One Touch of Serenity

One Touch of Serenity

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Burdened by her parents' expectations, Hannah Morales found herself trapped in a loveless and abusive marriage. When she finally breaks free she relocates to another town. With hard work and determination, she begins to rebuild her life and regain the confidence that was once shattered. As Hannah's business flourishes, she finds herself becoming stronger, more independent, and determined to never let anyone control her happiness again. Serenity Gils, on the other hand, is a free spirit who lives life to the fullest. She cherishes every moment, embracing adventure and spontaneity. However, beneath her carefree demeanour, Serenity yearns for a deep connection with someone special. Her casual encounters leave her feeling unfulfilled, always searching for that missing piece of her heart. One fateful day, as life's unpredictable twists would have it, Serenity's eyes lock with Hannah Morales's across a bustling crowd. In that fleeting moment, she finally understood she was searching for love in the wrong age group. But with Hannah's past resurfacing and catching up with her, will the love they have for each other, despite the age difference, be enough to conquer all odds? ------

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41 Chapters
I do
** August 2000 ** Hannah Morales stared at her reflection in the mirror. Just a few minutes ago, three women surrounded her. Whilst one worked on her hair, the other applied a variety of products on her face which she had lost count of and the last woman arranged the beautiful white dress she had on. It wasn’t like the typical dress every girl dreamt of wearing on a day like this. This one was special and it meant the world to her. Her grandmother wore it. So did her mom. And now, she was wearing it. And she loved it. It was a beautiful dress after all, not adorned with extravagant pearls and whatnot. It was simple yet classy. And it was what the women in her family had worn on their wedding day, a day Hannah has been dreaming of. The day when she walked down the aisle, wearing the same dress her mother wore whilst she was minutes away from marrying the love of her life. Except, the man she was marrying wasn’t the love of her life. He was her friend and Hannah had a great am
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** August 2000 ** Later that evening at the reception party, whilst their family ate, drank and danced, Hannah Morales sat at the far end of the table that was close to the musical set. It was an escape she needed after the ceremony and interacting with the invitees and to stay away from Austin. They might be married now, but she still deserved her free time. Especially as she pictured herself later tonight being intimate with him. And every other night after that.But her escape didn't last long because a voice sounded through the speakers, calling up the bride for the cutting of the cake and to have her first dance as a couple. Hannah acted as though the announcement didn't concern her. She hoped to get another five minutes to herself. But the MC spotted her and soon, she was joining Austin at the buffet table which carried a three-tier wedding cake and some macaroons.Hannah Morales met Austin behind the table with a forced smile on her face. Everyone had gathered round the tabl
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Withering Flower
** August 2001 **It has been exactly one year since Hannah Morales and Austin Jenkins tied the knot. She'd kept her promise to Austin and given him a chance, and the young man on his part proved his worth to her. He showed her love and treated her like a princess. At some point, Hannah's friends became envious of her because of how well Austin treated her.When Hannah lost her dad, she fell into a deep pit. It was a hard pill to swallow as one minute they were celebrating Easter together, the next minute he was coughing and he dropped to the ground. He was rushed over to the hospital and that was when the doctors informed them that he'd kicked the bucket. Hannah Morales could barely process the news. Her father was more healthy than a nineteen-year-old football athlete, so how on earth was he dead?Hannah had to step in and be there for her mom who was having a hard time coping with the loss of her husband and her personal ATM. If anything, Hannah needed her mom to deal with the pa
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Moving on
Fear and hope had Hannah’s good eye riveted on Austins’s chest. She counted. One, two, three… to fifty. There was not one rise or fall. Not one breath, not one beat. Austin’s eyes were open, but Hannah could no longer see the hard, brown that seemed to always look right through her.The phone felt heavy in her hand. Or perhaps that was the guilt weighing down on her. She should have called for help. She should have done something. Right? The problem was, it wasn’t only guilt she felt. There was something else there.An unmistakable feeling of freedom. A sharp, shooting pain caused Rebecca to gasp. Adrenaline began to wane agony set in. As the prickly fingers of unconsciousness began to pull her under, Rebecca quickly sent a text to the first person she thought could help, right before her eyes closed and she dropped to the ground.****"Welcome back" the voice of a young woman with chestnut hair, probably in her late twenties greeted Hannah Morales as her eyes fluttered open and she w
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First Meet
**Now**"Three! Two! One! Happy New Year" the cheers, and clanking of forks against glasses as well as the fireworks that shot up in the sky made thirty-nine-year-old Hannah Morales believe that the coming year held the best wishes for her.As she joined in, screaming 'happy new year' and hugging those closest to her, she knew in her heart of hearts that this year will be a good one. She looked up to the sky, dreamingly staring at the combustible device producing a striking display of light and loud noises that created a sparkle in her eyes."Happy new year Hannah" she whispered to herself and brought her glass of champagne to her lips. She smiled to herself, looking one last time at the display before following the small group that began walking back into the mansion. As she watched several couples smiling, some kissing as they walked back in, Hannah Morales felt her chest tight. It was such a pity that she could not experience something like this. "No, no, no. We're not doing tha
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Serenity Gils
Hannah Morales couldn't get her eyes off the young blonde. That brief encounter with her felt like a second in paradise and the older woman found herself wanting to relive that.Standing amid her group of friends, the older woman could barely pay attention to what they were saying as her gaze occasionally drifted to the younger woman. Her blonde hair, her sapphire blue eyes, the way her hands gesticulated as she spoke, everything about her was mesmerising to Hannah. Hannah's body response was too intense to be good for her. She tore her gaze from the younger woman, determined to stop thinking about the incredibly hot, tall androgynous woman. She couldn't care less how the black pants make her ass look. Or how the crisp, white button-up shirt was unbuttoned dangerously low, showing just the right amount of cleavage. Or how she envied the rings that were fortunate enough to be wrapped around her fingers. And she certainly wasn't thinking about rummaging her hands in that short, wavy b
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Another Encounter
“As expected, the party was exceptional” Rachel Fisher exclaimed as she rounded the huge mahogany desk that was in Hannah's office.“But unfortunately I didn’t stay long enough. If you catch my drift” she winked, making Hannah Morales cringe. Although Rachel stood three inches shorter than Hannah, she was more outgoing and spontaneous. She acted on impulse with whatever thought crossed her mind. So much so that Hannah had prepared herself to bail her friend out of jail whenever she received a call from an unknown number. Thankfully, that never happened.One would think that after years and given the nature of her job, Rachel Fisher will retire after living life to the fullest. But the years of pleasure made her thirsty for more. Her motto now was life begins at forty. “Yeah Rachel, I catch your drift” Hannah cringe internally, picturing her friend pressed up against the wall with God knows who slamming into her. Hannah Morales felt a little envious of her friend. How carefree she w
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A promise for Wednesday Night
Hannah Morale's reply caught her by surprise. She took a moment to regain her senses, and when she did, she realised the gravity of the situation, and it didn't help that Serenity wore a smug expression on her face. But it didn't last, and her expression was back to stoic. Hannah Morales loved dominating, she loved being a mistress, and that was the reason why she spent more time in the club than she did at her apartment. It gave her a sense of purpose. It made her feel in control of her life after everything she'd been through in the past, and to spew out nonsense simply because she was in the presence of a woman - a literal goddess, was utterly insensible.Hannah's clients of the past were nothing compared to Serenity. While she had fun with them, she never felt any attraction for them. Before, during and after their session. She was yet to have a session with Serenity and the blonde was already making her nuts. Serenity Gils on her part knew Hannah was older than her, but she wasn
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A coward. That was the word that could beat describe forty-year-old Hannah Morales. A scaredy pants who vehemently avoided going to her work site for fear that she may run into a certain blonde. A blonde who for the past few days, has lived rent-free in her thoughts. A blonde who served as a muse for every unholy thought she's had. Hannah Morales avoided going to the club. She's had Mavery- her assistant fill her in on everything that happened during her absence. And every time, her heart sank when she didn't hear the young girl talk about Serenity. Of course, she hadn't expected Mavery to mention her name, no. She wouldn't possibly know everyone who visited the club by name. Maybe a description. That was all she hoped to hear. But nothing came up.Like tonight. She'd just gotten off the phone with Mavery. She listened to the young girl fill her in on all the uninteresting details when in reality, she wanted to know if anyone matching the description of Serenity ask after her.Maybe
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The tension in the room was palpable. Serenity Gils found it hard to believe that she had just let someone order her around. And what was even more absurd was the fact that she was majorly turned on because of that. Right then and there, she wanted to pounce on the older woman, pull out her dildo and fuck her until she could walk no more. Fuck her until the only thing that rolled out of her lips was 'more, Serenity. More'But her first time in this room, Hannah Morales made her understand that she would have to give up all control. She would have to submit. Something about Hannah's demeanour the first time they were in this room made Serenity understand that she had to give up all of that if she wanted to be with Hannah. And God only knew, how much she craved that.Hannah Morales cussed herself. She cussed herself for raising her voice at Serenity, because now she knew the younger girl was thinking of leaving. And she didn't want that. Hannah Morales was about to apologise to the yo
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