Queen of the wolves

Queen of the wolves

By:  Venom01  Ongoing
Language: English
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I was born in the time of the wolf, at the top of the food chain; my family bloodline is the strongest of our species. I am Alina Deveraux, the sole heir to the royal throne. My best friend is a bear shifter, and life was fun and games until he found me. Lucas is the Alpha of the Rogues, savage, dangerous, and from a completely different world to mine. He showed me in one brief moment what I've been searching for my entire life. When he gave his life to protect me, and I had to leave him dying on his own, the chain of events set in motion would change all of us forever. Book number one in The Queen's Heart trilogy.

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Casey Waltz Johnso
Any book that has me laughing like a hyena on the first chapter is going to get a full read from me! So, let's begin....see you at the end for a more in-depth review
2022-04-25 04:31:15
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Beverley Jane Kooiker
loved reading this book. Can't wait to see what will happen next
2021-10-14 15:10:39
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Carla Krsul
so far very intriguing
2021-06-29 03:47:38
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Teresa Cruse
This is a great book.. Please more chapters
2021-05-30 00:14:45
33 Chapters
I was born into royalty and groomed to be a Queen. Little did I know the wars that would start because of my family, or the lives that would bind themselves to mine. Other children have cats and dogs as pets, but not I. For my fifth birthday, my dad got me a bear. His name is Axle and although I didn't know it at the time, he was a shifter just like me. Axle was sent here to protect me, and quickly became my confidante, my best friend. I don't think I would have made it through everything and come out on the other side if Axle wasn't there encouraging me to put one foot in front of the other. But anyway, welcome to the start of my journey to become the Queen of the wolves... "Axle no! I was only joking!" I couldn't help myself, I just started to laugh, knowing full well it wasn't proper or ladylike to entertain a giggling fit in front of guests. But how could I not? Axle was dressed in a giant pink taffeta tutu, and ballet shoes, trying
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I wasn't looking for her I swear. The Royal lands were just a shortcut that my pack and I were passing through. But that smell was damn near the death of me and I had to follow it. Sweet pumpkin pie mixed with something unique to her was what my mate smelt like. At twenty-five I had assumed that the Moon Goddess decided to forgo a mate for me, so it hit me like a tonne of bricks, and I was completely unprepared. Deacon, my 2IC was left with his mouth hanging open as I took off on all fours into the underbrush, racing mindlessly towards my mate. "Lucas where the f*ck are you going?" I heard him yell through our pack link, it was a long-held myth that rogues couldn't communicate with each other. In reality, the only thing stopping them was a failure to elect a leader. Luckily for our pack, we weren't stupid. "Keep to the plan Deacon, I'm taking a detour, I'll meet you back at the night stalkers when I'm done." I k
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She was my best friend but boy what a handful. Princess Alina was a free spirit, and I always had to keep my wits about me when it came to her wild ways. I have lost count of the many times she has given me the slip over the years and her father had chewed my ass out every single time. But I wouldn't change her for anything.Today we were out on the front lawn of Alina's home. She was dressed ready to punish me, her beautiful long hair tied up in a very unsexy plait down her back, and she wore no-nonsense black training pants and a black singlet. I think that's what I love the most about her, despite Alina's unrivalled beauty she didn't have any sense of grandeur, preferring to watch from the sidelines rather than be in the spotlight. A more humble Queen in waiting you wouldn't find that's not to say she didn't have a temper though, and right now I was bearing the brunt of it. Her green eyes flashed with emerald fire as she dug a finger into my chest, ramming her dis
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Is it possible to clench your jaw so hard you actually break it? My enquiring wolf wanted to know as I suffered through my maid valiantly trying to tie my corset up. Not that I needed one! I had just finished a shower, shaved the appropriate areas so nobody could accuse me of being a savage, and listened to father dearests latest list of my transgressions. However, if I thought that my behavior would prompt him to do the sensible thing and leave me out of political dinners, I was sorely mistaken. My father's face was the example of 'stubborn' in the dictionary-what can I say I learned from the best. Eve jerked the ties until I could barely breathe, forcing my body into a wasp shape and pressing my breasts together and up to make them look gigantic. With my ordeal far from over Eve bought the formal dress to me, and I eyed it apprehensively. The dress was long, flowing elegantly onto the floor and behind in a royal train, it was two different shades of the pu
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She ran like the wild beast she was, tall and proud, racing the wind as fast as her four legs could carry her away from the betrayal of her father; how could he?Calliope stretched her legs and let me watch from the background as she lengthened her pace, eating up the miles as the woodlands loomed closer. I gave my wolf full control as the last piece of my heart broke at Daddy’s declaration, knowing I could never go back home after this. There was nothing left for me behind those walls now.I ran without thought, instinctively making my way through the trees like a well-met friend as the palace grew smaller, and with it the ties I had to the throne, I was done with this life. There was only one person in the whole world who had stayed loyal to me, and almost as if she knew, Calliope bought me to his little cabin and allowed me my skin back so that I could talk to my best friend. Axle would know what to do.There were clothing drop po
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The journey
"We should have bought some water with us."One thing Alina soon found out was that Sam had no problems voicing his thoughts. Often. And he didn't even need a reply to continue chattering. It was slowly driving her crazy.An hour into their trek across the desert, Sam had given up trying to run like a wolf, instead settling for a seat on her back in his natural form, and he'd been talking ever since. It was all somewhat demeaning for a Queen elect, so Alina could do nothing but ignore it. As Dorothy would say, she wasn't in Kansas anymore..."I am so thirsty. Can't you sniff out some water or something?" Sam complained again, and Alina willed herself to keep putting one foot in front of the other.By her calculations, they were two-thirds of the way into the desert now. The sun was low on the horizon, meaning night was imminent. Sensing Sam was going to be little help, Alina made a decision."There is a small cave system about half a mile to our ea
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Lucas felt the moment his mate got hurt. Pain arced through the rogue Alpha's body like lightning, bringing him to his knees as they continued toward the Nightstalkers. His wolf tried to push through the human skin, wanting only to go and kill whatever hurt her, but without knowing where she was or even what her name was, Lucas knew he would be wasting his pack's time. If anyone could find answers, it was Deacon, and since he was backtracking on a recon mission anyway, the only option was to wait. Stick to the original task and trust that his beta would deal with whatever was going on.Regaining his feet, Lucas returned to the head of his pack. The whole convoy stopped, waiting for their Alpha to sort his shit out, and knowing this band of rough rogues and exiled wolves needed a strong leader, he shouted aggressively, telling them to get moving. As they broke into a run, eager to get to the Nightstalkers and out of the rough environment, Lucas forced himself to set a punishin
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Killing edge
Lucas's eyes glowed red as Deacon tried to explain Alina's injuries, and he felt a frisson of fear dance along his spine seeing the Alpha so close to the killing edge. The fates came to his rescue then, in the form of an injured Queen as Alina coughed, trying to get up. Lucas's eyes swung around to collide with Alina's as Sam appeared out of nowhere, fussing over his friend."Leave her!" The Alpha growled, moving with a speed that belied his size, and Sam hurried back into the safety of darkness."What happened?" Alina groaned as she gingerly felt her forehead. There was an egg the size of Texas there, and the world spun every time she moved. Then she caught sight of the man standing beside her, and the universe collided, combusting into heat as she'd never felt before.Oh no. That could only mean one thing. Against all the odds, in the vast expanse of an unforgiving desert, Alina's mate had found her.The pull to him was incredible, and although she'd be
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I just want to know you
Alina tried to ignore the gorgeous man beside her. His authority and caring attitude for his pack were hard to wave away, though, and when the Beta volunteered to go into the caves first, she noticed the concern marring his features. Gazing over at Lucas, Alina wasn't surprised to find him staring back."I'd like to remove your gag, darling, but I'm not up for a rejection right now, so if you give me your word, we're all good; if not, well, I guess you remain silent while we get to the bottom of where my pack is."Alina nodded her head once, indicating that Lucas could trust her, and surprisingly, he removed her gag."Thanks." She mumbled, rubbing the side of her jaw, and Lucas smiled, causing those damn dimples to make an appearance."Just take some time to get to know me," he implored, "If I'm not your cup of tea after seven days, I promise I'll accept your rejection, and you have my word I won't try and mark you without permission?"If Lucas was
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The sheer size of the beast meandering towards them made Lucas stop and really assess the situation. Alina got ready to launch herself, but he stopped her. This fight was his."Whatever happens, if he gets by me, I need you to run and don't look back. Promise me, darlin', I need to know you'll keep yourself safe?"'Retreat' wasn't a word in Alina's vocabulary, but the look on Lucas's face was enough to make her pause before answering. "He really loves me," She thought with wonder and nodded her assent; Lucas breathed a sigh of relief. With fluid grace, he spun and pivoted right, using the fake step to phase into Kallen, and the monster launched itself, meeting Kallen in midair as a clash of titans began.Alina saw it fully then and gasped in fright as Kallen wrestled with an Olitiau. Cave demons were legends used to scare young children into staying in bed at night; at least, that's what Alina thought. The creature screeching in anger, though, was very much real
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