A coward.

That was the word that could beat describe forty-year-old Hannah Morales. A scaredy pants who vehemently avoided going to her work site for fear that she may run into a certain blonde. A blonde who for the past few days, has lived rent-free in her thoughts. A blonde who served as a muse for every unholy thought she's had.

Hannah Morales avoided going to the club. She's had Mavery- her assistant fill her in on everything that happened during her absence. And every time, her heart sank when she didn't hear the young girl talk about Serenity. Of course, she hadn't expected Mavery to mention her name, no. She wouldn't possibly know everyone who visited the club by name. Maybe a description. That was all she hoped to hear. But nothing came up.

Like tonight. She'd just gotten off the phone with Mavery. She listened to the young girl fill her in on all the uninteresting details when in reality, she wanted to know if anyone matching the description of Serenity ask after her.

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Nthabi Semethe
Very interesting piece

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