Lilith III

Lilith III

By:  Soul searcher  Ongoing
Language: English
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Moving away from the small town where she grew up, to live with her childhood best friend. Twenty- One year old, Lilith Black is an Innocent, God-fearing, Sweet, Charming young lady, trying to further her education by going to the city, where most opportunities are. There she will meet the most intriguing brothers, who she will fall hopelessly in love with, but she has to choose where her heart truly lies, or maybe she doesn't. Learning she isn't human, but a being from the Bible who is shunned by believers of God, She has the option to choose good or evil, which path will Lilith walk?

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56 Chapters
Chapter 1
Lilith POVFinally, the train came to a stop, and the passengers began to hassle their way through the door. The journey from my hometown into the city was a long one. Though the heat baked me through its fury, it was somewhat peaceful, just like home. I watched the dancing trees, Women, and children in cornfields enjoying summer. I smiled remembering my childhood, and what it used to be. As I exited the train, descending into the train station, I sat on a bench beside a man, his clothes were torn, untidy, and he smelled rancid, he kept gazing at me, he didn't even blink, and he wasn't going to look away. I was paranoid, so I clutched my luggage a little tighter. I looked around at the waiting families, welcoming their loved ones, I was wondering, where is my crazy ass best friend?“LILY! LILY!”I looked to my left to see a blonde vigorously waving and yelling my name,“'s me!”“Mel?” I whispered.She was m
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Chapter 2
Mel POVBack at the apartment, Lilith kept talking about a strange man who was allegedly in the changing room with her, but I can't understand how was that possible, it was locked on the inside, and she claimed he just vanished like that. Throwing the shopping bags across the floor, I sat on the sofa, trying to avoid Lil's crazy talk, but she came right next to me continuing her wild imaginary story,“Mel he kissed me, that bastard kissed me and...”I wasn't even listening to her anymore, all of this felt like Déjà vu.Growing up with Lilith was fun for the most part, but there was also a part of her that scared me. Whenever we would have sleepovers, Lily would wake up kicking and screaming, complaining about monsters in dark and men with black eyes walking through fire. They got awful to the point where I had to stop inviting her over because my mom thought she was possessed and my dad...well he seemed to care
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Chapter 3
Lilith POVI woke up the next day with a headache, I've never had alcohol before and I don't think I'll be drinking it again anytime soon. I laid in bed on my back as thoughts about last night resurfaced. That's the first time since our friendship I've seen Mel cry, she always comes off as the brave one, the protector. I guess it's true what they say, check on your strong friends too. I pulled the sheets off, attempting to stand up wanting to go freshened up in the bathroom but a wave of dizziness hit me like a ton of bricks and I had to sit on the edge of the bed.Now I understand why Dad would sleep all day after a night out drinking at the bar with his pals. I felt a smile creep up on my face when I thought about my father, I was always going to be his baby girl, though he never yet explained to me why I was an only child and why they didn't have more kids, I guessed they couldn't afford it. Oh my, I've called home since yesterday, I wi
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Chapter 4
Lilith POVMy first time alone in the city wasn't what I expected it was a bit of a nerve-racking roller coaster. I thought it would be similar to yesterday, but I guess it's because it was a Sunday, but where I'm from even Mondays were scanty.Most persons were in formal wear like I was, but my black knee-length skirt, white long-sleeved blouse, and brown flat shoes were no match to what they wore, it's like some office designer kind of thing.I walked the streets hoping I could see a sign that indicates I could get coffee nearby, or even tea will do. I was already late but I skipped breakfast and the Vodka shots from last night made me nauseous.Finally, I think I might have found a place,“Star...bucks?” I slowly said. Well, people were leaving the building with cups of coffee and shakes, so I guess this will do. I pushed a glass door that had a push and pull sign hanging on the knob, inside was very busy with people c
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Chapter 5
Mel POVSitting by the bar at our frequent brunch spot, Ocean's 11 Bar & Grill. I sipped my Corona beer waiting for William. This is what he does, invite me out to dinner or brunch, and either he is a no show or he arrives late. William is a sweet man, very kind, good at giving advice, but he doesn't open up to me, he doesn't talk about life goals, his work, his family, nothing. It has been a year since I came to the city, he gives me everything I want but I want more, I want to feel loved, wanted, appreciated. Maybe I am rushing into things, Maybe he isn't serious about our relationship.I'll never forget the day I met him in a chat room online. He was funny, polite and a good listener, I vented to him about my parents, Lilith and her crazy dreams, the disappearance of two girls from my hometown, everything. But now he has changed, not like there is someone else or anything but it's like lusting after your favorite ca
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Chapter 6
Lilith POV“I don't know what happened, I poured myself some water and the next thing I remember is hearing the shattering of broken glass and my hand— I don't know what happened, Mel,” I explained.She knelt before me, wrapping my wounded hand with a brown, stretchy bandage, but she didn't respond, I don't think she hasn't been listening to this whole time,“Hey, are you ok?”“Oh sorry, I kind of zoned out a bit, What were you saying,” She chuckled.But her laugh came out pretentious, and I could easily tell,“Mel... Please don't shut me out, Tell me what's wrong.”Again, she didn't respond, she got up and started to pack away the first aid kit, ignoring my question, not meeting my gaze,“Nothing is wrong Lil, I am fine.”Taking the yield of the first aid kit, she walked away, probably back to the bathroom, where she kept itI sat in silence on the couch, waiting to see what happens next, Mel was acti
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Chapter 7
Mel POVRight as I was about to twist the doorknob, Lilith stopped me.“Mel! Wait!” I turned to look at her, she seemed afraid and terrified of something— or someone.“What is it, Lil? Are you okay,” I asked.“Yes, of course, I am— but don't you want to be a bit cautious, you said no one ever comes knocking, so who could be it be, I think you should just ignore them, they will go away,” she whispered, “What if it's someone who is going to hurt us?”I chuckled, “Lilith this isn't exactly a place a person can walk in and out of going unnoticed, the only way an unregistered person can get in, is being verified as a visitor by an occupant in the building, and bad guys don't come knocking Lil.”“But what if—” I wasn't going to wait around debating with Lilith if I should open the damn door or not, So before she could continue what she was about to say, I turned the doorknob and swung the door wide open.Looking back at me was a clean s
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Chapter 8
Lilith POVAfter having a long bath, I sat on my bed. Massaging pumps of Victoria's Secret body cream onto my skin. Slowly brushing my palm across my thighs in a circular motion. And there it was again, that feeling, that excitement, that internal fire burning beneath my flesh, trying to tear open an entrance to release itself. Ignoring whatever it is my body craved or whoever it called for.I got up from the bed, placing the lotion back into the drawer where I found it. I can't help it at times, my inner Nancy Drew, I noticed a small, golden, oval-shaped object neatly concealed under a pack of batteries. Attached to it was a long cord that had small, black push-button control at the end. I observed the two buttons on the remote that was attached to the object, and I wondered what was the purpose of this strange device.“Usually red means stop, and green means go,” I whispered to myself.I applied pressure on the green button and it bega
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Chapter 9
Mel POVHonk! Honk! I parked outside Lilith's school, waiting for her. Scanning through the flowing crowd of freshmen, searching for my best friend. Through the tinted windows, I saw a girl dressed in denim jeans pants and a yellow blouse began to approach the car,“Lil?” I asked myself.She swung open the car door, sliding across its leather interior.“Hey, I was about to catch a cab when I saw you, didn't know that you were going to pick me up,” she bubbly said.“Heyyyy, thought I told you last night, my bad, but someone is in a good mood,” I chuckled.“Today was...good, Well some parts of it,” I smiled and powered the car engine. The car ride was filled with laughter as we shared old memories from our hometown,“Hey Lil, did you ever go back to that tree?” I giggled.“The Birch tree? Hell no, I still stand my ground about that tree, it's evil, I hate it and it hates me” I burst into laughter, almost near to tear
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Chapter 10
Lilith POVBack at the apartment Mel and I watched movies, played board games, truth or dare, it was like experiencing my childhood all over again. Back home, people would stare at us, calling our friendship strange and abnormal, especially as we grew older. I never understand what was so indifferent about it, so what if our ages vary, it's just a number, age doesn't define who we are and what lies in our hearts.“I am bored,” Mel sighed.“Same,”“How about some sausage macchessy,” Mel excitedly asked.I chucked, “Can you still make it?”“Sure can,” Mel quickly rose to her feet, heading towards the kitchen.Sausage macchessy is a snack Mel and I came up with as kids, With a combination of three different brands of cheese, four boxes of macaroni, two packs of sausage, and we would add milk sometimes.“Aren't you coming to help me or not?” Mel shouted.I got up from where I sat and went into the kitchen,
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