyes, obscuring my view. Giving me a gentle smile, he gives me an expectant look and pulls back a strand from my face. My─her, hair is
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Chapter 8: How long can I fight these feelings?
KellI can’t keep my eyes off, Amara. She is so incredibly beautiful. I knew today was picture day, but I never expected to be greeted by the sight of her perfection. My breath hitches as my eyes roam down her body. The dress she’s wearing looks soft as it drapes across her tall, slim figure. It’s the color of her gorgeous green eyes. Her skin looks even more golden in contrast with the emerald dress. I can’t help but wonder if her whole body is as golden all over. Her legs are an endless temptation, and her luscious lips look completely kissable. I gaze into her doe-like eyes and feel the world fade away.Wanting close contact, I move nearer and inhale her sweet scent of lavender. My eyes glaze, and my body instantly hardens with need. Amara turns around, surprised to find me so close, and gazes into my eyes. Trying not to let her see how she affects me, I gather my defenses, lick my lips, and whisper. “You look beautiful, beau
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Chapter 9: Damsel in Distress
AmaraI had never run so fast from another person before. But there’s no way that I can explain what just happened to anyone, especially Kell. I imagine that he’d drag me loony been if I did.Unfortunately, I can’t really avoid talking about what happened because Juliet and Haley are waiting for me by my locker, looking extremely worried, which makes me feel guilty. Haley throws her arms around me and utters. “Amara, what happened?” I shake my head and continue to walk. “It was nothing. Nurse Donovan said that I must have fainted because I hadn’t eaten, and my sugar was low.” Both girls frown in consternation but don’t question me further.   Adding credibility to my lie, I head to a vending machine, buy a granola bar and eat it quickly. “I have to go take pictures. I’ll meet you guys in class.” They both
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Chapter 10: I cant' help myself
KellI lay my books down on the table and wait for Amara. Earlier, Coach Blake asked me to be his starting quarterback. He was impressed with my speed and strength. If he only knew.I won’t pretend that I wasn’t surprised to see Amara at tryouts. She looked so hot in that cute blue dress. I wanted to rip it off her body and kiss every inch of her skin.The mere thought of tasting her soft skin makes goosebumps break out all over my body. Taking a fortifying breath, I rub my hands against my mouth. I know I should stay away from her, but every time I see her or touch her, my good intentions go out the window. And after seeing those pictures she took of me, I don’t know if I can stay away. I know she feels it. She has to feel that spark that we ignite when we’re around each other. It’s just not possible that she doesn’t feel the same way.Just then, the library doors open, and Amara walks in. She’s wearing
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