On your knees

On your knees

By:  Katina  Ongoing
Language: English
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-Who are you?" Finally, he stopped the silence. His words were strong, angry, and loud. "-What?" I felt so confused still couldn’t let my eyes from his new look. And his actions of killing without any emotions made my voice trembling. "-I...TOLD...YOU...WHO... THE FUCK... ARE... YOU...?" With stiff teeth he seemed to lose his patience, slowly and frighteningly, he asked, no, ordered to me, without lifting his eyes from me, with every word he took a step closer to me until I could smell the sweat, dirt smell of his ammunition from him. His hard chest-like rock was so close that it barely touched my body. I was shivering he was so scary and I still wanted him badly. "-Are you joking with me? How to understand, who am I?" I whispered... I stopped our deep gaze, even though it wasn't easy. -"What's happening here? Where are we? Why are you...." I couldn't finish one of my hundreds of questions when my husband turned his eyes away from me to his men. -"Take that strange ‘pause from his lips, his eyes traveled from the top of my head to my legs" bitch, to the cell, that little mouth soon will be open for me. And she will talk as well too."

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I love how original the concept is 🔥🔥🔥
2020-12-24 22:54:37
13 Chapters
1.Not all people are like you
(before 5 years, past) My phone rings with a massage while I’m driving. Kai: Where are you? Me: I’m going to Dom... Kai: With a car? ‘ I smiled at his words and giggled silently. Me: No with the horse. ‘ I had put smiling emoji I was smiling like an idiot too. Kai: You will get lost. ‘At the end of his text, he also adds a smile and I can imagine how he is laughing at me or maybe smiling with that cute smile on his face and which shows little dimples on his cheeks. Me: No I won’t get lost! I’m using navigation….
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2. He just holds my all broken parts together
 I felt sick my head was spinning. I get out of the car because I couldn’t breathe anymore, Dominick immediately followed me. Other cars began to signaling to us but I only could hear her hard breathing and moaning. I screamed in the middle of the road and throw out my phone, I fell on my knees it seemed I can’t breathe anymore. My hands were shaking abnormally and my heart was beating so loud that it seemed soon it will burst.  The sunny day quickly changed. Dark clouds surrounded the sky. Dominick kneeled near me… -It's ok breath just breath baby I’m with you….You are not alone, Please Mathea just breathe.” He begged me with concerned eyes his hand stroke my back, then he brushed with his fingers through his blue hair with not knowing how to help me or what he should do or say to m
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3. He follows you as some stalker
  I cried all night on Dominick's lap while he just brushed my hair with his fingers. Kai was sending messages to him all night because I left my phone somewhere. But Dominick didn't say what he wrote he just rolled his eyes or snifted air from his nose with annoyance when he was answering Kai's messages. When I  stopped crying and almost began to sleep, but suddenly began to feel sick and quickly ran to the bathroom. Dominick didn't sleep almost all night too, all the time was checking me with fear in his eyes until we both closed our eyes.***I was at Dominick's house for almost all three months. Most days I was in bed I knew soon I must come back home but I was avoiding that day I was so afraid that my belly soon will be bigger. I am afraid to see my mother's reaction. I only said that I'm at my friend's Emma house. She was my friend but we got to fight and didn't speak from that day. But my mother liked her. Dominick's parents rarely were
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4. So now you know how to love
-"But why?" I was stunned.-"Because I don't know how to love ok?" I could feel how he with annoyance rolled his eyes but he didn't show his face, he just easily turned around from me.-"What? I was stunned. "That is the most stupid thing which you ever had said to me." I  giggled, but it seemed he was avoiding to look at me he just looked at his sisters' clothes in thinking about what I should be wearing tomorrow.-"How about a mini skirt of jeans, it is still summer, and you wearing those stupid jeans it's not winter, Maia."He said sarcastically and rolled his eyes so hard that he almost could see his brains.-"Dominick you are not serious aren't you? Do you know who is not available to love? It's my mother...And you.." I was struggling in talking because in my mind I wanted to say to him so much about how he is wonderful, and caring, and sensitive, I just couldn't understand what's wrong with him.He is rich, has so many friends, he has a s
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5. Pancakes
Who is this guy?he looked at me for a few seconds but for me, it seemed like an hour. My heart was beating like crazy. I began to breathe hard I wanted so much to know who he is? Why he is here watching me. Somehow I wasn't afraid of him, of a strange man with guns, but soon he turned his head away from me and pushed with his hands steering-wheel of his bike, even one of his tires jumped up. I couldn't blink as he was gone from my view and my ears only could hear the sound of it.I stepped a few steps from the window and brushed with my hand through my hair. Who the hell are carrying such guns on their backs in the street at night. Do the police not notice it? Is it even legal? Maybe he is some creep or terrorist. But of course, I'm thinking about how he is exciting and somehow sexy, even in the dark I could see that huge body covered by a black suit. I shook my head from my stupid thoughts and went to my bed.I was so tired from thinking all the time of Kai, o
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6. Dominick's point of view
-!What... ta fuck Maia! "I gritted my teeth with annoyance, I almost hit my nose with her crazy driving. What is wrong with that crazy girl who gave her license? I knew I should take her phone while she was driving. All the time she is like in another world and her love life doesn't help with that at all. I looked at her face, but I felt that something was off with her, she became so pale. Her eyes were focused on her screen as if she was looking at her death in it. Fear ran down over my skin. With every second she looked paler almost blue, she didn't even breathe. She began to shake from fear, is it a panic attack? My eyes landed on her phone screen. And I couldn't believe what I saw.My voice became like a whisper, I didn't know what to say. What I should to say her? I knew it I must something to do or say but I only could watch how all fire of life slowly was losing her eyes. "-MM aya what is that?"Good job Dominick nothing wiser couldn't you say? You
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7. Dominick's point of view part 2
Kai disappeared in the dark and I was happy that he didn't follow her anymore. I couldn't watch how he destroys her with his words or just existence.  I am looking at the car where my best friend is sitting as she was frozen into ice and  I so afraid to go to her, this day should have been the most fun day, most beautiful and we should have had a laugh until tears drop from our eyes or laugh until stomach would hurt.But there she is, a pregnant woman without money or properly family, without anything and I afraid to look into her eyes. Should I say that everything will be alright? or should I say that Kai is a dork, or that I love her so much and I will be with her be matter what...I deeply breathed and went by that car, I open the door but she didn't look at me. And all thing which I should say to comfort her just disappeared from my head. Nothing will comfort her, not one my word. And everything that I would want to say to her is helpless.-"Come o
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8. First week:
I opened my eyes when my phone beeped again I groaned from the noise and turned around but some hair was tickling my nose. Wait I don't have long hair....what the f...I raised my head and a girl was lying in my bed... Maia. My head suddenly dropped again on my pillow it was heavy. Heavy because I know that shitty day must begin... I hate Mondays... My phone began to ring. Just perfect..."Mom." I took lazily my phone and sighed when I saw what is calling.-"I'm Listening, talk women." I said with a cold voice.-"Are you serious?! "My mother screamed at me. "What is wrong with you?!"-"Ok, ok I'm kidding mom." I smiled and giggled. Don't be so serious. I slowly moved from my bed and left Maia with her peaceful sleep of beauty. My head turned to her while I sat on another side of the bed.-"Oh If you think that I'm serious maybe you wanna talk with your father?" Her voice sounded playful. Oh hell no, I'm more in messing with my mom than dad. He is no
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9. First week: part two
Me-'Hi nerd, are you smart enough or just pretending to be one of them to make impress me? I put a wink emoji. And didn't need to wait as he responded to me.Tom- 'Try me. he added a smile in his text.Me - 'We don't have a phone but there was send a video message in it, can you say who had sent it?- 'Um can I ask who is we? To whom belongs this phone, Dominick? I sighed and began to scratch my back it really hurts but the more I touched it more I felt weak and sick.- 'So you can't do it, I was right. I added a smile. He sounded jealous and it made me smile. - 'Do you have the number of a sender? "No emoji? You really are jealous and irritated, don't you? I smiled of thinking. -No we lost the phone as I mentioned we don't have it. As my head was a little bit dizzy I sat down by the table. What is wrong with me did I something eat yesterday.- Well do you remember the number of the phone's owner? I quickly se
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10.First week: Crazy day
I was walking slowly down the stairs, my mind was busy with thoughts of strange vision which I saw, but at least my head and back didn't hurt anymore. I was like in another world where was chaos, dirty people with guns in the distance, and Maia she looked much older as well as I was. Did I just saw the future? If I did it looked really fucked up.I looked so unrecognizable and there wasn't only my look, the way how I talk or how I was walking: he was me but also not me. He hadn't any confidence, he was keeping his head lowered, and he was with a humpback. He said that Maia was a madwoman and that everybody was talking about her in that way. But I could never do that to her no matter in what hell we would be.But it was exactly the same words I said to Nina. Did I hurt my sister for real? did I crossed the line... I feel so bad now and frustrated with myself. I shook my head with annoyance.I shouldn't say those words but still, it wasn't said so cruel as that gu
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